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  P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S S H O W C A S E ®
David Ondrik's portfolio Water
"My current photographic work explores the relationship between water, civilization, and the high desert of New Mexico. The recent drought has forced those of us living in the Southwest to recognize that water is not an unlimited resource."—David Ondrik

Image © David Ondrik
Image © David Ondrik
    Brought by Water, 2006

Toned Gelatin-Silver Print
9.5x9.5" Image
16x17" Mat
1 / 20

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  A U C T I O N S
"Over the years, Ryuji Miyamoto has kept a watchful eye on Japan's cities as they underwent vertiginous changes. His intention has been to photodocument the demolitions and reconstructions of whole quarters of the cities. Although he tries to photograph the architectural qualities of the cities, he often focuses on the aspect of destruction: the pictures of Kobe after the 1995 earthquake are his most renowned series. 'All I can do is train my eyes and keep watching the world as it goes on changing, scene after scene, again and again.'"—Steidl Verlag

See a selection of Miyamoto's photos from the Architectural Apocalypse series here.
Bids shown below are current as of 9:36 am MT, 05.31.2007
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Harry Callahan: Water's Edge - Deluxe, Signed Edition: Harry Callahan: Water's Edge - Deluxe, Signed Edition $900 5
3h 23m
First Throw Out the Verisimilitude (Japanese 'Provoke' anthology): First Throw Out the Verisimilitude (Japanese 'Provoke' anthology) - 0
1d 2h 53m
Ryuji Miyamoto: Kobe 1995--After the Earthquake (SIGNED!): Ryuji Miyamoto: Kobe 1995--After the Earthquake (SIGNED!) $530 6
1d 3h 23m
Andreas Magdanz: Auschwitz-Birkenau (scarce French ed.--SIGNED!): Andreas Magdanz: Auschwitz-Birkenau (scarce French ed.--SIGNED!) $220 1
2d 2h 23m
Stephen Shore: American Surfaces 1972 (SIGNED!): Stephen Shore: American Surfaces 1972 (SIGNED!) $100 1
4d 2h 23m
John Baldessari: This Not That: John Baldessari: This Not That $200 1
4d 2h 53m
William Klein: New York: Life is Good & Good For You...(1st French edition!): William Klein: New York: Life is Good & Good For You...(1st French edition!) - 0
4d 5h 23m
Jacob Holdt: Amerikanske Billeder (American Pictures): Jacob Holdt: Amerikanske Billeder (American Pictures) $200 1
4d 6h 23m
Tom Baril: Botanica (signed, limited edition with print!): Tom Baril: Botanica (signed, limited edition with print!) - 0
5d 2h 23m
James Nachtwey: Inferno (1st printing!): James Nachtwey: Inferno (1st printing!) $100 1
5d 3h 23m
Lucas Samaras: Album: Lucas Samaras: Album $300 1
7d 2h 23m

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  J U S T I N & R E C O M M E N D E D
Taryn Simon: An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar Taryn Simon: An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar
One of the photo-eye staff's new favorites. This book is selling quickly and is low in stock at the US Distributor. Order early!

"In An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar, Taryn Simon documents spaces that are integral to America's foundation, mythology and daily functioning, but remain inaccessible or unknown to a public audience. She has photographed rarely seen sites from domains including: science, government, medicine, entertainment, nature security and religion. This index examines subjects that, while provocative or controversial, are currently legal. The work responds to a desire to discover unknown territories, to see everything. Simon makes use of the annotated-photograph's capacity to engage and inform the public. Transforming that which is off-limits or under-the-radar into a visible and intelligible form, she confronts the divide between the privileged access of the few and the limited access of the public. Photographed with a large format view camera (except when prohibited), Simon's 70 color plates form a seductive collection that reflects and reveals a national identity."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP657H Hardbound $75.00 Online Price: $67.50 Save 10%
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An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar
  p h o t o - e y e M A G A Z I N E
: 2007 Summer photo-eye Booklist 2007 Summer photo-eye Booklist
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  S E L E C T I O N S F R O M T H E S U R V E Y O F N E W B O O K S
Byron Wolfe: Everyday Byron Wolfe: Everyday—Signed
"In his first book, photographer Byron Wolfe, recipient of the esteemed Santa Fe Prize for Photography, celebrates the beauty of daily life by making one original, compelling picture every day for a year. The resulting images create an intimate document of the everyday—domestic scenes, nature, children, and meditative still lifes—universal in their simplicity and appeal."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# CI193H Hardbound $33.95
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Mark Edward Harris: Inside North Korea Mark Edward Harris: Inside North Korea
"All but closed to outside visitors and influence, its public posture guarded and combative, we see almost nothing from inside North Korea. Award-winning photographer Mark Edward Harris has had rare access to this reclusive country, traveling within its borders as well as documenting life along its northern border with China and the highly militarized DMZ dividing North and South Korea."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# CI194H Hardbound $35.00 Online Price: $31.50 Save 10%
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Philippe Chancel: North Korea Philippe Chancel: North Korea
"For more than half a century, North Korea has been the epitome of a rogue state. Since the defeat of the Japanese occupation in 1945 it has been a nation apart, ruled by father-and-son autocrats—the late Kim Il-sung, known as the Great Leader, and his successor Kim Jong-il, known as the Dear Leader—who have expanded the cult of personality to unparalleled lengths."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# NT213H Hardbound $50.00 Online Price: $45.00 Save 10%
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North Korea
: Beautiful Suffering Beautiful Suffering
"Drawing on works from advertising, photojournalism, art photography, and conceptual art, Beautiful Suffering features reproductions of all the pieces in the Williams College Museum of Art exhibition that shares its name—including portrayals of AIDS sufferers, Abu Ghraib prisoners, refugees, and casualties of war. It also includes five critical essays that engage the works themselves as well as the larger issues the exhibition confronts: Is it inherently problematic to seek aesthetic pleasure in a rendering of pain? And if so, why? These essays, composed by scholars in fields as diverse as art history and political science, are perfect complements to the powerful images of suffering that probe some of the most pressing issues we face today."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# UC067S Softbound $25.00 Online Price: $22.50 Save 10%
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Beautiful Suffering
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