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Jonathan Gitelson's portfolio The Car Project
During the summer of 2004, I moved across the street from the Funky Buddha Lounge, a popular nightclub in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. Each night I would park my car on the street, and each morning I would find that numerous club fliers had been shoved beneath my windshield wipers and into the cracks of my windows.—Jonathan Gitelson
Image © Jonathan Gitelson
Image © Jonathan Gitelson

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William Klein: New York...(1st Italian edition, SIGNED!) William Klein: New York...(1st Italian edition, SIGNED!)
"[New York's] internal rhythm contains as many cadences, breaks and unexpected flights of fancy as a Sonny Rollins sax solo"—Parr & Badger, The Photobook, A History, vol. I

"...cheesy, delirious, pure Pop art."—Vince Aletti, The Book of 101 Books

A rare signed copy of one of the true classics of post-war photographic literature!
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Kenro Izu: Still Life (Ltd. Ed. with Print!): Kenro Izu: Still Life (Ltd. Ed. with Print!) $600 2
18h 53m
Nicholas Nixon: Pictures of People (INSCRIBED, Association Copy): Nicholas Nixon: Pictures of People (INSCRIBED, Association Copy) - 0
5d 18h 23m
Shomei Tomatsu: Nihon: Shomei Tomatsu: Nihon $700 1
7d 18h 23m
Brassai/Henry Miller: Quiet Days in Clichy: Brassai/Henry Miller: Quiet Days in Clichy - 0
7d 19h 53m
Michael Kenna: Fountain of Flora, Versailles (Toned Silver Gelatin Print): Michael Kenna: Fountain of Flora, Versailles (Toned Silver Gelatin Print) - 0
10d 2h 23m
William Klein: New York...(1st Italian edition, SIGNED!): William Klein: New York...(1st Italian edition, SIGNED!) - 0
12d 18h 23m
  A N N O U N C I N G N E W F A L L T I T L E S !
© Lauren Greenfield
© Lauren Greenfield
Chronicle Books, publisher of Nick Brandt's On this Earth, Tucker Shaw's Everything I Ate, and Michael Rauner's Visionary State, is following up these titles with an with what photo-eye considers to be four very strong books for the Fall season.

SEVEN member, Lauren Greenfield is well-known for capturing female culture in America in the books, Fast Forward and Girl Culture. In her latest publication, Thin. Greenfield's touching photos are displayed along with essays on the sociology and science of eating disorders by renowned researchers. Due in November.

Misty Keasler, winner of the Lange-Taylor Prize for her work in the Guatamala City dump, takes on a different subject in her new book, Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Hotels of Japan. Due in February 2007.

The photos in Observations in the Occupied Wilderness, Terry Falke's first monograph, "both honor and subvert the grand tradition of western landscape photography, conveying the bleak splendor of the land and Falke's sheer love of looking."

Under Minor White's direction, the first fine-art photography department in the United States was created in 1946. Chronicle's new history, The Moment of Seeing: Minor White at the California School of Fine Arts features photos of some of the instructors—Model, Lange, Cunningham, Weston—and White's never-before-published writings on the teaching of photography. Due September.

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David Lachapelle: Artists & Prostitutes David Lachapelle: Artists & Prostitutes
"Celebrating the visionary LaChapelle's truly extraordinary photography, this 688-page, XL-sized book is packed cover-to-cover with vibrant full-bleed images; the best of his entire career to date. Bursting at the seams with spectacle and drama, and saturated with colors that only LaChapelle can realize, this limited edition pays tribute to the most daring and ambitious photographer in the history of portraiture."—the publisher

All color illustrations are color-separated and reproduced in Pan4C, the finest reproduction technique available today, which provides unequalled intensity and color range.

Limited edition of 2,500 copies worldwide, numbered and signed by David LaChapelle. More copies arriving shortly.


Cat# TD152L Limited Edition $1,750.00
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Artists & Prostitutes
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  J U S T I N & R E C O M M E N D E D
Dieter Appelt: Photo Poche 54: Dieter Appelt Photo Poche 54: Dieter Appelt
"German contemporary artist Dieter Appelt is the subject of this entry in the Photo Poche series. This volume focuses especially on his photography as an element of his performance art, showcasing the extreme physicality of his imagery. All text, including the introductory essay by Michel Frizot is in French."—the publisher

Recently added to the Photo Poche series are Pentti Sammallahti, Les Krims, Araki, Christer Stromholm, and Fazal Sheikh. READ MORE

Cat# CF138S Softbound $27.00
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Patrick Alt: Unknown Tuscany Patrick Alt: Unknown Tuscany
"Unknown Tuscany, the first book of Patrick Alt's photographic work, takes the viewer on a journey to out of the way places and overlooked details of this most famous part of Italy. This dark green silk covered book has a tipped front image and copper foil typeset. It was printed in quadtone on heavy uncoated paper to closely match the tonality of the original hand made platinum prints.

About the limited edition:
Signed and numbered by the artist, this special edition of Unknown Tuscany is housed in a slip-case and limited to one hundred copies. A separate limited edition with a print, is also available, and can be viewed here."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC857H Hardbound $65.00
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Cat# ZC857L Limited Edition $475.00
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Unknown Tuscany
Rebecca Norris Webb: The Glass Between Us Rebecca Norris Webb: The Glass Between Us
"A photo exploration of the complex and vulnerable relationship that exists between people and animals in cities. Seven years ago, Rebecca Norris Webb wandered into the Coney Island Aquarium and spotted a white beluga whale soaring high above the heads of visitors, who were reflected in the glass. She shows us that in a certain light, the glass between us can be a window and a mirror."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# CN027H Hardbound $39.95 Online Price: $35.95 Save 10%
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The Glass Between Us
  G O L D E N L I G H T B O O K A W A R D S A N N O U N C E D
© Alec Soth
© Alec Soth
The Golden Light Book Awards Winners are just announced late last month. The winner of Book of the Year is Alec Soth's Niagara published by Steidl. Other winners are Tim Davis's My Life in Politics, Reflex: A Vik Muniz Primer, Katy Grannan's Model American, Things as They Are all Aperture monographs, with Things as They Areco-published by World Press Photo 2006. Powerhouse Books, claimed one award with Thomas Roma's In Prison Air: The Cells of Holmesburg Prison. Scalo claims the award for Best Portrait Book with Elizabeth Heyert's The Travelers.

To view all awards on the Golden Light Awards website, Click here.

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Photo-Eye Booklist: 2006 Summer issue Photo-Eye Booklist: 2006 Summer issue
The Summer issue of the photo-eye Booklist is now available. Our cover features a photograph by Stephen Gill, from his title Hackney Wick.

About the Cover. Ordinary Pictures. Stephen Gill's Hackney Wick.
By Avis Cardella.
Publisher Profile. One-by-one, the publishers of the books we love are questioned.
Survey of New Books. The quarterly survey of the best new photography books.
Looking South. William Christenberry is interviewed about his new book and show. By Denise Wolff
Publishing the Photography Book. The acclaimed column on publishing photography books. By Mary Virginia Swanson and Darius Himes
California Visions. The Spirituality of California is explored by a writer and a photographer. By Darius Himes
The Old & the Rare Survey. A new regular column that surveys important books of the past. By Eric Miles

The photo-eye Booklist is a quarterly magazine. To purchase this issue of the photo-eye Booklist, CLICK HERE or to subscribe to the next 4 issues starting with Fall 2006, CLICK HERE. Thank you for your support! Visit our Magazine section to read more about the current issue.

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