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© Maria Luisa Morando
© Maria Luisa Morando
photo-eye Gallery at Photo LA in January

photo-eye is excited to be exhibiting at Photo LA January 11 - 13th in Los Angeles, California. We'll be showing work by Julie Blackmon, Tom Chambers, Pentti Sammallahti, Carlos Tarrats and Maria Luisa Morando among others.

Please join us at booth A4 inside the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica to view the work and meet with our gallery staff, Rixon Reed, Vicki Bohannon, Anne Kelly and Heather Prichard.

For more info, visit the Photo LA website. Hope to see you there!

For print inquiries, please contact
  S I G N E D    B O O K S
Michael Crouser: Los Toros Michael Crouser: Los Toros—Signed

More signed copies arriving in about two weeks.

"Over the course of sixteen years, Michael Crouser visited the bullrings of Spain, Mexico, Ecuador and France, capturing the dark spectacle of the bullfights and the passions of the crowds who follow them. Select images from a multitude of bullfights have been sequenced to create a singular, compelling fight in a narrative form.

The book features an introduction by renowned Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa, recounting the childhood memories of his first corrida de toros, while also reflecting upon his personal philosophy on the contemporary bullfight."-the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TT150H Hardbound List Price: $65.00
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Los Toros
  N E W   A R R I V A L S
Sean Scully: Walls of Aran Sean Scully: Walls of Aran
"Sean Scully is one of today's most esteemed painters, whose familiar signature style of lines or bands of color is instantly recognizable. Scully is also an accomplished photographer, his eye drawn in particular to architectural shapes that have clear affinities with his painted work.

During the summer of 2005, he spent time on the remote Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland, photographing the ancient dry-stone walls that criss-cross the stark and barren landscape. This book brings together for the first time his sensitive images, revealing the unexpected yet monumental beauty of these centuries-old structures that meander across the windswept and rocky islands. In their form and spirit, the photographs shed light on Scully's own sensibilities as an artist. They also capture the stillness and serenity of this rugged, timeless place on the edge of Europe.

An evocative text by the award-winning Irish writer Colm Tóibín conveys the mysterious beauty of the three Aran Islands. 75 duotone photographs."-the publisher. READ MORE

Cat# NT224H Hardbound List Price: $45.00
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Walls of Aran
Bill Burke: I Want to Take Picture Bill Burke: I Want to Take Picture
"A reprint of Bill Burke's seminal book of the same title first published by Nexus Press in 1987, I Want to Take Picture features black-and-white images which Burke shot during several trips through Southeast Asia in the early 80s, particularly focusing on the after-affects of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.

'In 1982, years after Viet Nam, I decided to give myself my own Southeast Asia experience. I wanted to make pictures in a place where I didn't know the rules, where I'd be off balance. Friends who had been there recommended Thailand; nice people, easy transportation, good food. Another friend told me that as long as I was going to Thailand I should go see the refugees coming out of Cambodia. He set me up with The International Rescue Committee, which was working at the Thai-Cambodian border.' -Bill Burke, from I Want to Take Picture

About the limited edition with slipcase:
Signed and numbered slipcased edition of 100 copies."-the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TT149H Hardbound List Price: $65.00
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Cat# TT149L Limited Edition $150.00
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I Want to Take Picture
  A L M O S T    O U T - O F - P R I N T 
Julius Shulman: Vest Pocket Pictures Julius Shulman: Vest Pocket Pictures
"Before we can run, we must learn to walk. The photographs reproduced in this book represent some of Julius Shulman?s earliest steps as a photographer. Dating from the early to mid 1930s, these are his personal snapshots, intimate keepsakes of family and friends. Several reveal his youthful yet prophetic fascination with architecture and modernity, subjects that have defined his career as a professional photographer for the past 70 years. What becomes apparent in these early pictures, many taken while attending college in Los Angeles and Berkeley, California, is Shulman?s gifted eye for composition. Here, he has captured the silhouette of a human form flowing into the landscape, similarly the way lines and shadows converge to form the volumes in his images of buildings. Vest Pocket Pictures is the first book devoted solely to his earliest photographs, before he chose photography as his lifelong profession in 1936. These first footsteps foreshadowed the giant strides he made to establish architectural photography as the vibrant and instructive art form it is today."-the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR223H Hardbound List Price: $40.00
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Jerry Uelsmann: Referencing Art Jerry Uelsmann: Referencing Art—Signed
In 2001, the book Master & Disciple (Cat# FL033H) was published in which Joel-Peter Witkin set specific images by other photographers alongside his own work, and in the attendant paragraph discussed his reasons for doing so. It was an eye-opening exercise to learn of the influences on this major artist. In Referencing Art, Uelsmann takes this idea one step further by integrating into his own images works by other artists. Throughout his career he has engaged in a rich, personal dialogue with the visual arts of the past, creating photographs that employ his signature style of multiple negatives and darkroom magic. Work from the mid-1950s forward has been gathered together for this slim, elegant volume, opening up a new understanding of the richness of his oeuvre."The photographs in Referencing Art span five decades, and reveal a relatively unknown facet of Jerry Uelsmann's working process: an on-going dialogue with the history of art. These images are tributes to artists whose work has made a deep and lasting impression on Uelsmann, and the range of works cited in this new book is vast as he pays homage to Man Ray, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacommetti, Ansel Adams, Marcel Duchamp, Alexander Calder et al."-the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR138H Hardbound List Price: $40.00
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Irving Penn: Irving Penn: Dancer Irving Penn: Dancer
In 1999, at the age of 82, Irving Penn photographed dancer Alexandra Beller, posing and dancing nude, over the course of four sessions in his studio. The work is introduced by Anne Wilkes Tucker of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston who ably discusses the style and content of each of the four sessions. Furthermore, in a highly illuminating, albeit brief essay, Sylvia Wolf of the Whitney Museum, discusses the nude studies produced by Penn throughout his six-decade career. 27 images are reproduced in stunning tritone in this important new monograph. READ MORE

Cat# TR096H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
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Josef Hoflehner: Iceland Josef Hoflehner: Iceland—Signed
"Iceland. Over the past years, Josef Hoflehner has visited this extraordinary place several times - in winter months as well as in summer. For this new monograph, sixty-five terrific black-and-white landscape images were selected. Magical landscapes with stunning black beaches, mystical rock formations and powerful waterfalls. A beautiful photobook and one of the most beautiful places on earth. Superbly printed in duotone on uncoated matt art paper. This first printing is limited to 1,000 casebound copies only."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC882H Hardbound List Price: $75.00
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Cat# ZC882L Limited Edition $525.00
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