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Trine Sondergaard And Nicolai Howalt: How to Hunt. Trine Sondergaard And Nicolai Howalt
How to Hunt
"This small book is clothed in a soft, green suede cover with a single image of a bird embossed on the front. In a classic case of not judging a book by its cover, the unexpected title is How to Hunt... More
  James McNiece: Mountain Images. James McNiece
Mountain Images
"Mountain Images takes you to an environment of incredible beauty and wonderful solitude. The images celebrate all four seasons in the mountains, bringing you intimately in touch with nature... More
Arno Rafael Minkkinen: Saga. Arno Rafael Minkkinen
  Paul Albert Leitner: Cities, Episodes, Photographs. Paul Albert Leitner
Cities, Episodes, Photographs
Paul Kranzler: Land of Milk and Honey. Paul Kranzler
Land of Milk and Honey
The title can only be meant ironically as photographer Paul Kranzler tells the story of his elderly neighbors, Toni and Aloisia, living out their days in their one-room subsidized apartment... More
  David Marrus: Pages from My Album. David Marrus
Pages from My Album
Pre-release copies available... More
Erika Diettes: Silencios. Erika Diettes
"Erika Diettes compiles images and testimonials of the suffering of the Jewish population during the horror of World War II in the Nazi Germany... More
  Animals: Photofinish. Animals
"Man had already established a relationship with the horse 17,000 years ago, as shown by the cave paintings at Lascaux, while Homer described the neck-and-neck final of a horse race in 900 BC... More
Olaf Unverzart: Sana Moi. Olaf Unverzart
Sana Moi
"Print run: 1500

Book Design by Alexandra Rusitschka
Awarded "Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2006"

View book video...
  Yukio Watanabe: Sanbanse. Yukio Watanabe
Erika Diettes: Silencios. Erika Diettes
"Erika Diettes compiles images and testimonials of the suffering of the Jewish population during the horror of World War II in the Nazi Germany... More
  Kensuke Kazama: Yubari. Kensuke Kazama
The subject of Kensuke Kazama's beautiful Yubari is Hokkaido Prefecture's coal mining industry, which is responsible for nearly twenty percent of Japan's total electrical power... More
Debra Bloomfield: Four Corners. Debra Bloomfield
Four Corners
  Eirik Johnson: Borderlands. Eirik Johnson
Initially, Borderlands feels awkward in your hands, but the design perfectly fits Johnson's full-bleed images, one per page-spread. An image of cold, wet river... More
Jessica Backhaus: Jesus and the Cherries. Jessica Backhaus
Jesus and the Cherries
Jessica Backhaus takes a characteristically serene tack to these pictures of a Polish village and its environs, eliciting a kind of nostalgic portrait of the European present... More
  Santa Fe: Visions of Santa Fe. Santa Fe
Visions of Santa Fe
"Nobody Doesn't Love Santa Fe!" This amazing place is a magnet for artists, tourists, and, of course, photographers. Cameras are as common as red and green chile. Because Santa Fe is so photogenic... More
David Goldes: Water Being Water. David Goldes
Water Being Water
Well, it’s about time someone did a book on David Goldes' photographs. This elegant and intelligent volume... More
  Takashi Yasumura: Domestic Scandals. Takashi Yasumura
Domestic Scandals
The Japanese sliding door with a tree printed on it divides the room; a pinkish short-nap carpet runs right up to it. In blank contrasts such as this... More
Bruce Barnbaum: Tone Poems 2. Bruce Barnbaum
Tone Poems 2
"The book is the second in the four-part Tone Poems collaborative series with Photographer Bruce Barnbaum and pianist Judith Cohen. Tone Poems Book 2 features 3 distinct sections, or opuses... More
  Frederick Sommer: The Art of Frederick Sommer. Frederick Sommer
The Art of Frederick Sommer
This weighty new compendium is a real knockout. Beautifully designed, and with a masterly essay by Keith F. Davis, this book is the summation that Sommer’s work has deserved but never received... More
Arno Rafael Minkkinen: Saga. Arno Rafael Minkkinen

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