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 Photographer's Showcase
PhotoNOLA Photographer's Showcase Award Winners: Sarah Wilson and Susana Raab
photo-eye's Photographer's Showcase is pleased to announce the two award winners from the PhotoNOLA reviews in December 2008: Sarah Wilson and Susana Raab.

Sarah Wilson's portfolio Blind Prom
"For the students at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, prom night is a momentous occasion. This year I offered my services as the prom photographer for TSBVI. From the moment the girls began trying on their dresses in the dorm rooms, till the last dance at midnight, I was there taking pictures, fully immersed in a familiar teenage excitement and energy."—Sarah Wilson

Image © Sarah Wilson
Image © Sarah Wilson
   Prom Night: The Texas School for the Blind and Vis

Archival Pigment Ink on Rag Paper
13x20" Image
20x24" Mat
1 / 10

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Susana Raab's portfolio Consumed: Fast food in the US

"a hungry man dreameth, and, behold, he eatheth; but he awaketh, and his soul is empty" —Isaiah, 29:8

The physical remains of our mass—consumption litter the streets while the cheap foodstuffs pollute our bodies. All the while, the signs of fast food encroach upon us: advertisements and myths promote a brighter scenario allowing us to happily refuel at the drive-through window oblivious to the cycle that we perpetuate. Americans are slaves to an industry whose influence over our society we do not fully comprehend.

Worse, we abet this national drama by worshipping the signs and totems of this junk food culture, proving that the billions spent on fast food related advertising are doing their job.—Susana Raab

Image © Susana Raab
Image © Susana Raab

Chromogenic Print
22x19" Image
30x27" Mat
1 / 15

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Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information.
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 photo-eye Gallery Staff Pick
©Susan Bank
©Susan Bank
This weeks Staff pick was chosen by Book Division manager, Melanie McWhorter.

"I am working with campesinos and their families from the tobacco-growing region of Pinar del Rio Province, Cuba, exploring an agrarian culture in which there are no modern conveniences. I am working with people who have never been photographed before. What a rare gift to be handed a photographer!

My objective as an artist/explorer is to create a visual poetry from the raw, essential details of daily life. My intention is to transcend the reality of what is there, to dig deeper on a more intimate level and to confront the enigma of human nature."—Susan Bank.

Susan Bank
Toned Gelatin-Silver Print
12x9" Image
16x20" Mat
Leonard Freed: Another Life (SIGNED) Leonard Freed: Another Life (SIGNED)
To be a poet-photographer is both saddening and challenging. Saddening to think that literary traditions are being lost to a language that is only in its infancy. Challenging in that one is free to be orignal."—Leonard Freed.
Bids shown below are current as of 10:28 pm MT, 02.11.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Bill Owens: Our Kind of People (SIGNED): Bill Owens: Our Kind of People (SIGNED) $170 1
18h 31m
Sally Eauclaire (ed.): The New Color Photography + New Color/New Work (2 important anthologies): Sally Eauclaire (ed.): The New Color Photography + New Color/New Work (2 important anthologies) $110 2
19h 31m
Michael Snow: Cover to Cover: Michael Snow: Cover to Cover - 0
1d 17h 31m
Heinrich Riebesehl: Situationen und Objekte--Eine Monographie von Jörg Krichbaum : Heinrich Riebesehl: Situationen und Objekte--Eine Monographie von Jörg Krichbaum - 0
1d 19h 31m
Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places (Hardbound 1st Edition!): Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places (Hardbound 1st Edition!) - 0
2d 18h 31m
Leonard Freed: Another Life (SIGNED): Leonard Freed: Another Life (SIGNED) - 0
2d 19h 31m
Gerhard Richter: Atlas (1st edition!): Gerhard Richter: Atlas (1st edition!) $160 1
3d 17h 31m
Juergen Teller: Tracht (Signed Limited Edition!): Juergen Teller: Tracht (Signed Limited Edition!) - 0
5d 17h 31m
Sebastião Salgado: Migrations: Sebastião Salgado: Migrations - 0
6d 16h 31m

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 365 Book a Day
Malick Sidibe: Bagadadji Malick Sidibe: Bagadadji

Copies arriving in two to four weeks.

"Taken between 1964 and 1976, this series introduces new portraits of the inhabitants of Bagadadji, popular quarters of Bamako where Malick Sidibe has his studio. He paid special attention to each sitter and preserved the memory of each unique yet innumeralbe sittings. With an essay by photo historian Florian Ebner, this book stresses the importance and the originality of his work."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD613H Hardbound List Price: $80.00
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Coley Brown: Jam Jelly Honey Wild Rice Coley Brown: Jam Jelly Honey Wild Rice—Signed

Signed copies arriving in two to three weeks.

"We are excited to announce the release this collection of work by the photographer Coley Brown. Taken over the course of extensive traveling in various places as well as his surroundings in daily life, Brown's photographs document the moment with ease and beauty. This is his first collection of work in book form.

4 color printing each with a unique letterpress cover."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD612S Softbound List Price $25.00
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Peter Sutherland: Muddy Treads Peter Sutherland: Muddy Treads
"There was a large chunk of land behind my junior high school known as "The Hills." It was an unclaimed no man's land, where you could do whatever you wanted... I like empty plots of land like that one. There is always something messed up about them that keeps them from being developed... The entire state of Alaska feels like a more pristine, grown—up version of one of those areas and everything about it is just a bit too rugged and crazy for the masses."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD604S Softbound List Price $16.00
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Muddy Treads
Hiroshi Taniguchi: Tada Sorega Aru Hiroshi Taniguchi: Tada Sorega Aru
"Absent of all text, the 42 colour photographs collected here from this virtually unknown Japanese photographer capture a treasury of little moments, that are both subtle and at times almost transcendent. A charming debut that, to a certain degree, shares similar interests as Rinko Kawauchi."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ID979S Softbound List Price $35.00
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Tada Sorega Aru
Jacob Aue Sobol: I, Tokyo Jacob Aue Sobol: I, Tokyo
More copies arriving in two to three weeks.

"Initially I felt invisible. Each day I would walk the streets without anyone making eye—contact with me. Everyone seemed to be heading somewhere — it was as if they had no need of communication. Most mornings I would take the Chuo-line from Nakano to Shinjuku, and even though the train would be packed with salary—men and school girls in uniform, I rarely heard a word being spoken.

And so I began taking my pocket camera out with me on the streets and in the parks. Rather than focusing on the impressively tall buildings and the eternal swarm of people, I began searching for the narrow paths and the individual human presence in a city that felt both attractive and repulsive at the same time."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD614H Hardbound List Price: $45.00
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I, Tokyo
Dave Shubert: Abandon Ship Dave Shubert: Abandon Ship—Signed
"These days too many people are taking pictures and too many pictures are being taken due to the cell phone cameras, digital cameras, and the surveillance that is being done today. This is an evil technological age that we are living in. I also feel that the majority of the people taking these pictures are driven by impure motives. However, I am very pleased to inform you that Dave Schubert exists, and is taking pictures, and has been for quite some time."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD606S Softbound List Price $20.00
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Abandon Ship
Nick Neubeck: Palmwine & The Grass Cutter Nick Neubeck: Palmwine & The Grass Cutter
"This book is a compilation of photos of people, you don't know them, and their not famous and you will probably never meet them. The point of this book isn't even the people in it or the images. The point is exploration of the unknown. There is incredible texture out there that you have to touch to feel; it cannot be perceived through sight alone. Insight and perspective can only be gained through experience."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD605S Softbound List Price $12.00
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Palmwine & The Grass Cutter
More 365 Books
 Call for Entries
FotoGrafia - Festival Inernazionale di Roma Book Prize Call for Entries

After the great success of the previous edition this year FotoGrafia - Festival Internazionale di Roma presents the second edition of the Prix-FotoGrafia Book dedicated to Italian photographic publishing — publishers independent and not, publishing groups or collective — for the works published during this calendar year.

The goal of Prix FotoGrafia-Book is to identify and reward the best editorial photography. The jury composed of five experts from the world of contemporary photography will judge the work.

Books will only be accepted if published in Italy between March 1, 2008 and March 1, 2009.

The first winner will receive a photo exhibition during the 2010 edition of FotoGrafia. The winner will be announced during the inaugural day of FotoGrafia 09.

To Enter:
Send two copies of the book, one for the library of the Festival and one for the display and judging, by March 3 2009 to

Zoneattive Srl
Viale di Porta Ardeatina, 55 - 00154 Roma

The website is for the 2008 festival. For more information on this year's call for work, info.za@palaexpo.it.

Deadline for receipt of book in Rome is March 3, 2009.
Photo Alliance is pleased to announce an OPEN CALL for a portfolio review to be held over the weekend of March 13—15, 2009 in San Francisco. The event is being co-sponsored by Orion magazine and the Blue Earth Alliance with support from Freestyle Photographic Supplies and photo-eye.

photo-eye Gallery Associate Director and Photo Alliance juror Anne Kelly will chair the panel in selecting and presenting the The photo-eye Photographer's Showcase Award for "Best Art Photography Portfolio." One photographer will be selected to receive a complimentary online portfolio for one year on photo-eye Gallery's Photographer's Showcase.

PhotoAlliance is dedicated to supporting the understanding, appreciation and creation of contemporary photography.

DEADLINE to submit your portfolio for consideration is February 13th, 2009.

The KL PHOTO AWARDS 2009 is open to photographers from all nations, over 14 years, from full time students, enthusiasts, semi professional to professional photographers.

Burn Magazine is awarding a $10,000 grant in early 2009 to a worthy emerging photographer whose work is on the highest level. Funding would be designed to support continuation of this photographer's personal project. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission or purely personal artistic imperative...

The Emerging Photographer Fund grant was initiated by David Alan Harvey in 2008, and is awarded by the Magnum Foundation, a non-profit created by the the member photographers from Magnum Photos, Inc. A five person jury will be named to review your work.

The DEADLINE for submissions is MARCH 15, 2009. No exceptions.
 Alec Soth in Albuquerque, NM
Alec Soth will be speaking on the campus of University of New Mexico at 5:30 pm February 19th in the George Pearl Hall auditorium (the new architecture building across the street from Frontier Restaurant.)

The lecture is part of the Robert Heinecken Memorial Lecture Series.
 In the News

photo-eye Artist Announcements

The 9th Northwest Biennial
Gallery artist, Doug Keyes is exhibiting work at The Tacoma Art Museum.
Tacoma Art Museum
1701 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98402

Exhibition on display through May 25, 2009
Purchase Doug Keyes's monograph Collective Memory.

Gallery artist Tom Chambers is interviewed in SHOTS Magazine.
Click here to read this article.

Work, Idling & Pod People
Photographs by Peter Snyder and Photographer's Showcase artists Eric Percher
Exhibition is on display through February 27th, 2009
Photographic Center Northwest
900 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA
Gallery is open:
Monday, 12- 9:30pm, Tuesday-Friday, 9am-9:30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday, 12-9:30pm

Flora and Fauna
Featuring work by Photographer's Showcase artist Paula McCartney
Exhibition is on display through March 1st, 2009
Newspace Center for Photography
1632 SE 10th Ave
Portland, Oregon
Gallery is open Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm, Friday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Tri-State Juried Exhibition: Contemporary Confrontations
Featuring work by Photographer's Showcase artist Rita Maas
Exhibition open through February 22nd, 2009

Katonah Museum of Art
134 Jay Street — Route 22
Katonah, NY
Museum is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10—5pm, Sunday 12—5pm, closed Mondays.
Entrance is free before 12 pm

Featuring work by Photographer's Showcase artist Claudio Cambon
Exhibition is on display through February 22nd, 2009
Project BASHO
1305 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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