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Shelly Calton
Shelly Calton
Guggenheim Fellowship for Debbie Fleming Caffery
photo-eye congratulates Gallery artist Debbie Fleming Caffery who has been awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship for 2005. Her most recent book, Polly, chronicles her long friendship with a solitary and proud African-American woman in the sugar country of Louisiana. Her work is included in the permanent collections of many museums including the Smithsonian Institution, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Bibliotheque National in Paris.

The other photographers to received Fellowships are Stanley Greenberg, Jin Lee, Sze Tsung Leong, Christine Osinski, Deborah Willis, and William Wylie.

More about this year's Guggenheim Fellows
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Contact Joslin van Arsdale, Assistant Gallery Director, for further information.
  P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S S H O W C A S E
Dave Anderson's portfolio Rough Beauty
"There is so much beauty in the overlooked details of our world. I love the spare grace of decay, the splendor of the mundane, and the strange majesty of isolation. The series "Rough Beauty" explores the character and burden of Vidor, Texas; a town branded by its terrible history."—Dave Anderson

Anderson was just awarded first prize in the Santa Fe Center for Photography's annual Project Competition for his Rough Beauty portfolio. Photographed predominantly in the poor, rural town of Vidor, Texas, these images explore the character and burden of a community branded by its history of Ku Klux Klan activities.

More about the 2005 Santa Fe Center for Photography award winners
Image © Dave Anderson
Image © Dave Anderson

Gelatin-Silver Print
15x15" Image
20x24" Mat
7 / 15

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Contact Joslin van Arsdale, Assistant Gallery Director, for further information.
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  A U C T I O N S
Open for Bidding: Signed Books by Araki, Doisneau, Siskind,  & OthersOpen for Bidding: Signed Books by Araki, Doisneau, Siskind, & Others
Les Parisiens Tels Qu'Ils Sont was the inaugural volume in the Collection "Huit" series began by Robert Delpire. It is a throwback to a nineteenth century publication of the same name that was part of a burgeoning literature of often satiric social "physiognomies". Doisneau's is a profoundly humanist vision; his work in this diminutive volume celebrates quotidian life with a playful and ironic wit. An important book with a wonderful inscription!
Bids shown below are current as of 3:31 pm MT, 04.13.2005
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Richard Misrach: Telegraph 3 A.M. (SIGNED): Richard Misrach: Telegraph 3 A.M. (SIGNED) $380 9
5d 20h 28m
Doisneau: Les Parisiens Tels Qu'Ils Sont (Inscribed with camera drawing!): Doisneau: Les Parisiens Tels Qu'Ils Sont (Inscribed with camera drawing!) $360 8
5d 20h 58m
Helen Levitt: A Way of Seeing: Helen Levitt: A Way of Seeing $420 10
6d 21h 58m
Josef Sudek: Fotografie (in scarce dust jacket!): Josef Sudek: Fotografie (in scarce dust jacket!) $320 5
7d 21h 58m
Aaron Siskind: Harlem Document (Inscribed!): Aaron Siskind: Harlem Document (Inscribed!) $320 10
7d 22h 28m
Jaromir Funke: Fotografie: Jaromir Funke: Fotografie $90 1
8d 20h 58m
Araki: Polaeroid (Signed limited edition) : Araki: Polaeroid (Signed limited edition) $120 1
8d 21h 58m

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  P H O T O G R A P H Y F R O M C H I N A: N E W B O O K S
China: New Photography from China New Photography from China
"During the past twenty-five years, Chinese artists have reinvented photography as a art form...Chinese artists' use of the medium has evolved from imitating Western styles to developing an original language and character."—Wu Hung READ MORE

Cat# ZC220H Hardbound $40.00
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New Photography from China
: The Chinese: Photography and Video from China The Chinese: Photography and Video from China
"This lavishly illustrated volume presents the work of 18 photographers, and offers unprecedented insight into China's lively photography scene."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP230H Hardbound $39.95 Online Price: $35.95 Save 10%
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Sheng Qi: Madness, Appropriation Sheng Qi: Madness, Appropriation
"For the past 20 years, Chinese artist Sheng Qi has been creating remarkable works of art in diverse media...Recently he has been selected to participate in the Nippon International Performance Festival, and the recent International Center of Photography exhibition, Between Past and Future, where his photographic work was selected for the cover of the exhibition catalogue [see above]."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP231S Softbound $30.00 Online Price: $27.00 Save 10%
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Zhuang Hui: Ten Years Zhuang Hui: Ten Years
"Over the past 10 years, Zhuang Hui has become internationally known for his black-and-white, 180-degree pivoting camera shots of large groups of workers, peasants, and soldiers. These and 140 other images are collected here as a photographic journal from one of China's top photographers."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP084S Softbound $35.00 Online Price: $31.50 Save 10%
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Rong Rong and Inri: Tui-Transfiguration Rong Rong and Inri: Tui-Transfiguration
"Since the beginning of their partnership, [avant-garde artists Rong Rong and Inri] have worked closely together, often photographing their naked bodies together in extreme, stunning environments—raging blizzards and vast open spaces. These and other images are included in this large-format retrospective monograph"—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP232H Hardbound $75.00 Online Price: $67.50 Save 10%
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  p h o t o - e y e S p r i n g B o o k l i s t
Photo-Eye Booklist: 2005 Spring Booklist Photo-Eye Booklist: 2005 Spring Booklist
The cover of our Spring Booklist features an image from John Gossage's new monograph, Berlin in the Time of the Wall. Jim Stone contributes a wonderful review of the book and of Gossage's work in general. Along with a survey of thirty of the most important books of the season, the Spring issue includes the photo-eye awards for Best Books of 2004, a review of the reissue of Danny's Lyon's 1969 book, The Destruction of Lower Manhattan, an interview with Chan Chao on his new book, Echo, and the fourth installment in the series Publishing the Photography Book by Mary Virginia Swanson and our editor Darius Himes.

Cat# PE022S Softbound $4.00 (per issue-domestic)
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