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Wednesday, October 1st, 2003    Volume 3, No. 39

  A U C T I O N S
New Auction ItemNew Auction Item
Bidding has commenced on Sam Abell's modern classic Stay This Moment. Last week's auction items, Peter Beard: Fifty Years of Portraits and Adolf Hitler: Bilder Aus Dem Leben Des Führers both sold for $225. Check back later this week for new additions.

The following auctions were current as of 10.01.2003, 11:15 pm MDT.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
London Perceived: London Perceived $25 1
0h 31m
Stay This Moment: Stay This Moment $150 3
7d 0h 31m
Peter Beard: Fifty Years of Portraits: Peter Beard: Fifty Years of Portraits $225 8
Auction Ended
Adolf Hitler: Bilder Aus Dem Leben Des Führers: Adolf Hitler: Bilder Aus Dem Leben Des Führers $225 8
Auction Ended
  P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S S H O W C A S E ©
Ion Zupcu: Fabrics
Most people take images of other people to preserve memories; I photograph still life to preserve memories. I lived thirty years under Communist rule and seven years without my family, daughter and wife. My personal life has been one not only of fear and loneliness but also of love, tenderness and sensitivity.

My work, these still-life photographs, represent memories of the past that are difficult for me to recall; and always I strive to make these memories beautiful and dreamy, so they will have a healing effect. They are representative of fragments of my experience that have been lost and are now found. Through my work I am trying to find a place for them, a home.
Image © Ion Zupcu
Image © Ion Zupcu
    November 18, 2002, 2002

Toned Gelatin-Silver Print
9x9" Image
16x16" Mat
6 / 50

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  J U S T - I N A N D R E C O M M E N D E D
Aaron Siskind: Aaron Siskind 100 Aaron Siskind 100
Aside from the 1982 monograph Pleasures and Terrors, a classic title that has been lamentably out-of-print for nearly twenty years, there have been no works available on this exceptional photographer. Anyone devoted to the genesis and development of abstraction in twentieth century art—encompassing all visual arts—will be thrilled to see this new, monumental book on one of photography's great artists, a man who influenced, and in turn was influenced by many of the abstract expressionists.

Cat# PY092H Hardbound $65.00 Online Price: $58.50 Save 10%
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Aaron Siskind 100
More New Arrivals
  S I G N E D B O O K S
Masao Yamamoto: A Box of Ku - Signed Masao Yamamoto: A Box of Ku - Signed
This monograph presents the mesmerizing, thoughtful work of Masao Yamamoto. Preserving the fragility of the artist's work, A Box of Ku explores the texture of Yamamoto's tattered and worn originals. Its beautiful color illustrations, Italian papers, and slipcase all make for a notable presentation, worthy of such an intriguing artist. Limited quantities available at this price.

Cat# TR040S Softbound $100.00
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A Box of Ku - Signed
More Signed Books
  D E E P D I S C O U N T S
Arthur Tress: Fantastic Voyage Arthur Tress: Fantastic Voyage
This handsome monograph is the first retrospective on the magical, narrative photographs of Arthur Tress whose artistic output has spanned 5 decades. "Tress's forty-five year career has spanned documentary and imaginary worlds; it can be seen as a long, fantastic voyage from early photojournalism into the realms of surrealism, eroticism, staged imagery, and miniature worlds of his own creation."—the publisher.

Cat# BF165H Hardbound $50.00 Online Price: $14.95 Save 70%
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Fantastic Voyage
  M A G A Z I N E S
View Camera Magazine: Sept/Oct 2003 View Camera Magazine: Sept/Oct 2003
Includes portfolios by Robert Lewis Smith, Rob Kinmonth, Quan Tuan-Luong.

Cat# MZ159S Softbound $6.95
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Sept/Oct 2003
  O U T - O F - P R I N T
: Neighborhood: a State of Mind Neighborhood: a State of Mind
First Edition, Second Printing. Small creases on front cover, rubbed, some small staining along edge of first page, otherwise Fine.

"I have found the texts and photographs of this study informative, revealing, and above all life-enhancing. The poet Auden somewhere made this observation: 'We are all on earth to help each other, but what the others are here for, God only knows.' One of the things we are here for finds its culmination in these Baltimore neighborhoods, where human frailties are fully acknowledged and human relationships sustained and fostered. I commend all those who gave themselves to this project." — from the foreword by Wright Morris.

Cat# OP062S Softbound $35.00
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Neighborhood: a State of Mind
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: 2003 Fall Booklist 2003 Fall Booklist
Our Fall Booklist features an interview with John Gossage and Terri Weifenbach by Wendy Lewis and an interview with Blind Spot founder and editor Kim Zorn Caputo. The cover illustration is from 100 Suns, edited by Michael Light and published by Alfred A. Knopf. A survey of new monographs, anthologies and limited edition books fills the remainder of the Booklist.

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