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Photo-Eye Booklist: 2006 Spring Booklist Photo-Eye Booklist: 2006 Spring Booklist
The Spring issue of the photo-eye Booklist is now available. This issue features a photograph by Laura Letinsky on the cover, contains the photo-eye picks for the Best Books of 2005, includes the continuation of the column by Mary Virginia Swanson and Darius Himes about the ins-and-outs of publishing a book of photographs, features an interview with South African photographer Roger Ballen, and, of course, our much anticipated survey of the best new photobooks from around the world; there is simply no other magazine devoted to photobooks. Domestic shipping for one magazine is $1.75 and foreign shipping ranges from $5-$10 depending on the country.

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photo-eye @ 43rd National Conference of Society for Photographic Education
photo-eye will be attending the 43rd National Conference of Society for Photographic Education in Chicago March 23-26th. Please join us at Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers in Exhibit Hall B, Booth 30 on Friday, March 24th 8am to 3pm and Saturday, March 25th, 10am to 4:30pm.

photo-eye will be hosting a booksigng for Mark Klett from 11:45 to 1pm on Friday and Maggie Taylor and Jerry Uelsmann on Saturday, March 25th from 2 to 3pm. The exhibition hall is open to the general public.

For more info on other lectures, exhibitors and other events, visit the S.P.E. web site. We look forward to seeing you.
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p h o t o-e y e @ FOTOFEST 2006
FOTOFEST2006 is the eleventh International Biennial of Photography and Photo-related Art located in Houston, Texas. This year's themes are twofold: The Earth and Artists Responding to Violence, including independent but inter-connected exhibitions, lectures, and forums. The city-wide event will feature over 120 exhibitions of photographic art works in museums and non-traditional gallery spaces throughout Houston.

FotoFest's acclaimed Portfolio Review program The International Meeting Place, along with the Fine Print Auction are scheduled for the opening weeks of the 2006 Biennial.

photo-eye will be present as the official FotoFest Bookstore during the Meeting Place event at The Doubletree Hotel in downtown Houston, March 10th - March 23rd. Please come by, browse our great books, and say hello to photo-eye Director Rixon Reed and partner Vicki Bohannon.

For more information, visit the FOTOFEST web site.
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IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. All of the year-end "Best Of..." lists have been published, except for one: Ours. Which, of course, is the only one that matters, right? Each year, on a blustery eve in January, the photo-eye staff hunker down for some serious wrangling, haggling, laughter, belittling, scoffing, cheering, empassioned appealing, and food and (lots of) drinks. And at the end, having come up with a dozen or so titles that we think are absolutely outstanding, we all stagger home, none too worse for the wear. So, here they are: fifteen books (in alphabetical order by artist/author) that we think contribute something to the world.

To read the Best Books of 2005 article, click on Read More at the end of each entry. To order the book, click on the cover image.
Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Deaths, Corrine May Botz (Monacelli Press).
Nutshell Studies is Botz's photographic exploration of the 'dollhouses' created by Frances Glessner Lee, an affluent, elderly woman who founded Harvard's Department of Legal Medicine in 1936.
Read More
Echo, Chan Chao (Nazraeli Press)
Chao applies the same distanced yet direct style to his unclothed female friends and acquaintances of Washington D.C. as he did to an earlier series of portraits made in Burma (for which he was included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial).
Read More
The Perfect Medium. Photography and the Occult. Text by Clement Cheroux, Andreas Fischer, Pierre Apraxine, Denis Canguilhem, and Sophie Schmit (Yale University Press)
Exhibition catalogue from the eponymous show at the Meropolitan Museum of Art that was one of last year's popular and critical favorites.
Read More
Rineke Dijkstra: Portraits, A Retrospective (D.A.P./Schirmer/Mosel)
Since the early 90s, Dijkstra has recast the genre of portraiture along the stylistic and conceptual lines first suggested by the Bechers and their students.
Read More
Possible Relatives, Tina Enghoff (Journal, Stockholm)
Loneliness is both a basic human emotion and fear. In picturing the homes of recently deceased individuals who died alone, without relatives, Enghoff's images represent the ultimate extreme of loneliness.
Read More
For Every Minute You Are Angry You Lose Sixty Seconds of Happiness, Julian Germain (SteidlMack)
Julian Germain stumbled upon the house of Charles Snelling, a retiree living in Portsmouth, England, by chance one day while on assignment to photograph a local soccer game.
Read More
David Hilliard (Aperture).
David Hilliard is arguably one of the most successful students to emerge from the 'School of Crewdson' as the photography department at Yale came to be known in the mid-1990s.
Read More
Kamaitachi, Eikoh Hosoe (Aperture)
The Map along with Kamatahi are gorgeous reprints of long-out-of-print titles which are integral to an understanding of post-WWII Japanese photography.
Read More
Casa Susanna, edited by Michel Hurst and Robert Swope (powerHouse Books)
"People take pictures of each other, just to prove that they really existed," goes the hook from an old Kinks song. The truth that underlies this adage informs much of the recent vogue for found and anonymous photographs, but never has it been demonstrated more vividly than in Casa Susana.
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Borderlands, Eirik Johnson, text by Philip Levine and Rod Slemmons. (Twin Palms Publishers)
Initially, Borderlands feels awkward in your hands, but the design perfectly fits Johnson?s full-bleed images, one per page-spread.
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The Map, Kikuji Kawada (Nazraeli Press)
The Map along with Kamatahi are gorgeous reprints of long-out-of-print titles which are integral to an understanding of post-WWII Japanese photography. Aperture and Nazraeli Press are to be commended for bringing these titles back into circulation and public discourse.
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Why Mister, Why? Iraq 2003-2004, Geert Van Kesteren (Artimo)
Dutch photojournalist Geert van Kesteren made these harrowing images while embedded with American troops between 2003 and 2004, starting just after President Bush declared ?Mission Accomplished? in Iraq. "What I saw, and what Geert recorded over the next 48 hours with his camera, I will never forget."
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Love of the Poets, Joseph Mills (Nazraeli Press)
Didn't get enough Dada and Surrealism in your college diet? Find yourself hankering for collages that allude to religion, death, sex, and dark, animistic practices?
Read More
Chronologies, Richard Misrach (Fraenkel Gallery/D.A.P)
In this unconventional retrospective, careful editing reveals how Misrach established a long-term methodology, cycling through, returning and building on his various bodies of work.
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Fashion Magazine, Martin Parr (Magnum Paris)
Fashion Magazine is populated with rubber hotdogs, vegetables adorned with clunky jewels, and fishnet stockings worn unabashedly with miniskirts and bad pumps.
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