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 photo-eye Gallery Opening
©Carlos Tarrats, Jeffris Elliott,  Hiroyasu Matsui
©Carlos Tarrats, Jeffris Elliott,  Hiroyasu Matsui
photo-eye Gallery, 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico, is pleased to announce THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S SHOWCASE SERIES KICKOFF, an exhibition of work by photographer's represented by The Photographer's Showcase at photoeye.com.

Nearly ten years ago, photo-eye conceived of an online gallery to show the work of talented emerging photographers. Over that time, photo-eye's juried online exhibition space has inspired imitators, but none can boast such a well-rounded and ever-expanding collection of fine art photography. Growing to include outstanding work from photographers across the globe, the Photographer's Showcase has established itself as a resource for curators and galleries, collectors, critics and photography enthusiasts, allowing our audience to discover and purchase exceptional photography.

While photo-eye Gallery has at times included work from Showcase artists in exhibitions, the Photographer's Showcase Series marks a new and exciting collaboration between the Photographer's Showcase and photo-eye Gallery. Over the coming year, photo-eye Gallery and the Photographer's Showcase are pleased to announce an on-going series of exhibitions featuring work from the Photographer's Showcase.

THE PHOTOGRAPER'S SHOWCASE SERIES KICK OFF will feature work by seven Photographer's Showcase Artists,

Erik Boker
Jessica Bruah
Jeffris Elliott
Mihai Mangiulea
Hiroyasu Matsui
Eric Percher
Carlos Tarrats

Opening Reception: Friday, March 20th, 2009, 5-7pm
Exhibition Dates: March 20th - May 2nd, 2009
Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10-5
 photo-eye Gallery Staff Pick
©Sasha Rudensky
©Sasha Rudensky
This weeks staff pick, Legs in Snow, Serpuxov, Russia by The Photographer's Showcase artist Sasha Rudensky, was chosen by Adam Figliola, shipping and receiving assistant.

"The series Remains explores the political and social transformation of the former Soviet Union in the aftermath of the collapse of communism. Rather than concentrating on the global changes in the region, my photographs focus on the more intimate details of daily life; the interiors and exteriors that form an essence of a culture."—Sasha Rudensky

Chromogenic Print
14x17" Image
20x24" Mat

More of Sasha's work can be seen in the Society of Photographers book, 6x6.
 In the Magazine
Corey Keller: Brought to Light, Photography and the Invisible 1840-1900
from Richard Gordon

Writing this review for Brought To Light has been simmering on my back burner for too long. Since I finished reading the first volume of Janet Browne's beautifully written, "magisterial" biography of Darwin yesterday — Happy Birthday Charley — with the airwaves full of Darwiniana of all sorts, one of the PR/Tourist Board Darwin promotional tie-ins came from Johannesburg...

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Barbara Crane: Private Views
from Richard Gordon

Barbara Crane for obvious (and not so obvious) reasons, is one of the few working photographers who can honestly be compared to Harry Callahan. Among the near-endless virtues of Callahan as a photographer was his quest to explore the plastic picture possibilities of camera-made photographs — a cornerstone of Crane's own distinguished career.

The photographs in this book celebrate not only flesh and heat made visible, but also the eternal human comedy of desire. All 104 photog...

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Lee Friedlander: Cherry Blossom Time in Japan (with Signed Gravure Print!) Lee Friedlander: Cherry Blossom Time in Japan (with Signed Gravure Print!)
"I first went to Japan in 1977 and found the whole country ablaze with blossom. I went again in 1979, 1981 and 1984, always at cherry blossom time. As far as I knew, Japan was always abloom."—Lee Friedlander
Bids shown below are current as of 7:35 pm MT, 03.11.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Jeff Liao: Habitat 7 (SIGNED Limited Edition): Jeff Liao: Habitat 7 (SIGNED Limited Edition) $130 3
21h 24m
Jeff Liao: Habitat 7 (Deluxe Edition with Print): Jeff Liao: Habitat 7 (Deluxe Edition with Print) $650 1
1d 19h 24m
Richard Misrach: Crimes and Splendors. The Desert Cantos of Richard Misrach: Richard Misrach: Crimes and Splendors. The Desert Cantos of Richard Misrach - 0
5d 21h 24m
Ryuji Miyamoto: Architectural Apocalypse : Ryuji Miyamoto: Architectural Apocalypse - 0
5d 22h 24m
Brassaï: 'Henry Miller': Brassaï: 'Henry Miller' - 0
6d 20h 24m
William Klein: Films (SIGNED) : William Klein: Films (SIGNED) - 0
6d 22h 24m
Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters (Ltd. Ed. with Signed Gravure Print!): Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters (Ltd. Ed. with Signed Gravure Print!) - 0
7d 19h 24m
Lee Friedlander: Cherry Blossom Time in Japan (with Signed Gravure Print!): Lee Friedlander: Cherry Blossom Time in Japan (with Signed Gravure Print!) - 0
7d 20h 24m
 Takuma Nakahira: Adieu à X (AX): Takuma Nakahira: Adieu à X (AX) - 0
7d 20h 24m

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Michael Kenna - Mont St Michel LTD.
Now out-of-print, a few copies are still left at the publisher's original price of $250; this is selling elsewhere for $400. As new.

"The small tidal island of Mont St Michel is situated just off the Normandy coast, connected to the mainland by a single causeway. Its abbey rises like a mirage, high above the sea, on this craggy, rocky perch. It is a spectacular sight, and one that Kenna has been drawn to many times over the years. By day, the island is alive with cars, buses, people, noise. It can seem a garish place. But at night, it becomes as originally intended: a place for peace, prayer, and quiet contemplation. It is that gentler face of Mont St Michel that Kenna wanted to photograph and, after the crowds have gone home, he has been able to do so. Alone, he has climbed the bell tower, explored the crypts and chapels, and ambled along the silent lanes of the island. He has watched, totally undisturbed, as the light changed, shadows came and went, and clouds subtley floated this way and that. While his camera shutter was open for long, long exposures, Kenna cherished the silence. He sees these photographs as a personal record of this time of solitary exploration; it is a record we are privileged to share. Kenna has dedicated this book to his father and, in a deeply moving introduction, he describes the connection he feels between this solid, calm, inspirational place and his much-loved parent."—the publisher

ABOUT THE LIMITED EDITION (now out-of-print):
This Special Edition is limited to 250 copies, signed, numbered and presented in a custom slipcase.

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 Arriving Soon
Shane Lavalette: Lay Flat Magazine Vol.01 Shane Lavalette: Lay Flat Magazine Vol.01
"Lay Flat is a new print publication devoted to promoting the best in contemporary fine art photography and writing on the medium. Each issue is assembled by Shane Lavalette in close collaboration with a co-curator.

Included in Lay Flat 01: Remain in Light are essays by Tim Davis, Darius Himes, Cara Phillips and Eric William Carroll, an interview with Mike Mandel by Shane Lavalette and a poem by Jason Fulford, all accompanied by 20 unbound photographs from a selection of international photographers: Andreas Weinand, Anne Lass, Coley Brown, Debora Mittelstaedt, Ed Panar, Estelle Hanania, Gustav Almestål, Hiroyo Kaneko, Kamden Vencill, Mark McKnight, Michel Campeau, Nicolai Howalt & Trine Søndergaard, Nicola Kast, Nicholas Haggard, Shawn Records, Raimond Wouda, Richard Barnes, Thobias Fäldt, Whitney Hubbs and Yann Orhan."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD677S Softbound List Price $25.00
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 365 A Book A Day
Danny Lyon: Memories of Myself Danny Lyon: Memories of Myself—Signed

Signed copies arriving in May. Preorder now.

"This book presents a collection of Lyon's photo essays, published in their complete form for the first time, accompanied by texts written by Lyon in his own distinctive voice. These short bodies of work range from his early colour work made in Colombia in 1966 to his recent work made in Cuba. Sexy, edgy, visceral, and rough, most of this work has never been seen before and this book also includes lesser—known examples of Lyon's work in colour. Each of the nine photo essays includes 15 to 20 photographs..."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PI212H Hardbound List Price: $95.00
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Memories of Myself
Richard Renaldi: Fall River Boys Richard Renaldi: Fall River Boys—Signed

Signed copies arriving in about one week.

"In the spring of 2000, Richard Renaldi began "making frequent trips to the small New England city of Fall River, Massachusetts... Once at the very center of American textile manufacturing, Renaldi's aim was to photograph the young men of, Fall River, coming of age amidst an industrial landscape well past its boom years. This extraordinary body of images — both portraits and landscapes — is gathered here for the first time in Renaldi's second monograph, Fall River Boys."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD637H Hardbound List Price: $85.00
Purchase Signed Book / Check Online Price

Fall River Boys
Gerhard Richter: Overpainted Photographs Gerhard Richter: Overpainted Photographs

Copies arriving in two to three weeks.

"Gerhard Richter is justly famed for the photorealism of his early canvases, but it is less well known that he has also painted directly onto photographic prints. These pieces were reproduced in books as early as the first Atlas, but practically all of the works themselves are housed in private collections and rarely exhibited in public. Overpainted Photographs gathers this body of work, which unites the labor of the hand with the work of mechanical reproduction to produce a kind of art as conceptually rich as Richter's better known paintings."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ243H Hardbound List Price: $60.00
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Charlie White: American Minor Charlie White: American Minor

Signed copies arriving in one to two weeks.

"Aiming for the jugular of the American unconscious, the photographs of Los Angeles based artist Charlie White, born in 1972, inspect the culture's fictions not with the raw lens of a Larry Clark, but with the directorially staged artifice of, say, Jeff Wall or Gregory Crewdson. American Minor delves into an important and ongoing theme in White's work—the American teen, and all that goes into its manufacture."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ202S Softbound List Price $65.00
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American Minor
Andreas Gursky: Works 80-08 Andreas Gursky: Works 80-08

Copies due in two to four weeks.

"For this volume, Gursky has chosen more than 150 works from his fund of photographs, reaching back to his student days at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen and his studies with Bernd and Hilla Becher at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Every single exposure in Gursky's encyclopedic morphology is a vital piece in the puzzle, which, over the course of his 28—year career, has amounted to an encyclopedia of the unencompassable."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ211H Hardbound List Price: $60.00
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Nigel Shafran: Flowers for _____ Nigel Shafran: Flowers for _____

Copies due in two to four weeks.

"Nigel Shafran's photographs are found within the frenetic pace and clutter of his domestic life. A stack of videotapes, a kid's messy dinner, piles of laundry, a backyard project... Each picture is evidence of Shafran's singular ability to find beauty in the most ordinary things."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ215H Hardbound List Price: $60.00
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Mark Borthwick: Not in Fashion Mark Borthwick: Not in Fashion

Copies due in two to four weeks.

"Mark Borthwick is among the generation of photographers who in the '90s broke through the conventions of fashion photography. Integrating elements of architecture and design, he has developed a very personal and intuitive style, and knows how to turn a static photo into a performance. His work is about the movement of the model, and the serendipity of accidental clutter is as important to his images as the garments."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# RZ251H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
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Not in Fashion
More 365 Books
 Palm Springs Photo Festival
The Palm Springs Photo Festival is an intense week-long event for Professional, Emerging and Serious Advanced Amateur Photographers. We are dedicated to providing a rich program intended to inspire, educate and instill or reignite passion for the art and commerce of photography. No other photography event in the country offers such a high level of content. Attendees are encouraged to arrive on Sunday, March 29 in order to enjoy our Open Portfolio Review and Opening Reception.

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