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p h o t o - e y e    E - N e w s
Friday, April 12th, 2002    Volume 2, No. 13

 P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S    S H O W C A S Esm
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Image © by Sam Devine Tischler
© Sam Devine Tischler
Sam Devine Tischler
"The skulls were borrowed from friends who have collected them from the New Mexico desert over the years. In photographing them the question to me technically is how much solarization is appropriate for each skull. By solarizing the negatives I am trying to convey a sense that these skulls transcend two worlds, that of the physical and the spiritual."

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p h o t o - e y e    G A L L E R Y    -    S a n t a    F e
Image © Laurent Millet
© Laurent Millet Image © Kevin O'Connell
© Kevin O'Connell
Two New Shows in our Santa Fe Gallery

Four stunning works from Cabanas, a beautiful new series by Laurent Millet are now online providing a satisfying counterpoint to his earlier portfolio, Petite Machines. Kevin O'Connell's minimalist meditations, Plains and Chords, both explore marks punctuating the horizontal landscape such as a single light pole or a flight of birds.

For further information on these artists please e-mail Wendy Lewis, Gallery Director.

View many of our Santa Fe Gallery Represented Artists online.

  J U S T    I N    A N D    R E C O M M E N D E D
Walker Evans: Polaroids Walker Evans: Polaroids
"In 1973 Walker Evans began to work with the innovative Polaroid SX-70 camera and was given an unlimited supply of film from its manufacturer. The virtues of this camera, introduced in 1972, perfectly fit Evans' search for a concise yet poetic vision of his world. The unique SX-70 prints are the artists last photographs, the culmination of half a century of work in photography."—the publisher.

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S I G N E D   B O O K S !
Lee Friedlander: Little Screens Lee Friedlander: Little Screens
Individual images from this important, early body of work have been published sporadically over the years, but surprisingly, until now, the entirety of the work has remained unpublished and thus elusive. The cover to this book contains an animated 2-way image embedded in the television screen.

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O U T  -  O F  -  P R I N T    B O O K S
Lee Friedlander: Like a One-Eyed Cat Lee Friedlander: Like a One-Eyed Cat
This major monograph was published on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum in 1989. A large portion of the photographs in this beautifully printed book were presented in this monograph for the first time. Now a classic Friedlander title, Like a One-Eyed Cat reproduces work from a number of his diverse projects. Each of these copies is in As New condition in the original shrinkwrap.

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D E E P    D I S C O U N T S
Dennis Stock: Made in USA Dennis Stock: Made in USA
Getting his start at an early age with the prestigious Magnum Agency, Stock quickly became an influential magazine photographer. Over his long career, he has developed a signature style recognizable in both his commissioned work and his personal projects. This is a beautifully reproduced retrospective of his work.

Cat# PK270H Hardbound $49.95 Online Price $19.95 - Save 61%

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L I M I T E D    E D I T I O N S
Elliott Erwitt: Snaps Elliott Erwitt: Snaps
This new and comprehensive monograph on Erwitt is chock-full of nearly 500 images, many never before published. Erwitt has worked for the Magnum Agency since 1954 and has produced some of this century's most recognizable images. The limited edition comes in a clamshell box with your choice of one of five 8x10" original gelatin silver prints (view the five choices online). A deluxe edition containing an 11x14" print is also available.

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