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Kazuo Kitai: Barricade. Kazuo Kitai
  Chris McCaw: Sunburn. Chris McCaw
Gary Briechle: Gary Briechle. Gary Briechle
Gary Briechle
  Melinda Gibson: The Photographs As Contemporary Art. Melinda Gibson
The Photographs As Contemporary Art
Fritz Liedtke: Astra Velum. Fritz Liedtke
Astra Velum
  Stephen Shore: The Book of Books. Stephen Shore
The Book of Books
"Intrigued by the creative potential of print-on-demand technology, in 2003 Stephen Shore began making a series of books using Apple's iPhoto service... More
Karianne Bueno: Asper. Karianne Bueno
  AndrÉ Cepeda: Rien. AndrÉ Cepeda
Daido Moriyama: Okinawa. Daido Moriyama
  Maurice Scheltens: Unfolded. Maurice Scheltens
Terri Weifenbach: 17 Days. Terri Weifenbach
17 Days
  Kelli Connell: Double Life. Kelli Connell
Double Life
Brian Rose: Time and Space on the Lower East. Brian Rose
Time and Space on the Lower East
  Antoine D’agata: Insomnia. Antoine D’agata
"“The night, the sex, the wandering... The need to record, not as a deliberate act, but as a flat pattern of regular and extreme experiences... More
Antoine D Antoine D'Agata
  Max Kellenberger: Feld Und Flur. Max Kellenberger
Feld Und Flur
"This is a limited edition portfolio with 10 photogravures printed by Unai San Martin.

Number 1-11 are regular photogravures, number 12 ...
Thatcher Hullerman Cook: Black Apple. Thatcher Hullerman Cook
Black Apple
  Issei Suda: Issei Suda. Issei Suda
Issei Suda
Arno Rafael Minkkinen: Saga. Arno Rafael Minkkinen

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