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Tom Chambers's portfolio Ex Votos
"Ex votos are Mexican folk art paintings that honor the power and mercy of the saints. Through digital photography I have taken a different approach to the ex voto art form. My work is not used to document, but to illustrate photographically fleeting moods that can't be captured by a traditional camera or seen by the naked eye. With my illustrations, I create ex votos that also honor a deity—the one for imagination."—Tom Chambers
Image © Tom Chambers
Image © Tom Chambers
    Stealing Crow

Archival Pigment Print
15 x 19" Image
23 x 27" Mat
Edition 7 of 25

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  A U C T I O N S
Open for Bidding: Lee Friedlander's <i>Flowers and Trees</i>Open for Bidding: Lee Friedlander's Flowers and Trees
This gorgeously reproduced book departs from Friedlander's more well-known subjects to focus on his pictorial photographs of flowers and trees. Beautifully bound in purple cloth, the richly reproduced images are printed on heavy matte paper.
Bids shown below are current as of 6:19 pm MT, 07.20.2004
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Izis: Israel (Signed): Izis: Israel (Signed) - 0
1d 19h 10m
Lee Friedlander: Flowers and Trees: Lee Friedlander: Flowers and Trees $240 1
5d 17h 40m
Garry Winogrand: Women Are Beautiful (Signed): Garry Winogrand: Women Are Beautiful (Signed) $875 6
5d 18h 40m
Matt Mahurin: Photographs: Matt Mahurin: Photographs $80 1
5d 19h 10m
Josef Sudek. Fotografie: Josef Sudek. Fotografie $450 2
6d 17h 40m
  J U S T - I N A N D R E C O M M E N D E D
Christine Welch: Commonplace Christine Welch: Commonplace
"This is an astonishingly powerful book. The images have not only a haunting power of their own, but stunning depth of intellectual field."—John R. Stilgoe. READ MORE

Cat# ZC259H Hardbound $35.00
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Garry Winogrand: Public Relations Garry Winogrand: Public Relations
"(What Winogrand) has given us in these photographs is a unilateral report of how we behaved under pressure during a time of costumes and causes, and of how extravagantly, outrageously, and continuously we displayed what we wanted."—Tod Papageorge READ MORE

Cat# DP001H Hardbound $24.95 Online Price: $22.45 Save 10%
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Public Relations
Chris Steele-Perkins: Echoes Chris Steele-Perkins: Echoes
"Chris Steele-Perkins has selected here, from the fragments of a working photographer's life and the archive of a single year—2001, and the new millennium—images that unashamedly evoke his memories of that year, sentimental, odd, striking and intensely personal."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PI129H Hardbound $29.95 Online Price: $26.95 Save 10%
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  S I G N E D B O O K S
Greg MacGregor: Lewis and Clark Revisited Greg MacGregor: Lewis and Clark Revisited—Signed
"In photographs that range from remarkable and beautiful views to powerful and unsettling images of decay, from the gently humorous to the deeply elegiac, MacGregor's eye never strays from its search for ways to see and understand the American landscape and the people who shaped it."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# WA061H Hardbound $50.00
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Cat# WA061S Softbound $29.95
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Lewis and Clark Revisited
John Eric Hawkins: The Ancient Shape of Man John Eric Hawkins: The Ancient Shape of Man—Signed
"John Eric Hawkins is large format photographer. The large negatives that John uses range from 8'x10' to 8'x20'. His masterful use of the old cameras, combined with his highly refined printing skills brings images of emotional impact and uncompromising quality rarely seen by viewers today."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC308H Hardbound $70.00
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The Ancient Shape of Man
Dave Jordano: Assembled Works Dave Jordano: Assembled Works—Signed
"No two bridges are exactly alike. Their elegance, purity of efficiency, strength and beauty are engineering marvels. For nearly 100 years now, their inventivness and ingenuity are a lasting tribute to the waining days of the industrial revolution and the final key to the western expansion of America."—Dave Jordano READ MORE

Cat# ZC307S Softbound $29.95
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Assembled Works
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  photo-eye Gallery Artists News
©Mark Citret
©Mark Citret
Mark Citret at Photo San Francisco
Photo San Francisco is coming to Fort Mason Center Friday, July 23rd to Sunday, July 25th. Mark Citret will be giving a talk entitled "Sketchbook: the Keeping of a Visual Diary"at 3pm on Sunday, in the Golden Gate Room, Landmark Building A at Fort Mason Center.

More on Photo San Francisco
Mark Citret's portfolio at photoeye.com
Mark Citret's books at photoeye.com
©Jo Whaley
©Jo Whaley
Jo Whaley: The Art of Seeing at Santa Fe Workshops
From September 12-18, Jo Whaley will lead an intensive workshop that, in her words, aims to "refine our photographic vision so as to create images that are unique to our perception and yet communicate with emotional resonance to others." The workshop will consist of reviews of daily photo sessions; slide lectures; photo excursions to surrounding areas; and visits with gallery directors. Jo also meets individually with participants to discuss their work and future direction.

Links: More on Santa Fe Workshops
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  p h o t o - e y e S U M M E R B O O K L I S T
: 2004 Summer Booklist. 2004 Summer Booklist.
The photo-eye Booklist is in a brand-new format! The cover of our Summer issue features a photograph by rising star Mona Kuhn. Her first monograph, Photographs, was published by the pre-eminent Steidl press in Germany and contains both color and black-and-white work. Writer and photographer Charles Katz has known Kuhn for several years and offers a personal response to her work in About Our Cover. Also in this issue: Aaron Rothman concludes his two part essay on photography, perception, and landscape, Denise Wolff interviews Gary Schneider at the Harvard Symposium on Contemporary Photography, a visit with the Starn brothers in their Brooklyn studio to review their newest body of work, Attracted to Light, writer and consultant Mary Virginia Swanson and our Editor Darius Himes introduce a new column on Publishing the Photography Book, and as always, we survey the best new photography books available today.

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Cat# PE019S Softbound $4.00 (per issue-domestic)
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