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Gilbert Fastenaekens: Essaie Pour Une Archéologie Imaginaire. Gilbert Fastenaekens
Essaie Pour Une Archéologie Imaginaire
""Gilbert Gastenaekens decided to continue his night work, but on the industrial sites of Lorraine rather than in urban environments... More
  Nick Muellner: Moscow Plastic Arts. Nick Muellner
Moscow Plastic Arts
"Hovering between formalist inquiry and blunt, physical documentation, Moscow Plastic Arts draws on the transitional material, ideological, and social status of the rapidly commercializing post... More
Ernesto Bazan: BazanCuba. Ernesto Bazan
"The singular apparition that is Bazan Cuba is not what just any camera would register, but Ernesto's way of seeing, and no one else's... More
  Kitai Kazuo: The Journey Into 1920s German Expressionism. Kitai Kazuo
The Journey Into 1920s German Expressionism
Yoshio & Keiko Toyama: The Holy Land: New Orleans. Yoshio & Keiko Toyama
The Holy Land: New Orleans
  Emmet And Elijah Gowin: Maggie. Emmet And Elijah Gowin
"Produced as a collaborative family effort by celebrated photographers Emmet and Elijah Gowin, and with a text by Edith Gowin, Maggie brings together two generations to honor a beloved, elderly aunt... More
Philippe Vandenbroeck: 27 European Capitals. Philippe Vandenbroeck
27 European Capitals
"This book contains twenty-seven photographs, one from each capital city in the expanding jigsaw puzzle of European member states... More
  George Tice: Seacoast Maine. George Tice
Seacoast Maine
"For more than five decades, George Tice has been photographing the landscape of America, and a number of his images have become icons of their time and field... More
Delphine Bedel: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air. Delphine Bedel
All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
"As one of the largest world industries today, tourism and leisure have a profound impact on our way of life, reflecting the shifting cultural, economic... More
  John Stezaker: Marriage. John Stezaker
"Marriage, this latest monograph in John Stezaker's brilliant Film Portraits, finds the British artists once again playing the edge between caricature and portraits, the real and the incredible... More
Roland Ries: Instants Anonymes. Roland Ries
Instants Anonymes
  John Jenkins Iii: Peripheral Visions. John Jenkins Iii
Peripheral Visions
"The lush color photographs of John Jenkins III freeze the moments that often happen in the corner of one's eye in peripheral vision. By using selective focus... More
Jesse Burke: Intertidal. Jesse Burke
  Jimmy Robert: Painful Singularities. Jimmy Robert
Painful Singularities
"Painful Singularities is Jimmy Robert's second artist book. Three black-and-white photographs of a man, which might have been taken with a distance of years... More
Jesse Burke: Intertidal. Jesse Burke
"As young boys growing up on the shores of New England... More
  John Iii Jenkins: Peripheral Visions. John Iii Jenkins
Peripheral Visions
Rick Nahmias: The Migrant Project. Rick Nahmias
The Migrant Project
"The images in this book highlight the lives of the men and women who struggle to exist while literally feeding this country... More
  Roger M. Eberhard: Callas. Roger M. Eberhard
Klaus Mettig: Don Klaus Mettig
Don't Be Left Behind
"German photographer Klaus Mettig—who was born in Brandenburg in 1950—has traveled continually since 1973, making photographs that convey an indeterminate sense of time, place and culture... More
  Jim Dow: Marking the Land. Jim Dow
Marking the Land
"In 1981 the North Dakota Museum of Art invited Jim Dow of Boston to photograph the State’s environmental folk art—that is, architecture, signage, sculpture, painting, grave markings, working shops... More

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