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Cazenave, Jon: Ama Lur. Cazenave, Jon
Ama Lur

AMA LUR is the closing chapter of Galerna, an investigation project that Jon Cazenave embarked on 8 years ago. In the course of these years... More

  Mike Brodie: Tones of Dirt and Bone. Mike Brodie
Tones of Dirt and Bone

The images in Tones of Dirt and Bone were made between 2004 and 2006, with a Polaroid camera and Time Zero film... More

Mollison, James: Playground. Mollison, James

James Mollison's photo projects are based on smart, original concepts applied to serious social and environmental themes. For his latest book, Playground... More

  King, Daniel: Ukraine Youth. King, Daniel
Ukraine Youth
"Australian photographer Daniel King landed in Kiev, Ukraine, in the summer of 2013, just as the "Rise up, Ukraine!" demonstrations, which had started in May... More
Myers, Joan: Fire and Ice, Timescapes. Myers, Joan
Fire and Ice, Timescapes
"Photographer Joan Myers (born 1944) is perhaps best known for her recent images of the forbidding Antarctic landscape. In this new publication, Myers turns her attention to volcanoes... More
  Anouk Kruithof: Pixel Stress. Anouk Kruithof
Pixel Stress

On the 18th of April 2013... More

: Skin.

June Yong Lee creates photographic images intimately and arrestingly corporeal. Hair (present or absent); stretch marks; scars, sometimes quiet or recognizably medical... More

  Anderson, Christina Z.: Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes by Christina Z. Anderson. Anderson, Christina Z.
Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes by Christina Z. Anderson

500 illustrations from over 100 photographers... More

: Zine Collection Number 21. Selfeet.
Zine Collection Number 21. Selfeet

Zine Collection N°21 " The Selfeet " by the artist Lucie Beudet. A limited edition of 300 copies with a signed C print by the artist on Kodak Paper. #TheSelfeet A series of self... More

  : 1985.

At the age of 33, one of Australia’s foremost artists, Bill Henson, produced some of the most evocative portraits and powerful dreamscapes of his career... More

: Modoru Okinawa.
Modoru Okinawa

Limited Edition of 1000.

1975. Okinawa, Japan. The Vietnam War has just ended. Koza City is where the Kadena U.S. Air Force base is located. The B... More

  : Shrubs of Death.
Shrubs of Death

A deadpan typological study of odd shrubbery found at a cemetery in northeastern Indiana (where the photographer’s grandparents are buried)... More

: What Could Be.
What Could Be

Exploring lives lived and imagined, what we long for and what we obtain, the photographs in What Could Be follow a semi-autobiographical progression of the artist’s explorations of family... More

  : An Island in the Moon.
An Island in the Moon

First edition of 250.

"Form is emptiness and emptiness is form," writes Peter Matthiessen in The Snow Leopard... More

: Alone Together.
Alone Together

"One thing I notice when I look at the photographs in Alone Together is that there are people in all of them... More

  Young, Coco: Vanity. Young, Coco

Coco Young’s first major publication, Vanity, explores the constructs of identity within an information and image-driven context where existential ideals govern social etiquette... More

: a room_TypeB.
a room_TypeB

Silkscreen cover. Limited edition of 250 copies, signed and numbered.

See also:  More

  : She Comes in Colors.
She Comes in Colors

Selected as Book of the Week by Espen R. Krukhaug

Slipcase with cut... More

Morris, Lindsay: You Are You. Morris, Lindsay
You Are You

You Are You documents an annual weekend summer camp for gender-nonconforming children and their families... More

  Coburn, Daniel: The Hereditary Estate. Coburn, Daniel
The Hereditary Estate

The Hereditary Estate functions as a ten-year retrospective and as a conceptual work of art. Daniel Coburn'... More


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