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photo-eye Editions website
photo-eye Editions website

photo-eye Editions New Website launched!

Our new Editions website has just launched! Check it out here.

If you are thinking about ordering our first publication, Habitat Machines—a handmade limited edition book of the work of Canadian artist David Trautrimas—now is the time as there are less than five left in the first price tier (as of this writing). For those that have already preordered, thank you so much for supporting our first publication!

Email us if you would like to be notified about our next publication to be announced in August.
 photo-eye Bookstore Opening
© Howard Korder
© Howard Korder
Unexpected Results: Photographs by Howard Korder opens at photo-eye Bookstore this Friday

photo-eye Bookstore is pleased to host a reception and exhibition of Unexpected Results: Photographs by Howard Korder at photo-eye Bookstore, Friday, July 24th, from 5-7pm. The exhibition will run through August 22nd, 2009.

Korder is a self-proclaimed flâneur, Baudelaire's "botanist of the sidewalk." The detached viewer in many locales— New York, Los Angeles, Italy, New Mexico— he searches for moments where mystery, menace, comedy, and grace collide. Each title names the location and date in which the photographer was present, creating a visual record of his "wandering with intent." The cultural landscape, as J.B. Jackson describes, is "a composition of man-made or man-modified spaces to serve as infrastructure or background for our collective existence... which underscore... our identity and presence." Korder's photographs, like many of the great photographers who have clearly influenced his aesthetic — such as Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, Robert Adams, and Louis Faurer — are works of import, recording his own travelogue while creating documents of the cultural landscape of the 21st century.

Read the full press release for Howard Korder or visit his website for more images. Email Melanie McWhorter for more info on the exhibition.
 Photographer's Showcase
Janice Levy's portfolio Out of Place

"Distance, both physical and emotional, from something once familiar but never really owned, provides a compelling perspective from which to work. Out of Place comes from that region of intellect. It is an expression of my own examination of what it is like to return to a place that has been thoroughly explored and yet remains totally foreign."—Janice Levy

Image © Janice Levy
Image © Janice Levy

Giclée Print
20x16" Image
24x20" Mat

View Portfolio
Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information.
Visit photo-eye online Galleries. Photographers: Apply to the Photographer's Showcase®
 photo-eye Gallery News
© Michael Levin
© Michael Levin

Gallery Announcements for photo-eye Artist Michael Levin

First of all, we are pleased to announce a selection of new work by gallery artist Michael Levin.

The Paris-based PX3 Awards just announced that Levin has been awarded Professional Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2009, from a pool of more than 10,000 entries from 48 countries. Having been previously selected for the award in 2007, Levin is now the only person to have won the honor more than once.

Meanwhile, Levin's monograph Zebrato has been cited as a 2009 Top Photography Book selection by Photo District News, the leading publication for professional photographers.

And finally, Silvershotz Magazine has published a spread of Levin's work.

Congratulations to Michael on all his recent accomplishments!
 photo-eye First Wednesday Salon
© Adam Bartos
© Adam Bartos
photo-eye's First Wednesday Salon with guest photographer Adam Bartos on August 5th

The next installment of our First Wednesday Salon series is just two weeks away. We are proud to be hosting acclaimed photographer Adam Bartos, who will be presenting new prints from large-format negatives shot in Europe, Egypt, Kenya, and Mexico in the early 1980s. The event starts Wednesday, August 5th at 6:30pm with an opening reception followed by the salon itself, which runs 7:00 to 8:00pm. Bartos will be signing copies of his recent publication Yard Sale Photographs immediately following the presentation.

Adam Bartos is a New York City based photographer whose work is included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Whitney Museum, New York; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and others. Bartos is often noted for his books, International Territory: The United Nations 1945-1995, (Verso, 1995) Kosmos: A Portrait of the Russian Space Age (Princeton Architectural Press, 2001), Boulevard (Steidl/Dangin 2006) and Yard Sale Photographs (Damiani 2009).

Email Melanie McWhorter for more info on the exhibition.
Esko Männikkö (Rare 1996 Catalogue) Esko Männikkö (Rare 1996 Catalogue)
In a 1996 review of Männikkö's work Daniel Birnbaum observed,
In relation to the snapshot aesthetics of much "trendy" 90s photography, Männikkö's images appear rather old-fashioned in their careful craftsmanship. They blend the transient quality of the documentary with a keen sense for colour and light that is sometimes reminiscent of classical painting, an association which is facilitated by the heavy wooden frames in which they are presented. The people depicted are surrounded by their belongings ­ decorations, mechanical gadgets, TV sets, and plastic kitchen utensils. These objects attain a symbolic function, as in Renaissance art.
Bids shown below are current as of 6:31 pm MT, 07.22.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Hiromix (Toshikawa Hiromi): Girls Blue: Hiromix (Toshikawa Hiromi): Girls Blue - 0
1h 28m
Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters (SIGNED): Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters (SIGNED) - 0
23h 28m
Roni Horn: Pooling Waters (Ísland: To Place 4)--2 Volume Set: Roni Horn: Pooling Waters (Ísland: To Place 4)--2 Volume Set - 0
1d 1h 28m
Esko Männikkö (Rare 1996 Catalogue): Esko Männikkö (Rare 1996 Catalogue) - 0
1d 21h 28m
Gerhard Richter: Atlas (1st edition!): Gerhard Richter: Atlas (1st edition!) $220 1
1d 22h 28m
William Eggleston: Galerie 213 catalogue: William Eggleston: Galerie 213 catalogue - 0
1d 23h 28m
Richard Prince: Jokes, Gangs, Hoods: Richard Prince: Jokes, Gangs, Hoods - 0
2d 22h 28m
 Asako Narahashi: Half Awake and Half Asleep in the Water: Asako Narahashi: Half Awake and Half Asleep in the Water - 0
3d 23h 28m
Dorothea Lange: FSA Photographs, 1935-1939 (2 vols.): Dorothea Lange: FSA Photographs, 1935-1939 (2 vols.) - 0
4d 0h 28m

View more Auctions
 Arriving Soon
Martin Parr: Playas Martin Parr: Playas

More copies arriving in 2-4 weeks.

"Between 2006 and 2008 Martin Parr documented the beach culture in Latin American countries whilst travelling with his wife Susie (whose text accompanies the photos in the book). The book is a celebration of life and behaviour on the beaches of Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

The book is printed to look purposely cheap, with noticeable imperfections, somewhat like a book you'd find in 99-cent store, complete with offset colours and gaudy clip-art style graphics."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD784H Hardbound List Price: $24.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price
 Limited Editions
Ralph Gibson: Nude Ralph Gibson: Nude

Pre-orders arriving in 2-3 weeks.

"Limited to 1,200 numbered copies, each signed by the artist. The Deluxe Edition of 100 copies with a print is already sold out.

A decade after his first TASCHEN book, Deus ex machina, master photographer Ralph Gibson returns with an exquisite collection of nudes, combining the best of his recent work with an in-depth interview by Eric Fischl. READ MORE

Cat# TD199 List Price: $500.00
Purchase Limited Edition / Check Online Price
 365 A Book A Day
Jürgen Bergbauer: Studies After Nature Jürgen Bergbauer: Studies After Nature

Copies due in September.

"A formidable student of perception, German photographer/artist Jürgen Bergbauer presents photographs of "objects" (that is, rocks) found on the side of the road. Bergbauer organized these "objects," 157 of them to be exact, by composition and utility, and then made 665 photographs of them, digitally isolating them from their backgrounds, turning them into "modules" that can be placed differently in space."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# MW166H Hardbound List Price: $49.95
Purchase Book / Check Online Price
Kaucyila Brooke: Vitrinen in Arbeit Kaucyila Brooke: Vitrinen in Arbeit

Copies arriving in September.

"American photographer Kaucyila Brooke finds sly ways to explore of the values of contemporary culture. In this beautiful collection, Brooke looks at the renovation of the display cases at Vienna's Natural History Museum as an opportunity to record the layering of time and history, and to comment on what information our cultural arbiters — in this case, museum curators — see as important."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# MW167H Hardbound List Price: $75.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price
Peter And Deborah Wa Kayafas: Circus Peter And Deborah Wa Kayafas: Circus

Copies arriving in September.

"With 73 gloriously reproduced images from the 1,700 glass plate negatives from the collections of the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art at Florida State University, informative anecdotal captions by the circus historian (and co-editor of this volume) Deborah Walk, and a fascinating essay by Luc Sante."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# MW168H Hardbound List Price: $75.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price
Ilse Frech: I Am -- Paradox Identity Ilse Frech: I Am -- Paradox Identity

Copies due in September.

"Photographer Ilse Frech produces an innovative, unbound folio that gives a larger-than-life view of dozens of young Muslim women who live in the outer suburbs of Paris. Frech, whose other major projects include Russia Love and Family Document, interviewed and photographed women in their homes and at work to explore their relationships with their own religion and culture, with French culture, with their race, and with being young women."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# MW169S Softbound List Price $65.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

Jan Koster: Dutchscapes Jan Koster: Dutchscapes

Copies due in September.

"Dutch landscape photographer Jan Koster first became known for his innovative river landscapes, for which he turned the camera 120 degrees around one point and created stunning panoramic scenes. For the new work featured in "Dutchscapes," Koster abandoned the panoramic format, systematically covering the Dutch coastline in single mammoth images, documenting the dunes, sea, and dikes."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# MW172S Softbound List Price $65.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

Peter Kayafas: O Public Road! Peter Kayafas: O Public Road!

Copies due in September.

"Wide-ranging American socio-documentary photographer Peter Kayafas has spent twenty years documenting the United States. Think of him as a contemporary Robert Frank or Walker Evans, a photographer with a great interest in place, culture, and people?s stories, a mirror of who we are in America."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# MW173H Hardbound List Price: $55.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price
Michael Ziegler: Photography Michael Ziegler: Photography

Copies due in September.

"A Zen koan of a book, this little gem from eminent photography publisher Fotohof features a couple of dozen exquisite color vignettes from Austrian photographer Michael Ziegler. The photos are smaller than postcard size, each centered on its white page. Each one captures a moment in time, a gust of wind through a curtain, a passing ray of sunlight reflected on a wall, a nipple glimpsed through a shirt."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# MW177H Hardbound List Price: $45.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price
 In the News
© Michael Donner
© Michael Donner
Silent Moan
Photographs by Photographer's Showcase artist Michael Donnor
Exhibition is on display from July 23rd-July 26th
Artist Reception July 23rd, 5:30-7:30

Soulcatcher Studio
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Gallery open 10am to 6pm

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