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Ernesto Bazan: BazanCuba. Ernesto Bazan
  Osamu Funao: Kamisama Hotokesama. Osamu Funao
Kamisama Hotokesama
"These photographs were taken when the author moved from Tokyo to the Kunisaki peninsula and photographed the land with the people who live on the peninsula... More
Tsuneo Yamashita: Another Time on the Ryukyu Island. Tsuneo Yamashita
Another Time on the Ryukyu Island
"Photographs taken during the photographer's visits to Ryukyu Islands in 1983 - 2008... More
  Carla Van De Puttelaar: The Beholder Carla Van De Puttelaar
The Beholder's Eye
"The intimate and delicate nude portraits of this Dutch photographer are characterised by an alienating sensuality. This new series of images... More
Hiroshi Watanabe: Ideology in Paradise. Hiroshi Watanabe
Ideology in Paradise
"Renowned historian Orville Schell has likened the experience of visiting Pyongyang, capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)... More
  Nick Muellner: Moscow Plastic Arts. Nick Muellner
Moscow Plastic Arts
"Hovering between formalist inquiry and blunt, physical documentation, Moscow Plastic Arts draws on the transitional material, ideological, and social status of the rapidly commercializing post... More
Thomas Demand: Camara. Thomas Demand
"Demand has slowly built up a singular oeuvre that forces the viewer to reflect on the status of the image as something that oscillates between truth and fiction... More
  Gilbert Fastenaekens: Essaie Pour Une Archéologie Imaginaire. Gilbert Fastenaekens
Essaie Pour Une Archéologie Imaginaire
""Gilbert Gastenaekens decided to continue his night work, but on the industrial sites of Lorraine rather than in urban environments... More
Philip Jones Griffiths: Recollections. Philip Jones Griffiths
"Philip Jones Griffiths is renowned as the foremost photographer of the war in Viet Nam. President of Magnum for a record five years... More
  Sze Tsung Leong: Horizons. Sze Tsung Leong
"This first monograph to present the acclaimed Horizons series by Sze Tsung Leong is comprised of 36 images taken around the globe-all sharing a consistent horizon line... More
Elena Foster: C International Photo Magazine #7. Elena Foster
C International Photo Magazine #7
"The issue 7 of C PHOTO, contains works from Middle Eastern photographers. 2008 is the last year of Polaroid film production... More
  John Wood: Endurance and Suffering. John Wood
Endurance and Suffering
Kitai Kazuo: The Journey Into 1920s German Expressionism. Kitai Kazuo
The Journey Into 1920s German Expressionism
  Yoshio & Keiko Toyama: The Holy Land: New Orleans. Yoshio & Keiko Toyama
The Holy Land: New Orleans
Philippe Vandenbroeck: 27 European Capitals. Philippe Vandenbroeck
27 European Capitals
"This book contains twenty-seven photographs, one from each capital city in the expanding jigsaw puzzle of European member states... More
  Ernesto Bazan: BazanCuba. Ernesto Bazan
"The singular apparition that is Bazan Cuba is not what just any camera would register, but Ernesto's way of seeing, and no one else's... More
Rick Nahmias: The Migrant Project. Rick Nahmias
The Migrant Project
"The images in this book highlight the lives of the men and women who struggle to exist while literally feeding this country... More
  Roger M. Eberhard: Callas. Roger M. Eberhard
Julie Blackmon: Domestic Vacations. Julie Blackmon
Domestic Vacations
"The Dutch saying, “a Jan Steen household,” originated in the seventeenth century and has come to refer to a home in disarray, full of rowdy children and boisterous family gatherings... More
  Fazal Sheikh: The Circle. Fazal Sheikh
The Circle
"New York-born photographer and activist Fazal Sheikh closely crops his subjects’ faces, making their eyes the central focus of the frame, in turn forcing his viewers to face them... More
Hiroh Kikai: Hiroh Kikai. Hiroh Kikai
Hiroh Kikai
"The Asakusa quarter of Tokyo has a shady past—it was the home of some of Japan’s most notorious pleasure palaces... More

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