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 Photographer's Showcase
© Jarrett Murphy
© Jarrett Murphy
Jarrett Murphy's new portfolio The Ecotone

"These photographs reject and embrace one of my greatest disappointments—that with the deluge of commercial imagery, what was once extraordinary has become common. As commerce increasingly co-opts and embellishes images of natural beauty, it simultaneously exalts that beauty and subverts it. To draw people back to reality, it must become hyper-real."— Jarrett Murphy

Jarrett Murphy
Rt. 531, NY, 2008
Gelatin-Silver Print
23x19" Image
30x26" Mat
1 / 12

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Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information. Visit photo-eye online Galleries. Photographers: Apply to the Photographer's Showcase®
 photo-eye Gallery Staff Pick
© Kristin Satzman
© Kristin Satzman

photo-eye Associate Gallery Director, Anne Kelly has selected Kristin Satzman's Shrine, Presidio Forest, 2003 as her Gallery pick of the week.

"It is my hope that the viewer can find a sense of peace and self reflection in these photographs. To me they are a metaphor for the internal search for spiritual comfort and safety, and a desire to transcend the ordinary in an attempt to experience the mystical."—Kristin Satzman

Kristin Satzman
Shrine, Presidio Forest, 2003
Toned Gelatin-Silver Print
12x9" Image
20x16" Mat
Edition of 45

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.
Daido Moriyama: Inu no Toki (The Time of the Dog) Daido Moriyama: Inu no Toki (The Time of the Dog)
An absolutely superb collection of Moriyama's characteristically grainy, high contrast, street photography (as his Japanese detractors used to say, 'are, bure, boke, konpura', or, in English, rough, blurred, out-of-focus, contemporary). Like many of his contemporaries, the work shows the unmistakable influence of Klein, Frank, and Van Der Elsken, only Moriyama pushes his images to the very limits of legibility.
Bids shown below are current as of 5:47 pm MT, 07.29.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Bernard Faucon: Dernier Portrait (Inscribed!)    : Bernard Faucon: Dernier Portrait (Inscribed!) $110 1
23h 12m
Kikuji Kawada: The Last Cosmology (SIGNED): Kikuji Kawada: The Last Cosmology (SIGNED) - 0
23h 12m
Larry Clark: Tulsa (Japanese edition)--SIGNED!: Larry Clark: Tulsa (Japanese edition)--SIGNED! $300 1
1d 22h 12m
Jaromir Funke: Pressfoto, International Photography Edition, Vol. 2 (Portfolio of 12 Prints)   : Jaromir Funke: Pressfoto, International Photography Edition, Vol. 2 (Portfolio of 12 Prints) - 0
2d 0h 12m
Nobuyoshi Araki: Pseudo-Diary: Nobuyoshi Araki: Pseudo-Diary $120 1
2d 1h 12m
Daido Moriyama: Inu no Toki (The Time of the Dog): Daido Moriyama: Inu no Toki (The Time of the Dog) $300 1
2d 23h 12m
Frantisek Drtikol: Pressfoto, International Photography Edition, Vol. 1 (Portfolio of 12 Prints): Frantisek Drtikol: Pressfoto, International Photography Edition, Vol. 1 (Portfolio of 12 Prints) - 0
2d 23h 12m

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 photo-eye First Wednesday Salon
© Adam Bartos
© Adam Bartos
photo-eye's First Wednesday Salon with guest photographer Adam Bartos on August 5th

The next installment of our First Wednesday Salon series is just one week away. We are proud to be hosting acclaimed photographer Adam Bartos, who will be presenting new prints from large-format negatives shot in Europe, Egypt, Kenya, and Mexico in the early 1980s. The event starts Wednesday, August 5th at 6:30pm in photo-eye Gallery, 376-A Garcia Street, Santa Fe with an opening reception followed by the salon itself, which runs 7:00 to 8:00pm. Bartos will be signing copies of his recent publication Yard Sale Photographs immediately following the presentation.

Adam Bartos is a New York City based photographer whose work is included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Whitney Museum, New York; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and others. Bartos is often noted for his books, International Territory: The United Nations 1945-1995, (Verso, 1995) Kosmos: A Portrait of the Russian Space Age (Princeton Architectural Press, 2001), Boulevard (Steidl/Dangin 2006) and Yard Sale Photographs (Damiani 2009).

Reserve your signed copy of Yard Sale Photographs if you can not attend the event in Santa Fe, NM.

Email Melanie McWhorter for more info on the exhibition.
 photo-eye Weekly Bestsellers
Bestselling Books at photo-eye for the week ending 2009.07.25

1. Martin Parr: Playas (1 week on bestseller list)
2. Anders Petersen & JH Engstrom: From Back Home (4)
3. Raymond Meeks: middle air - Limited Edition (1)
4. Peter Van Agtmael: 2nd Tour Hope I Don't Die - SIGNED (1)
5. Daido Moriyama: Record No. 11 (2)
6. Susan Meiselas: In History - SIGNED (2)
7. Allison V. Smith: Superficial Snapshots. Zine 3 - SIGNED (2)
8. Nick Brandt: A Shadow Falls - SIGNED (5)
9. Joni Sternbach: Surfland - SIGNED (1)
10. Guy Tillim: Roma, Citta Di Mezzo - SIGNED (2)

 365 A Book A Day

This week's 365 Book a Day featured items are

Phantom City—A Novel photographs by Kim Bouvy.
"In this photographic novel, Dutch artist Kim Bouvy explores the way urban surroundings are perceived and valued — and how that is reflected in the visual culture, including art and architecture."

In the Kitchen photographs by Dona Schwartz.
"[The kitchen] encompasses the angst of being a teenager, the difficulties faced by a patch­work family, and the challenges of parenting six children. All of the photographs are set in my kitchen because it is the hub of my family's life..."—Dona Schwartz

American Youth
"n American Youth, a group of award-winning photographers join together to take a fresh look at the youth of America today."

Noir et Blanc by Marco Delogu
"Noir et Blanc documents Marco Delogu's artistic career from the 1980s to the present for the first time. With series ranging from Cardinals, Roman Statues, and Gypsies, to Jockeys, Prison, Peasants, and Shepherds, his work is principally focused on portraiture."

Silent Nests by Vicki Topaz.
"For centuries, raising pigeons and doves was a symbol of status and privilege granted to the aristocracy. Before the French Revolution there were over 40 000 dovecotes in France — large, freestanding buildings, which Vicki Topaz depicts in her enigmatic black-and-white photographs."

"Is the West then only a dream? The photography book WEST looks for answers to this question, in the process revealing the multi-layered facets of the phenomenon of globalization. Gathered together here are works by various photographers who set off on a quest to find the West..."

Not Niigata by Andrew Phelps
"Earlier this year, Andrew Phelps was commissioned to take photographs in Japan's Niigata Prefecture for the European Eyes on Japan Festival. The volume Not Niigata presents the artist's selection from the hundreds of images he brought back from his trip."

Check the 365 calendar everyday for the new featured books or simply sign up for the RSS feed!

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 Limited Editions
© Accra Shepp
© Accra Shepp
Atlas Limited Edition Artist Book by Accra Shepp.

"Atlas explores this conceptual terrain at several different levels. At one extreme lies the color rationality of science, where we seek to reveal the 'true' character of matter and life by reducing them to their base constituents and processes. At the other extreme, lies the protean world of the subconscious from which springs our intuitive understand of the world. Neither position represents the world in all its complexity."—the publisher

This limited edition book is hand stitched with wood cover and contains 20 illustrations, all collotypes made with two colors of ink. The types of prints are as follows:

Seven Collotypes on leaves
One Collotype on leaf with polymer plate print
Four Leaf or Leaf shadows (bleed through of leaf)
One Collotype on paper
Two Collotype/polymer plate prints
Two Polymer plate prints
Three Ink jet prints.

Only six copies of this limited edition remain. View more info or preorder this limited edition artist book.
 New Arrivals
Henri  & Walker Cartier-Bresson: Photograph America Henri & Walker Cartier-Bresson: Photograph America
"This book draws a parallel between the photographs on America made by Evans and Cartier-Bresson in the period from 1929 to 1947. Evans had already published American Photographs and Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (with James Agee) and was at work on Many Are Called. Cartier-Bresson, on the other hand, was making a fresh start, leaving behind his work in film and embracing a career as a still photographer. Although they both approached their work as a form of social criticism, imbued with references to literature and painting, their practices were always quite distinct."—the publisher

Also recommended:
Henri Cartier-Bresson's Scrapbook and Walker Evans. READ MORE

Cat# NT254H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
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 Signed Books
Eirik Johnson: Sawdust Mountain Eirik Johnson: Sawdust Mountain—Signed
"In this, his second book, Johnson reveals a landscape imbued with an uncertain future-no longer the region of boomtowns built upon the riches of massive old-growth forests. Johnson, a Seattle native, describes his photographs as, a melancholy love letter of sorts, my own personal ramblings...' Through this poetic approach, Sawdust Mountain records a region affected by historic economic complexities and, by extension, one aspect of our fraught relationship with the environment in the twenty-first century."—the publisher

View Eirik Johnson's first book Borderlands. READ MORE

Cat# DQ182H Hardbound List Price: $55.00
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Sawdust Mountain
Guy Tillim: Petros Village Guy Tillim: Petros Village—Signed
"The village takes its name from its chief, Petros James. In accordance with Chewa law he inherited the chieftainship not from his father, but from his uncle, his mother's brother. The son of his sister Neri will inherit the title from Petros and take his name, just as Petros did from his uncle."—the publisher

View other Guy Tillim books including Roma, Citta Di Mezzo also published by Punctum. READ MORE

Cat# ZD624H Hardbound List Price: $125.00
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Petros Village
 In the News
© Aline Smithson
© Aline Smithson
Solo Exhibition
Photographs by Photographer's Showcase artist Aline Smithson
Exhibition opens August 1st

Pine Street Art Works Gallery
Burlington, Vermont
Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday 11-5

Smithson's work can also been seen in Diffusion Magazine and in Artwork Magazine.

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