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  p h o t o - e y e G A L L E R Y S a n t a F e
©Carlos Tarrats, Raymond Meeks, and Julie Blackmon, respectively.
©Carlos Tarrats, Raymond Meeks, and Julie Blackmon, respectively.
photo-eye Gallery Group Show
Currently on exhibit at photo-eye Gallery is a group show with works by Tom Chambers, Terri Weifenbach, Kate Breakey, Laurie Tumer, Michael Levin, Carlos Tarrats, Nick Brandt, Pentti Sammallahti, Jessica Bruah, Zoe Zimmerman and Julie Blackmon.

New Julie Blackmon photos are now online at photoeye.com and are available to purchase. New images include Sick Boy, 2008 (shown above), Snow Day, 2008, School Bus, 2008, and American Gothic, 2008. Click here to view all Julie Blackmon portfolios.

photo-eye Gallery is located at 376A Garcia Street in Santa Fe, NM. Our hours are 11 to 5, Tuesday to Saturday. For more information, contact Gallery Associate Directors, Anne Kelly at 505.988.5159 x 121 or Heather Prichard x 116 or email the gallery.
  p h o t o - e y e G A L L E R Y N E W S
© Laurie Tumer
© Laurie Tumer
Laurie Tumer is featured in Chinese magazine for her project Glowing Evidence
"...my reason for continuing the project always comes down to this: I am compelled by what I see after applying these fluorescent tracer dyes in darkened rooms, and in the corners of my yard, and illuminating common objects under UV lamps. These objects suddenly become the stunning galaxy of chemical particles they are — that we all are. Then, just as I am reveling in this mystery and awe, I find I am also looking squarely at that which tragically threatens our very existence. Rachel Carson said that both realities must be seen clearly for us to survive."—Laurie Tumer

Read the entire interview or view all portfolios by Laurie Tumer.
  A U C T I O N S
"I'm still compulsively interested in women. It's funny, I've always compulsively photographed women. I still do. I may very well do "Son of Women are Beautiful." I certainly have the work. I mean, I have the pictures if I wanted to try to get something like that published. It would be a joke."—Garry Winogand

A gorgeous, signed copy of the increasingly scarce hardbound edition of Winogrand's wry and (for the time) groundbreaking look at female stereotypes.
Bids shown below are current as of 5:01 pm MT, 04.16.2008
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Robert Mapplethorpe--Patti Smith: Robert Mapplethorpe--Patti Smith $275 3
19h 58m
Daido Moriyama: San ru e no tegami (Lettre a St. Lou.)--Signed!: Daido Moriyama: San ru e no tegami (Lettre a St. Lou.)--Signed! $520 4
22h 28m
Pentti Sammallahti (1st Monograph!)--SIGNED!: Pentti Sammallahti (1st Monograph!)--SIGNED! $280 3
1d 20h 58m
Eugene Richards: Dorchester Days (SIGNED in Year of Publication): Eugene Richards: Dorchester Days (SIGNED in Year of Publication) $580 1
5d 19h 58m
Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait (First Edition): Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait (First Edition) $280 1
5d 20h 58m
Lee Friedlander: Photographs (1978 Haywire Press monograph)--SIGNED!: Lee Friedlander: Photographs (1978 Haywire Press monograph)--SIGNED! $300 1
5d 21h 58m

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  S I G N E D B O O K S
Ari Marcopoulos: The Chance Is Higher Ari Marcopoulos: The Chance Is Higher—Signed

Signed copies arriving in about two weeks.

"In love with the simple direct beauty of this low-fi technique, the artist turned to that medium to create this new body of work. The book is designed by the Swiss team Gavillet and Rust who worked with Marcopolous on his landmark 2005 book Even the President of the United States Sometimes has got to Stand Naked, their cool elegant style subtly emphasizes the directness of the work."—the publisher

View other Ari Marcopoulos books. READ MORE

Cat# ZD369H Hardbound List Price: $90.00
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The Chance Is Higher
  R E C O M M E N D E D
Al Weber: Advice for Photographers Al Weber: Advice for Photographers

More copies arriving this week. Few copies remaining of the first printing.

"Many good photographers fail for reasons outside photography. Subjects not addressed in traditional education, strike down too many, simply because they are unaware of them. Information has been gathered from workshops, especially a workshop Weber has taught since the 1980's, The Next Step. Proven corrective measures are suggested."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD166S Softbound List Price $10.00
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Robert Adams: Time Passes Robert Adams: Time Passes
"Time Passes is a meditation on transience and on the promise inherent in beauty. The pictures were made near Adams's home in the American Northwest, a region once famous for its vast woodlands but now infamous for the ravages of industrial forestry. In the book the photographer turns away from environmental catastrophe in order to study the shore and sea and light."—the publisher

View other Robert Adams books. READ MORE

Cat# NT238H Hardbound List Price: $40.00
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Time Passes
Jim Krantz: Cuba Jim Krantz: Cuba—Signed
"Cuba: Out of Time is a collection of photographs from five visits to Cuba by Jim Krantz. This signed, linen covered hardbound book features a debossed cover with an inset black & white reproduction."—the publisher

View other Jim Krantz books or his Surviving Cambodia portfolio at photo-eye's Photographer's Showcase. Other images by Jim Krantz are available from photo-eye. Email to inquire. READ MORE

Cat# ZD326H Hardbound List Price: $40.00
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Bill Owens: Bill Owens Bill Owens
"A comprehensive monograph, this volume consists of several sections of work from 1969 to the present, opening at the height of flower power, with images of the Beat generation, Woodstock and the protests against Vietnam. Owens has always remained intrigued by America as a subject: there follows a series of images focusing on urban America, its endless grids and homogeneous cities. In his most recent photos, many of which are in color and previously unpublished, Owens reveals how suburbia has evolved in the last 40 years— from the friendly place he captured in the 1970s to one characterized by sprawl and anonymity."—the publisher

View other Bill Owens books. READ MORE

Cat# DP862H Hardbound List Price: $65.00
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Bill Owens
  S I G N E D & L I M I T E D E D I T I O N S
Rob McDonald: Birdhouses Rob McDonald: Birdhouses

More copies of this limited edition arriving in about two weeks.

"Eight different handmade papers and three different colored endsheets were used throughout the edition to emphasize the individuality of each copy of the book. Each of the edition's 135 copies is signed and numbered by the photographer. Numbers 1-25 are presented in a clamshell box with a letterpress printed spine label, and also feature a second larger darkroom print unique to this publication (and not found in the book)."—the publisher

View the Deluxe Limited Edition. READ MORE

Cat# ZD174L Limited Edition $145.00
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  B A C K I N S T O C K
Bas Princen: Artificial Arcadia Bas Princen: Artificial Arcadia
"The pictures produce awareness about the complex qualities that construct contemporary landscape, such as accessibility, wind direction, water currents and communication networks. In addition the use of certain products, such as kites, mountain bikes and GPS monitors has a bearing on the way in which landscape is understood. Bas Princen enters these landscapes with the slowness, sharpness and precision of a large-format view camera."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ID712H Hardbound List Price: $27.50
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Artificial Arcadia
  C A L L F O R E N T R I E S
Newspace 2008 Juried Exhibition Competition
A breeze, a passerby, a subtle shift in light. All of these things change our perspective slightly, sometimes almost subliminally. And in our contemplation of the atmosphere surrounding us we become witnesses to the gestures of time, changes in natural and manmade places and those who populate them, the social and political strata that ground some and rip others from their roots. These gestures were often referred to by influential French photographer Henri Cartier Bresson as "the decisive moment".

New media artist and curator TJ Norris is at the helm of this exhibition. We categorically seek work that will enliven the space visually, conceptually and otherwise.

Visit Newspace's website for more info.
PCNW Please Ring Bell: 13th Annual Photographic Competition Exhibition
The Photographic Center Northwest's 13th Annual Photographic Competition Exhibition , Please Ring Bell, will be chosen by Rod Slemmons. Selected entries will be exhibited at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle from July 11-August 28, 2008. First, second, and third prize winners will take home $1000, $750, and $500 respectively. PCNW gratefully acknowledges Getty Images for sponsoring the cash awards. The competition is open to all photographers, all photographic processes, and all themes. The juror is looking for work that represents a larger, cohesive body of work and will be selecting a short series from each photographer chosen. A short artist statement is required.

For more information, visit Photographic Center Northwest's website.

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