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Julie Blackmon wins Santa Fe Center for Photography's 2006 Project Competition
The staff of photo-eye congratulates gallery artist Julie Blackmon, winner of the Santa Fe Center for Photography's 2006 Project Competition for her portfolio "Domestic Vacations." While the work explores the everyday life of her family, Blackmon was inspired by the paintings of Jan Steen, along with those of other Dutch and Flemish genre painters of the 17th Century. According to juror Yossi Milo, "From almost seven hundred entries, seven have been selected to receive awards or honorable mentions. This is a fierce competition and ultimately only the photographers who submitted 20 strong images made it to the final stages."

More about the SFCP's Project Competition.
Image © Julie Blackmon
Image © Julie Blackmon
    Nail Polish, 2005

22x22" Image
30x30" Mat
/ 25

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Contact Joslin van Arsdale, Assistant Gallery Director, for further information.
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  P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S S H O W C A S E ®
Sheila McLaughlin's portfolio Ireland Series
"My photographs do no more than exhibit the fetish of an absence: an article of clothing, a photo, a religious icon. They say nothing of the memories that they might have meant to preserve; at most they announce for an instant the unattainable of having been there. There is no nostalgia and no redemption. This work is my attempt to exempt each individual's memories from the extreme bereavement of being forgotten."—Sheila McLaughlin*

*inspired by writings on the work of Christian Boltansky from the catalogue of an exhibition held in Siena, Italy.
Image © Sheila McLaughlin
Image © Sheila McLaughlin

28x24" Image
33x30" Mat

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Contact Joslin van Arsdale, Assistant Gallery Director, for further information.
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  A U C T I O N S
Open for Bidding: Brassaï's Graffiti (true 1st edition!) Open for Bidding: Brassaï's Graffiti (true 1st edition!)
The true first edition of this classic Brassaï title. Like the Surrealists with whom he was close, Brassaï was had an eye for the presence of found art and for the presence of the mythological in modern urban life. His graffiti pictures were first published in their influential journal Minotaure.
Bids shown below are current as of 4:17 pm MT, 02.08.2006
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
5 Signed Books by Sally Mann: 5 Signed Books by Sally Mann $300 1
4d 19h 42m
Mary Ellen Mark: Mother Teresa book (with print!): Mary Ellen Mark: Mother Teresa book (with print!) $600 1
4d 20h 12m
Hiroshi Sugimoto: 4 Prints from Time Exposed Portfolio: Hiroshi Sugimoto: 4 Prints from Time Exposed Portfolio - 0
4d 20h 42m
Edouard Boubat: Pauses: Edouard Boubat: Pauses - 0
4d 21h 12m
Nobuyoshi Araki: Yoko My Love: Nobuyoshi Araki: Yoko My Love - 0
7d 19h 42m
Shuji Terayama: Photothèque imaginaire de Shuji Terayama (+ 1 other): Shuji Terayama: Photothèque imaginaire de Shuji Terayama (+ 1 other) - 0
7d 20h 12m
Ken Domon: Retrospective Monograph: Ken Domon: Retrospective Monograph - 0
7d 20h 42m
Brassai: Graffiti: Brassai: Graffiti - 0
7d 21h 12m
Irina Ionesco: Elle-Même (edition limited to 120 copies!): Irina Ionesco: Elle-Même (edition limited to 120 copies!) - 0
8d 19h 42m

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  F O C U S O N P U B L I S H E R S: C H A N N E L P H O T O G R A P H I C S
Channel Photographics publishes an array of innovative and exiting photographic books. Whether it's popular culture, documentary, fine arts, or fashion, one can expect only the finest content combined with outstanding printing and production from a growing list of compelling and collectible titles.

More titles from Channel Photographics
David Lachapelle: Lachapelle Land David Lachapelle: Lachapelle Land
Roth's The Book of 101 Books: Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century recognizes David LaChapelle's 1996 LaChapelle Land as its 101st book. And rightly so. The marriage of LaChapelle's vivid, high-octane images with graphic artist, Tadanori Yokoo's supersaturated designs make for an astonishing physical object. The reissue of this now classic, long out-of-print volume showcases all the lollipop giddiness of the original now lavishly reproduced in a larger format."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# CN015H Hardbound $60.00 Online Price: $54.00 Save 10%
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Lachapelle Land
Jeff Scott: Elvis: The Personal Archives Jeff Scott: Elvis: The Personal Archives
"With the cooperation of the Elvis Presley estate, artist Jeff Scott gained unlimited access to the Elvis' personal possessions and property to create a complex portrait of the music legend through his belongings. Scott goes beyond the kitsch to resurrect the ultimate American icon, revealing the humanity of Elvis behind the recognizable celebrity veneer..."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# CN016H Hardbound $29.95 Online Price: $26.95 Save 10%
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Elvis: The Personal Archives
Sara Terry: Aftermath Sara Terry: Aftermath
"Aftermath: Bosnia's Long Road to Peace explores the human costs and consequences of war. Since 2000, Sara Terry has documented the social, political and economic upheavals of Bosnia's struggle with the aftermath of war...Sara Terry provides a powerful perspective on what happens when the violence has been stilled."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# CN018S Softbound $34.95 Online Price: $31.45 Save 10%
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  S I G N E D B O O K S
Peek: Peek Peek—Signed
"PEEK presents work by 24 photographers featured in the Art + Commerce Festival of Emerging Photographers, an event created to support and expose new talent in photography. The work, chosen from over 1,000 portfolio submissions, was selected by a jury of specialists from the fields of art, advertising, and publishing."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC681S Softbound $20.00
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Joan Fontcuberta: Landscapes Without Memory Joan Fontcuberta: Landscapes Without Memory—Signed
"Fontcuberta subjects various imaginative landscapes-among them ones by Cezanne, Turner, and Weston in addition to Dalí, as well as photographs of his own body-to the manipulation of landscape-rendering software originally designed for the military and scientific communities...As Fontcuberta says, 'In a typically surrealistic caper, introducing the critical-paranoid method in the technological heart of the computer, Dalí's dreams become equally impossible landscapes.' And, he might have added, gorgeous black-and-white ones."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# AP509H Hardbound $40.00
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Landscapes Without Memory
  L I M I T E D E D I T I O N
Stuart Rome: Forest Stuart Rome: Forest
"Stuart Rome's gorgeous black-and-white forest landscapes are brought together in this striking new oversized book, the artist's first monograph. Rome's work offers a view of the natural world itself as a communicating entity. Beautifully printed in duotone on matt paper, and bound in rich Japanese cloth."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR191H Hardbound $250.00
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Booklist: Photo-Eye Booklist: 2005 Winter issue Photo-Eye Booklist: 2005 Winter issue
The Winter issue of the photo-eye Booklist—our quarterly, subscription-based magazine—is out. Handsomely designed and intelligently edited, with articles about photobook publishing, interviews with photographers and book makers, and, of course, our much anticipated survey of the best new photobooks from around the world; there is absolutely no other magazine like it. Domestic shipping for one magazine is $1.75 and foreign shipping ranges from $5-$10 depending on the country.

Cat# PE025S Softbound $5.00 (per issue-domestic)
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