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 photo-eye Gallery Opening
Endangered Culture: The Galisteo Basin as Seen by 28 Photographers

Artists Reception: Friday, January 23, 2009, 5 — 7 PM Exhibition Dates: January 23, 2009 — March 7, 2009 Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am — 5pm

photo-eye Gallery, 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico, is pleased to announce The Galisteo Basin Photography Project, a benefit exhibition by renowned fine-art and documentary New Mexico photographers.

The Mission of the Project is to raise public awareness of what may be irretrievably lost if the Galisteo Basin—a unique area defined by the meandering 55 mile long Galisteo River, born in the Pecos wilderness and completing its westward journey as it merges into the Rio Grande River on the tribal lands of Santo Domingo Pueblo—is allowed to become an oil and gas production field.

The exhibition is curated by Rixon Reed, Director of photo-eye, and Mary Anne Redding, Curator of Photography at the Palace of the Governors/New Mexico History Museum. Fifty percent of monies raised from the sale of Individual prints and Special Boxed Set Editions of selected Exhibition photographs, as well as twenty-five percent from the sale of the framed prints, will be donated to the following non-profit organizations: Drilling Santa Fe, New Mexico Environmental Law Center, and the Oil & Gas Accountability Project.

In addition to the Photo-eye Gallery Exhibition, the online gallery www.GalisteoBasinPhotoProject.com also debuts on January 23, 2009, and features the work of eleven other photographers as well as the work of the Exhibition photographers.

For more information about this Exhibition or to arrange an interview with an artist, please contact Heather Prichard by phone at 505.988.5159 x116 or by email at gallery@photoeye.com.

The Exhibition Photographers: Tony Bonanno, Esha Chiocchio, Steve Fitch, Joan Gentry, Siegfried Halus, James Hart, Richard Khanlian, Don Kirby, Jack Kotz, Greg Mac Gregor, Douglas Magnus, Norman Mauskopf, Walter Nelson, Peter Ogilvie, Edward Ranney, Jennifer Schlesinger, Robert Shlaer, Linda Spier, Martin Stupich, Nancy Sutor, Susan Hayre Thelwell, Laurie Tumer, Garret Vreeland, Dana Waldon, Baron Wolman, and Zoe Zimmerman.
 Photographer's Showcase
Jason DeMarte's portfolio Utopic

"Utopic investigates how the artificial nature of our modern day interpretation of the natural world compares to the way we approach our immediate consumer world. I am interested in modes of representing the natural world through events and objects that have been fabricated or taken out of context. This unnatural experience of the so-called "natural" world is reflected in the way we, as modern consumers, ingest products. What becomes clear is that the closer we come to mimicking the natural world, the further away we separate ourselves from it."—Jason DeMarte

Image © Jason DeMarte
Image © Jason DeMarte

16x22" Image
22x28" Mat
1 / 15

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Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information.
Visit photo-eye online Galleries. Photographers: Apply to the Photographer's Showcase®
 In the Magazine
Robert Coles & Thomas Roma: House Calls with William Carlos Williams, MD
from Mark Hillringhouse

In House Calls with William Carlos Williams, MD, Robert Coles writes: "Dr. Williams would look at buildings, doors, windows, long and hard before he actually entered a place to meet people." When you open the pages of this book, you encounter those same buildings, doors, windows and people in the more than sixty duotone photographs from Thomas Roma accompanying Coles's text...

read the whole review
Susan Meiselas: Carnival Strippers (Steidl Limited Edition Reissue with Print!) Susan Meiselas: Carnival Strippers (Steidl Limited Edition Reissue with Print!)
The scarce limited edition reissue of Susan Meiselas' brilliant 1976 documentary project.
"Meiselas's vintage photographic prints retain a powerful impact, rendering a forbidden subject with brooding intensity.—Paul Roth, The Uneasy Documentary Vision of Susan Meiselas, The Nation, December 31, 2008
Bids shown below are current as of 3:17 pm MT, 01.22.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Bruce Davidson: Brooklyn Gang (SIGNED): Bruce Davidson: Brooklyn Gang (SIGNED) $300 2
1d 2h 42m
Yasuhiro Ishimoto (with Kioji Otsuji) : The Body Sculpture of Fumio Asakura: Yasuhiro Ishimoto (with Kioji Otsuji) : The Body Sculpture of Fumio Asakura - 0
2d 0h 41m
Joel Sternfeld: Walking the High Line: Joel Sternfeld: Walking the High Line $300 1
2d 3h 41m
Susan Meiselas: Carnival Strippers (Steidl Limited Edition Reissue with Print!): Susan Meiselas: Carnival Strippers (Steidl Limited Edition Reissue with Print!) - 0
3d 0h 41m
Martin Parr: Signs of the Times (SIGNED): Martin Parr: Signs of the Times (SIGNED) - 0
3d 1h 41m

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 Almost Out Of Print
Emmet Gowin: Mariposas Nocturnas Emmet Gowin: Mariposas Nocturnas

Thought to be out-of-print, more copies of this beautiful catalogue will arrive in one to two weeks.

"Gowin's new work is a surprising series of images that investigates place and distance in weighted, emotional terms. Handsomely reproducing the prints' rich textures and subtle colors Mariposas Nocturnas does well to amplify the creative dimensions of a truly intriguing artist."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PA011S Softbound List Price $90.00
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Mariposas Nocturnas
Rob McDonald: Birdhouses Rob McDonald: Birdhouses

Copies arriving in one to two weeks. Only one copy of the Deluxe Limited Edition is still available Please email orders@photoeye.com or call 800.227.6941 x 114 to order immediately.

"The images are Indigo print reproductions of McDonald's hand—printed and hand—toned photographs, and each book includes an actual gelatin silver darkroom print ('Nestled') presented in a clear vellum envelope adhered to the inside back cover.

Eight different handmade papers and three different colored endsheets were used throughout the edition to emphasize the individuality of each copy of the book. Each of the edition's 135 copies is signed and numbered by the photographer. Numbers 1-25 (Deluxe Limited Edition) are presented in a clamshell box with a letterpress printed spine label, and also feature a second larger darkroom print unique to this publication (and not found in the book).—the publisher


Cat# ZD174H Hardbound List Price: $145.00
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Cat# ZD174L Limited Edition $295.00
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 365 Book a Day
Alec Soth: The Last Days of W Alec Soth: The Last Days of W
"'During these last days of the administration, what is the point of protest, satire or any other sort of rabble—rousing? In assembling this collection of pictures I've made over the last eight years, I'?m not really trying to accomplish much at all. But as President Bush once said, 'One of the great things about books is, sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.' — Alec Soth

Self-published artist book printed on newsprint."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD617S Softbound List Price $17.00
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Thomas &  Urs Stahel Seelig: DarkSide Thomas & Urs Stahel Seelig: DarkSide
"Photography is present in all the pubic and private areas of our lives. It is also found in seclusion, where it is "dark", where we shut ourselves off from society or where an act excludes society. Sexuality — as eroticism, desire, fantasy and fetish — is one of the central drives of man's thoughts, actions and feelings."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ114H Hardbound List Price: $65.00
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Eugene Richards: The Blue Room Eugene Richards: The Blue Room
"Richards' photographs are a statement on the vulnerability of man in the face of the shifting economic opportunities and the climate; a commentary on the inevability of change. In these contemplative pictures we are inspired to imagine the lives of the homes' former occupants. Richards enigmatic pictures make The Blue Room a thought—provoking meditation on memory; a quiet yet incredibly powerful body of work."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PI209H Hardbound List Price: $100.00
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Dash Snow: God Spoiled a Perfect Asshole When He Put Teeth in Yer Mouth Dash Snow: God Spoiled a Perfect Asshole When He Put Teeth in Yer Mouth
"This riveting and highly collectible exhibition catalogue contains full—color illustrations of Snow's Dada-esque, playful and often nasty collage works and his photographs of Lower East Side 'counter—counter—culture.' It begins and ends with production stills from Snow's 2007 video, 'Untitled (Penis Envy)."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ214H Hardbound List Price: $120.00
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Steve Pyke: Earthward Steve Pyke: Earthward
"The Earthwards pictures started by chance, when Steve Pyke was watching a gardener at work with his garden fork, and was struck by its simple beauty. garden tools are presented here as a celebration of the way things wear and how, over time and with use, they become seemingly 'rounder.'"?the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR308H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
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Eiji Ina: Emperor of Japan Eiji Ina: Emperor of Japan
"In Emperor of Japan, Eiji Ina presents photographs of the misasagi, or burial mounds, of all 124 Japanese emperors since the Kofun period, reaching back some 1,600 years. The scenes that Ina has captured — not of the tombs themselves, but rather the places for worshipping at the tombs, and the surrounding gardens and landscapes — were created by the emperor system, with its claim of an unbroken line of sovereigns, that served as the foundation of the modern nation state of Japan."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR300H Hardbound List Price: $75.00
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Stanley B., Md Burns: Deadly Intent Stanley B., Md Burns: Deadly Intent
"A Burns Archive Book

The Burns Archive, known for its 1980s studies of derangement of the mind and body and photographic histories of medicine and death, extend that study to crime with Deadly Intent: Crime & Punishment Photographs from the Burns Archive.

The book is divided into four sections: crime scenes, police action, punishment, and executions. It is concentrated between 1890 and 1950... The change in police attitudes and of the punishment prescribed for criminal behavior is documented here in iconic photographs."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PY263H Hardbound List Price: $39.95
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Deadly Intent
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 Santa Fe Events
Gay Block's Film, Camp Girls Film Screening and Filmmaker Q&A

What: Screening of Gay Block's film Camp Girls
followed by Q&A w/ the filmmaker
Where: Tipton Hall
When: February 9, 2009 @ 6pm
How Much: $5 General Public, $2.50
students/seniors/SFAI members

In 2006, acclaimed visual artist Gay Block re—photographed and interviewed women who were girls in her 1981 series from Pinecliffe, a summer camp in Maine. Camp Girls (2008, 48 min) is a subtle documentary, which reveals volumes about gender, class and Jewish identity in America.

Block will inaugurate the Santa Fe Art Institute's 2009 visiting artist and lecture season Memory: Shadow & Light — Art as individual/collective memory
Through the Lens: A Contemporary View of Santa Fe
Santa Fe Community College
Santa Fe, NM
Exhibit opening — January 29, 2009 5 — 7PM. Exhibit — January 29, 2009 to March 9, 2009

to purchase the book click here.
 Call for Entries
Event date: June 4-6, 2009

Jurors: Alice Gabriner, Time Magazine; Karen Irvine, Museum of Contemporary Photography; and Maarten Schilt, Mets & Schilt publishers

The Curator's Choice judged by Corey Keller, SF Museum of Modern Art
The Editor's Choice judged by Simon Barnett, Newsweek magazine
The Publisher's Choice judged by Michael Mack, SteidlMack

$5,000 cash; exhibition at the Photographic Center Northwest; tuition to a week-long workshop at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and much, much more.

PDN is has extended the deadline for its The PDN Annual Photography Awards to January 26, 2009.

PDN is accepting submissions in the categories of photo books, web sites, and student work and various other individual photographer categories. For more info on the categories, fees and prizes, visit the PDN Photo Annual website.

The New York Photo Festival Awards is accepting entries for the Awards

The New York Photo Festival will take place this year from May 13-19. As part of the festival, photographers and photobook publishers can submit work for the Awards. Click here for a full list of 2009 Award Categories. and Submission Guidelines.

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