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Tuesday, September 2nd 2003    Volume 3, No. 35

  A U C T I O N S
photo-eye Auctions Launched!
We're excited to announce the arrival of photo-eye Auctions! Our online Auctions include fine collectable photography books and ephemera, along with occasional photographs. Unlike other online auctions that are user-to-user, photo-eye Auctions include items that are actually consigned to us. Thus you can trust that each item is accurately described and, if you win, properly packed and shipped.

Bidding is easy! If you've already setup your photo-eye account in our new system, simply choose an auction nickname and read the auction agreement.

If you have collectable out-of-print photography books to consign, each with a value of $250 or more, please e-mail your list including title, binding, edition, and condition.

The auction prices below were current as of September 2, 2003, 2:00 MT. Many more items will be added throughout the weeks ahead. Good luck bidding!
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
The Work of Atget: The Work of Atget $325 4
12d 23h 4m
Other Americas: Other Americas $100 1
12d 23h 4m
The Wise Silence: The Wise Silence $150 3
13d 23h 4m
Joel-Peter Witkin's Enlarger: Joel-Peter Witkin's Enlarger $200 1
14d 21h 4m
  P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S S H O W C A S E ®
John Dunker's portfolio Industrial Poems
"Industrial designs of utility embody a perfect aesthetic. The industrial aesthetic enthralls me. Most recently, industrial fixtures serve as metaphors for cosmological phenomenon, performing a function far beyond what their creators intended. I am absolutely enamored by light. I see light as the subject of these images, not the objects reflecting the light."—John Dunker
Image © John Dunker
Image © John Dunker
    Light Tunnel, Near Dell, Utah

Giclée Print
20x20" Image
31x30" Mat

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  p h o t o - e y e G A L L E R Y - S a n t a F e
©Andrea Modica, 2003
©Andrea Modica, 2003
Andrea Modica: Real Indians
Photo-Eye Gallery is pleased to offer a selection of photographs by Andrea Modica from the recent publication of Real Indians: Portraits of Contemporary Native Americans and America’s Tribal Colleges. A portion of all print sales will be donated to the American Indian College Fund. Please contact Wendy Lewis, Gallery Director for more information.
The Book: <i>Real</i> Indians The Book: Real Indians
"I do admit to having a foot fetish. I can tell you about the bare brown feet of Vernell Lane and Karen Swisher, but I'm disappointed in the overall paucity of bare indigenous feet in this book. I though Indians were supposed to be barefoot and savage. I guess that's one stereotype broken by Real Indians. Maybe we can create a new Native American political slogan: 'Indians, if you want to improve your life, put on your shoes!'"—Sherman Alexie (Native American poet, writer, and screenwriter)

Cat# ZC119H Hardbound $50.00
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  J U S T - I N A N D R E C O M M E N D E D
"For more than a year David Byrne has been employing the ubiquitous sales and presentation program PowerPoint as an art medium. E.E.E.I (Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information) is a book of images and essays, plus a DVD which plays 5 of his PowerPoint presentations accompanied by original music."—the publisher

Cat# PK902H Hardbound $80.00 Online Price: $72.00 Save 10%
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  S I G N E D B O O K S
Transit was awarded the art book of the year at the Bucharest 2003 National Book Fair. "There is a threefold rhetoric in Cosmin Bumbut's album: a rhetoric of railway lines, of winter, and of steam." — the publisher

Cat# ZC116H Hardbound $60.00
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  D E E P   D I S C O U N T S
THOMAS DEMAND: Thomas Demand. Thomas Demand.
"As reproductions of reproductions of reproductions, Demand's photographed models correspond to that overlaying of 'real' and 'virtual' memories, which determines our mediated relation to life today. We can never say with certainty if Thomas Demand is portraying the world or its representation."—Susanne Gaensheimer.

Cat# SM169H Hardbound $45.00 Online Price: $31.50 Save 30%
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Thomas Demand.
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  M A G A Z I N E S
This newest issue contains portfolios by Eliot Porter, Chris Jordan, and Kenneth Parker. Brad Hinkel and Ron Reeder write about platinum/palladium printing, while Kerry Thalmann discusses backpacking and large-format photography.

Cat# MZ157S SoftBound $6.95
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July/August 2003.
  p h o t o - e y e S U M M E R B O O K L I S T
: Summer 2003 Booklist Summer 2003 Booklist
Highlights from this issue include Robert Frank: London/Wales, a new Nicholas Nixon retrospective from Spain, William Klein's Paris+Klein, a new color monograph by Jock Sturges, an interview with Kate Breakey and her publisher Tom Sikes on the small artist book, and much, much more.

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Summer 2003 Booklist

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