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Sean Perry's portfolio Transitory
"The images describe the space between — a physical abstraction and presence of what these structures are, versus the environment they occupy. Through themes of electricity, shadow and solidity, I have rendered static structures as symbols, displaying an unexpected beauty and graceful clarity."—Sean Perry
Image © Sean Perry
Image © Sean Perry
    Sentinel v.2, 2004

Toned Gelatin-Silver Print
10x10" Image
18x19" Mat
Edition of 17

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  p h o t o - e y e G A L L E R Y S a n t a F e
© Don Hong-Oai Estate
© Don Hong-Oai Estate
photo-eye Gallery Picture of the Week
photo-eye introduces a new section of our newsletter wherein a photo-eye staffer picks one of his or her favorite pictures from the wealth of imagery on our website. This week, Daniel Fuller, Shipping Manager, has chosen Don Hong-Oai's After Prayer, Vietnam, 1973 .

Since Don Hong-Oai's death in 2004 his photographic compositions are becoming scarce. Many of the pieces are unique and are no longer available. Please inquire about availability.

Please call Anne at 505.988.5152 x 121 or email anne@photoeye.com for more information about this print or other Don Hong-Oai works.
  A U C T I O N S
Joe McKenna: Joe's Magazine (1st issue! Photos by Bruce Weber, et. al. ) Joe McKenna: Joe's Magazine (1st issue! Photos by Bruce Weber, et. al. )
"Flick through any fashion publication from the mid-1990s, and it's likely to feel about as relevant as an episode of "Sex and the City." But anyone lucky enough to get their hands on an issue of Joe's Magazine will have a hard time figuring out when it was published...The first issue of Joe's, the brainchild of the stylist Joe McKenna, was published in 1992, and the second in 1998. They have stood the test of time because, unlike the barrage of new magazines that have followed, Joe's paid little attention to celebrities, and even less to advertiser demands. At the height of the supermodel era, McKenna gave his first cover to the most divine woman of all time—the Virgin Mary, who was depicted looking upward and serenely exhaling a cloud of smoke, presumably from a heavenly roll-up. What publication today would include in its debut a feature on the early-'70s model Wallis Franken (wearing, in one instance, only a couple of strategically placed Band-Aids), a tribute to the actor Dirk Bogarde, a lengthy piece on Tennessee Williams and a conversation with the painter Paul Cadmus?"—Armand Limnander: No Ordinary Joe, NY Times, August 26, 2007
Bids shown below are current as of 4:21 pm MT, 09.05.2007
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Bruce Weber, et. al.: Joe's Magazine (1st issue): Bruce Weber, et. al.: Joe's Magazine (1st issue) $440 8
19h 38m
Richard Billingham: Ray's Laugh: Richard Billingham: Ray's Laugh $380 1
20h 38m
Jim Goldberg: Raised by Wolves: Jim Goldberg: Raised by Wolves $160 5
21h 38m
Eugène Atget's Trees: Newly Discovered Photographs from the Bibliothèque Nationale : Eugène Atget's Trees: Newly Discovered Photographs from the Bibliothèque Nationale $360 2
22h 38m
Edward Burtynsky: Before the Flood (Limited Edition with Print!) + 1 other: Edward Burtynsky: Before the Flood (Limited Edition with Print!) + 1 other $700 1
1d 21h 38m
Paul Fusco: RFK Funeral Train (SIGNED): Paul Fusco: RFK Funeral Train (SIGNED) - 0
1d 22h 38m
Lee Friedlander: Nudes + Maria (BOTH SIGNED!): Lee Friedlander: Nudes + Maria (BOTH SIGNED!) $230 1
1d 23h 38m
Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Storybook Life (1st Edition, SIGNED): Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Storybook Life (1st Edition, SIGNED) - 0
2d 23h 38m
Karin Apollonia Müller: Angels in Fall (SIGNED!): Karin Apollonia Müller: Angels in Fall (SIGNED!) $280 1
3d 0h 38m
Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens (Karasu)--1st Edition!: Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens (Karasu)--1st Edition! $2,500 1
3d 23h 38m

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  S I G N E D B O O K S
Liz Cohen: Bodywork Liz Cohen: Bodywork—Signed

Signed copies arriving in about two weeks.

"This instantly collectible limited edition artist's book, featuring rounded edges and nine blown-in, four-color photographic images, documents a recent project by the daring and witty young American artist, Liz Cohen. In 2002, the artist began the process of importing the Trabant, once the most common car in East Germany, to the United States. Upon their arrival, Cohen set to work converting these Communist-era workhorses into supped-up hybrid American El Caminos."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP717H Hardbound $49.95
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  p h o t o - e y e M A G A Z I N E
: 2007 Fall photo-eye Booklist 2007 Fall photo-eye Booklist
The Fall issue of the photo-eye Booklist is now available for purchase through the photo-eye Bookstore. Our cover features a photograph by Paul Graham, from his new book A Shimmer of Possibility.


About Our Cover
Paul Graham's Chekhov-inspired work shimmers with possibility.
Interview by Richard Woodward

Publisher Profile
One by one, we interview the publishers of the books we love.
A photo-eye questionnaire

Survey of New Books
The quarterly survey of the best new photography books.
By various contributors

Rooted to Place
An Influential career seen through a lifetime of books.
By Mary Anne Redding

Click here for more of the TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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To purchase this issue of the Booklist, click the (Add to Order) button below. To subscribe to the next 4 issues starting with Winter 2007, click here. Thank you for your support!

Cat# PE032S Softbound $8.95 (per issue + shipping)
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John Gossage: Putting Back the Wall John Gossage: Putting Back the Wall—Signed

Signed copies arriving in about two weeks.

"This new volume presents Gossage's Berlin photographs from 1982-1989 revisited as memory. These are documentary photographs, which promise clarity - yet deliver only mystery or might promise invention and fiction - yet actually deliver truth. With every Gossage book there is an inevitable nod to the artistry of the Photobook. An exquisite cover fashioned from the remains of a deteriorating album sets the tone of the publication. Essays by Gerry Badger, Thomas Weski and John Gossage presented in the unconventional, yet masterful manner we have come to expect in a Gossage production. This 2007 volume will also be sold in a slip case with the 2005 Berlin in the Time of the Wall in an edition called 'The Complete Berlin'"—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD178H Hardbound $75.00
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Anthony Hernandez: Waiting, Sitting, Fishing and Some Automobiles Anthony Hernandez: Waiting, Sitting, Fishing and Some Automobiles—Signed

Signed copies arriving in October.

"The photographs in this book are drawn from four bodies of work made with the 5' x 7' view camera between 1979 and 1983. Broadly speaking, it shows as Lewis Baltz said, people waiting and taking 'very, very humble recreations.' The four image groups making up the book are people waiting at bus stops, people lunching or sitting in public spaces, people at public fishing areas, and automobile repair shops."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD177H Hardbound $125.00
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Michael Abrams: Strange and Singular Michael Abrams: Strange and Singular—Signed

Signed copies arriving in about two weeks.

"This first book by Michael Abrams is an album in which the artist's image makes only a fleeting appearance, yet whose hand touches every page. A journey informed by a quote from Michel Foucault... 'a readiness to find strange and singular what surrounds us; a certain relentlessness to break up our familiarities and to regard otherwise the same things; a fervor to grasp what is happening and what passes; a casualness in regard to the traditional hierarchies of the important and the essential'. Abrams sifts through the trove of discarded images that define our past and re-edits them for a new purpose. His goal - to provoke, question or demand reconsideration of our established assumptions. If not initiated by our curiosity, if not what surrounds us everyday, if not that which we might turn on its head, then what?"—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD179H Hardbound $50.00
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Rebecca Solnit: Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics Rebecca Solnit: Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics
These essays are accompanied by single illustrations from photographers Richard Misrach, Mark Klett, Estudio Teddy Cruz, Michael Light, Meridel Rubenstein, Eric Wagner, John Pfahl, Kerry Evans, Susan Schwartzenberg and Lukas Feldmann.

Also by Rebecca Solnit, River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West READ MORE

Cat# CA064H Hardbound $24.95 Online Price: $22.45 Save 10%
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: Border Film Project Border Film Project

Copies arriving in two weeks.

"For three months, Rudy Adler, Victoria Criado, and Brett Huneycutt distributed hundreds of disposable cameras, along with the means of returning them, to migrants and Minutemen so they could document their own journeys. Capturing images from both sides of the border, Border Film Project tells the stories that no news piece, policy debate, or academic study could possibly convey."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# AB371H Hardbound $22.95 Online Price: $20.65 Save 10%
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Greg Girard: Phantom Shanghai Greg Girard: Phantom Shanghai

Copies arriving in two weeks.

"Phantom Shanghai is a spectacular look at a Shanghai that won't survive the vision the country has for itself. For the past five years, Greg Girard has been photographing the city's buildings, shops, homes, and neighborhoods. This stunning photographic journey is a look at present-day Shanghai, where politically inspired neglect meets politically inspired development."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD094H Hardbound $50.00
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Matthew Monteith: Czech Eden Matthew Monteith: Czech Eden—Signed
"When he first visited the Czech Republic in the 1990s, the rising photographer Matthew Monteith was taken by the details of ordinary life in this country in transition. Captivated by the ineffable-a mood, a sense of place-he made repeated visits, and from 2001-2003 traveled throughout the country with his camera, in hopes of creating a contemporary allegory that would reflect the ideals he had observed in old postcards and in Czech photography from the 1920s and 30s."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# AP528H Hardbound $40.00
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Czech Eden
  I N T H E B O O K S T O R E
©Russ Langford and Richard Misrach, respectively
©Russ Langford and Richard Misrach, respectively
Mark Edward Harris and Richard Misrach in Santa Fe.
Mark Edward Harris was in town on a photo shoot with New Mexico Governor and presidential candidate, Bill Richardson. Harris is pictured here with Richardson holding his book Inside North Korea. Harris's Wanderlust is currently being reprinted.

Richard Misrach stopped by the store last week on his way to Colorado. He has taken over the store in a coup d'etat. photo-eye will only be selling Richard Misrach books in the future. He is shown here with some of his new staff (from left to center): Darius Himes, Booklist editor; Melanie McWhorter, Book Division Manager; Daniel Espeset, Bookstore Assistant Manager; Heather Prichard, Associate Gallery Director; and Richard Misrach. On the list of hot new books for photo-eye (and maybe the only book if Richard decides) is the beautiful oversized On the Beach. ;-)

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