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  A U C T I O N S
Legendary Blossfeldt Book Open for Bidding!Legendary Blossfeldt Book Open for Bidding!
The first American Edition of Karl Blossfeldt's monumental book Art Forms in Nature is now open for bidding. Plant Marvels In Miniature and two other beautifully printed and designed books of plant photographs, all printed in gravure, are also available along with Mike and Doug Starn's important major monograph, inscribed by Mike Starn, and Les Krim's boxed set of reproductions, The Deerslayers.

Closing tomorrow is a nice signed presentation copy of Eros Eterna from the photographer Abe Frajndlich to photographer Walter Chappell.

Bids below are as of 10.22.2003, 1 pm, MT.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Eros Eterna: Eros Eterna $230 17
23h 13m
Mike and Doug Starn. Signed: Mike and Doug Starn. Signed - 0
13d 22h 43m
The Deerslayers: The Deerslayers $50 1
13d 23h 13m
Blossfeldt: Art Forms In Nature: Blossfeldt: Art Forms In Nature $700 3
20d 23h 13m
Plant Marvels In Miniature (+2 others): Plant Marvels In Miniature (+2 others) $50 1
20d 23h 43m
  J U S T - I N A N D R E C O M M E N D E D
Sally Mann: What Remains
Sally Mann: What Remains
Sally Mann's powerful new body of work explores mortality, both the separation of the body from the soul and the scars left behind in the process. READ MORE

Cat# BF189H Hardbound $50.00 Online Price: $45.00 Save 10%

What Remains
Susan Meiselas: Carnival Strippers
Susan Meiselas: Carnival Strippers
This faithful reprint of Susan Meiselas' book documenting small town carnival striptease performers was included in the The Book of 101 Books. READ MORE

Cat# PK945H Hardbound $45.00 Online Price: $40.50 Save 10%

Carnival Strippers
Helmut Newton: Autobiography
Helmut Newton: Autobiography
"This raw, honest, and totally charming autobiography of the man who revolutionized fashion photography will be the book of the season for aficionados of fashion, photography, and gossip."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DD017H Hardbound $27.95 Online Price: $25.15 Save 10%

Striptease: Striptease
"The only fully illustrated book available on the subject, Striptease tells the history of this provocative form of stagecraft from its birth in vaudeville and burlesque through the "take it all off" attitude for which the term "striptease" was coined."—the publisher. READ MORE

Cat# AB277H Hardbound $29.95 Online Price: $26.95 Save 10%

  S I G N E D B O O K S
Jeff Wall: Jeff Wall: Photographs - Signed
Jeff Wall: Photographs - Signed
"These backlit photographic transparencies are set in cases generally associated with advertising display; but, instead of advertisements, Wall fills them with moments of everyday life that usually go unacknowledged"—the publisher. Cardboard slipcase. Limited signed copies. READ MORE

Cat# PK848H Hardbound $50.00

Jeff Wall: Photographs - Signed
More Signed Books
  D E E P D I S C O U N T S
Darsie Alexander: Body Language
Darsie Alexander: Body Language
An anthology studying the expressiveness of figural depictions in art garnered from MoMA's collection. An excellent resource book for the artist, student or professor of Art History. READ MORE

Cat# AB210S Softbound $29.95 Online Price: $19.95 Save 33%

More Sale Books
  N E W S W I R E
Epson Stylus Pro 4000
Normally we don't write about photography equipment, but we couldn't help notice this important product announcement for Epson's exciting new 17" desktop printer. It's a 7 color (8 channel) archival printer selling for $1795, with nearly twice the speed of the previous model.

Read the Epson press release.
Read this printer's specifications.
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: 2003 Fall Booklist
2003 Fall Booklist
Our Fall Booklist features an interview with John Gossage and Terri Weifenbach by Wendy Lewis and an interview with Blind Spot founder and editor Kim Zorn Caputo. The cover illustration is from 100 Suns, edited by Michael Light and published by Alfred A. Knopf. A survey of new monographs, anthologies and limited edition books fills the remainder of the Booklist.

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Cat# PE016S Softbound $4.00 (per issue-domestic)
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