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© David H. Gibson and Don Hong-Oai
© David H. Gibson and Don Hong-Oai
Ephemeral Moments: Photographs by David H. Gibson and Don Hong-Oai opening April 6th

photo-eye Gallery Santa Fe is pleased to announce the opening and artist reception for Ephemeral Moments: Photographs by David H. Gibson and Don Hong-Oai on this Friday, April 6th from 5 to 7 pm in our gallery space located at 376 Garcia Street. If you can't make the opening, please explore the work of David Gibson and Don Hong-Oai in our online gallery at photoeye.com.

  A U C T I O N S
Madhaus: Ein aufgeschlossene Firma (Madaus: An Innovative Company)--Rare Company Photobook! Madhaus: Ein aufgeschlossene Firma (Madaus: An Innovative Company)--Rare Company Photobook!
"The habituées of Andy Warhol's Factory were known for their alleged use of recreational pharmaceuticals, so it is perhaps appropriate that when the Cologne drug company Dr. Madaus, published a fiftieth anniversary photobook, it was designed as a 'Pop art' extravaganza similar to Warhol's Index...[it is] not only a cornucopia of design and layout ideas, it features several pop-up pages in the style of a children's book. The result combines a high purpose with a sense of fun."
Bids shown below are current as of 6:06 pm MT, 04.04.2007
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Nobuyoshi Araki: Sentimental Journey--Okinawa Sequel: Nobuyoshi Araki: Sentimental Journey--Okinawa Sequel $1,500 1
18h 23m
James Nachtwey: Inferno: James Nachtwey: Inferno $260 7
18h 53m
Yutaka Takanashi: Machi (Signed, with scarce bellyband): Yutaka Takanashi: Machi (Signed, with scarce bellyband) $850 1
1d 17h 53m
Autographed Edward Steichen Letter (with related book): Autographed Edward Steichen Letter (with related book) $250 1
1d 19h 53m
Cuny Janssen: Macedonia: Portraits and Landscapes (SIGNED!): Cuny Janssen: Macedonia: Portraits and Landscapes (SIGNED!) - 0
5d 17h 53m
Lucien Clergue: Toros Muertos (Slipcased 1st edition, SIGNED!): Lucien Clergue: Toros Muertos (Slipcased 1st edition, SIGNED!) $1,000 1
6d 17h 53m
Aaron Siskind: Harlem Document (Inscribed): Aaron Siskind: Harlem Document (Inscribed) - 0
6d 18h 23m
Jens Liebchen: DL 07 Stereotypes of War (SIGNED!): Jens Liebchen: DL 07 Stereotypes of War (SIGNED!) $260 1
6d 19h 23m
Madhaus: Ein aufgeschlossene Firma (Madaus: An Innovative Company): Madhaus: Ein aufgeschlossene Firma (Madaus: An Innovative Company) - 0
7d 18h 23m
Rudolf Schafer: Der Ewige Schlaf: visages de morts (The Endless Sleep: Faces of the Dead)--SIGNED!: Rudolf Schafer: Der Ewige Schlaf: visages de morts (The Endless Sleep: Faces of the Dead)--SIGNED! - 0
7d 18h 53m

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  P H O T O L U C I D A 
PhotoLucida's 2007 in Portland, Oregon April 12-15th
Every other Spring an international set of photographers and reviewers gather in Portland Oregon for a week-long celebration of photography. The mission: an increased understanding of the world through photography. By promoting in-depth, informed, and supportive dialog between photographers, gallery owners, publishers and pundits of various sorts, Photolucida promotes the culture of photography. The next Portfolio Review event will take place April 12-15th, 2007. An intensive four-day portfolio review lies at the heart of the festival, but there are many activities happening around Portland during the dates.

photo-eye Booklist editor Darius Himes, in addition to being a portfolio reviewer, will be giving a slide/audio lecture entitled "1001 Photobooks: Night of the Living Bookheads" on Friday evening. See PhotoLucida website for upcoming details on the conference schedule.
  J U S T I N & R E C O M M E N D E D
Stephen Shore: The Nature of Photographs Stephen Shore: The Nature of Photographs
"A primer on how to look at and understand photographs, this is an expanded reissue of Stephen Shore's classic 1998 work."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PI189H Hardbound $39.95 Online Price: $35.95 Save 10%
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The Nature of Photographs
Tacita Dean: Tacita Dean Tacita Dean
TACITA DEAN is a comprehensive overview of this international artist and is perfect for students, collectors and anyone with an interest in contemporary art."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PI193S Softbound $39.95 Online Price: $35.95 Save 10%
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Tacita Dean
Nicolas Righetti: The Last Paradise Nicolas Righetti: The Last Paradise
"Nicolas Righetti is one of the few Western artists invited to photograph North Korean society. Righetti's images feature a bright urban landscape dotted with paper flower, curvaceous neo-constructivist architecture, and synchronized folk dancing. The telltale signs of the poverty and repression of the North Korean regime remain embedded in the absurd juxtaposition of details: huge guns hidden in the traditional landscape wall paintings; looming, inescapable portraits of the late Great Leader and his son; empty shelves at the Paradise Food Shop; Big Brother exhortations proclaiming nirvana achievable through 'iron discipline.'"—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PY111H Hardbound $35.00 Online Price: $31.50 Save 10%
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The Last Paradise
: Gordon Matta-Clark Gordon Matta-Clark
"In this handsome book, distinguished scholars of contemporary art provide new insights into Matta-Clark-s work: the reception of his art during his lifetime; the impact of his socially engaged lifestyle; the production of his films; his photography, in particular his collages that have not been thoroughly explored; the creation and conservation of his building cut Splitting; and much more."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# YU084S Softbound $50.00 Online Price: $45.00 Save 10%
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Gordon Matta-Clark
More New Arrivals
  B A C K   I N   S T O C K
Henri Cartier-Bresson: Scrapbook Henri Cartier-Bresson: Scrapbook
"Henri Cartier-Bresson was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1940. After two unsuccessful attempts, he managed to escape in 1943. During this time, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, assuming that the photographer had died in the war, started preparing what they thought was a posthumous exhibition of his work.

In the 1990s, Cartier-Bresson once again returned to this scrapbook. Following his death in 2004, the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, the present owner of the prints, finished restoring them, making it possible to bring a large body of extraordinary, hitherto unpublished work to the public, images that have finally become a memorial collection after all."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# NT205H Hardbound $85.00 Online Price: $76.50 Save 10%
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  C E N T E R
© Leigh Anne Langwell
© Leigh Anne Langwell
CENTER Announces the Winner of The Santa Fe Prize for Photography 2007

CENTER is pleased to announce that Leigh Anne Langwell of Albuquerque, NM has been selected as the winner of the 2007 Santa Fe Prize for Photography by Vince Aletti, photography critic and regular contributor to Aperture and The New Yorker, The Santa Fe Prize recognizes a gifted and committed photographer who has completed, or is near completion of, a meaningful body of work. In Aletti's eyes, to describe Langwell's work as meaningful would be an understatement. Aletti writes, "Marvelous and wonderful are words that a serious critic tends to shy away from.... Besides, how often does work actually evoke marvels or provoke wonder these days? Leigh Anne Langwell's does."

Read more on Center's site.
  V I S U A L S E R V E R TM
website © Steffanie O'Hanlon
website © Steffanie O'Hanlon
VisualServer Example Websites
With VisualServer, create an elegant website in minutes and update it in seconds, all at an affordable price! Click below to see some of the exemplary websites that use the VisualServer website creation and management tools.

View VisualServer examples.

  p h o t o - e y e   M A G A Z I N E
: 2007 Spring photo-eye Booklist. 2007 Spring photo-eye Booklist.
The Spring issue of photo-eye Booklist is now available for purchase through the photo-eye Bookstore. Our cover features a photograph by Peter Granser, from his new monograph Coney Island published by Hatje Cantz.

About Our Cover (read the full text!)
Coney Island in all its faded glory, by Peter Granser.
by Avis Cardella

Publisher Profile (read the full text!)
One by one, the publishers of the books we love are interviewed.
This issue features the Swedish publisher, Journal.

Survey of New Books
The quarterly survey of the best new photography books.
by various contributors

The Surprising Man from Memphis
William Eggleston has just published 5x7, a book of older work.
Interview by Eric Miles and Darius Himes

Joys of Fleeting Time
The richly layered work of Tacita Dean is reviewed by Charlotte Cotton.

Publishing the Photography Book
The acclaimed column on publishing photography books.
by Mary Virginia Swanson and Darius Himes

The Best & Sleeper Books of 2006
Our annual list of the best books along with picks by four VIP guests—
Vince Aletti, Tim Davis, Molly Logan, and Rixon Reed.

The Old & Rare Survey
A regular column that surveys important books of the past.
by Eric Miles

Visit our Magazine section to read more about the current issue.

[Important correction: In the review of Don't Kiss Me, on p. 22, and again on p. 40 in the review of Apollo Prophecies, incorrect bibliographic information was unfortunately published. In both instances, the publisher of these fines books is Aperture. The correct information can be found on our website under the listing for each book. We apologize for this mistake.]

A word about some of the business-related changes you will notice with this issue: we've raised our cover price and subscription rates to reflect both the cost of producing this lush magazine and to be competitive in the marketplace. Our stellar content, thanks to a crew of gifted writers, thinkers and photographers from around the world, has remained untouched with the promise to continue to improve.

We encourage you all to subscribe, by clicking here. The one year rate is $26. The two year rate is $50. Both of these represent significant savings off the cover price. Please use this code: E7021PHE

For all of you that are subscribers, this issue will arrive to your doorstep shortly. Thank you for your support!

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