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 photo-eye Gallery News
© Nick Brandt
© Nick Brandt
New Nick Brandt Images to be Announced Soon

On September 1, 2009 Nick Brandt will be releasing 23 new photographs, the last set to complete his project A Shadow Falls.

Please email the gallery if you would like to be informed of his new work as soon as it is released.

photo-eye Gallery will be exhibiting Nick's new work to celebrate the release of his new monograph,
A Shadows Falls published by Abrams. This exhibit will open on Friday, September 25, 2009 with an artist reception for Nick Brandt.
© Julie Blackmon
© Julie Blackmon
New Julie Blackmon Image Available

We are excited to announce Julie Blackmon's new image, Take Off. Please contact the gallery for pricing.
 photo-eye Bookstore Exhibitions
© Howard Korder
© Howard Korder
Howard Korder's Exhibition in the photo-eye bookstore ends August 22, 2009.

This week is the last week to view Howard Korder's photos in the photo-eye Bookstore. If you can't make it to Santa Fe by August 22nd, view some of Howard Korder's work here.

Email Melanie McWhorter for more info on Howard Korder's or other Bookstore exhibitions or to purchase a print.
©Eric Cousineau and Barbara Diener, respectively
©Eric Cousineau and Barbara Diener, respectively
Empty Spaces:
A Exhibition of Color Photographs by Eric Cousineau and Barbara A. Diener

photo-eye Bookstore is excited to host the opening reception for Empty Spaces: A Exhibition of Color Photographs by Eric Cousineau and Barbara A. Diener on Friday, August 28th, 5-7 pm. The exhibition will continue through October 17th, 2009.

Eric Cousineau and Barbara Diener's portfolios explore the concept of home through the juxtaposition of the familiar and foreign. Cousineau's images capture the details in the home away from home of motel rooms. In these spaces, an anonymous person has imposed their notions of comfort on to the room. This pseudo-environment of the familiar is filled with lamps, beds, lounge chairs and TV, yet these spaces feel strange and vacant. Emptiness is also palpable in Barbara Diener's self-portraits posed in various familial and interrelationship roles, though the void is metaphorical. Diener portrays a character whose posture, gestures and eyes often show a person devoid of emotion, her expression as familiar yet impersonal as the floral curtains of an unoccupied motel bath as shot by Cousineau. Deiner's staged "tableaux vivants" and Cousineau's still lifes are facades of home, but each frame reflects the artificial nature of the domestic situation, an uncomfortable truth of our quotidian lives.

The photo-eye Bookstore is located at 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM and is open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm. For more info on the exhibition of Eric Cousineau & Barbara Diener, please email Melanie McWhorter.
 photo-eye First Wednesday Salon
© Megan Jacobs, Josef Tornick, Jesse Chehak, respectively.
© Megan Jacobs, Josef Tornick, Jesse Chehak, respectively. 
photo-eye's September First Wednesday Salon
featuring photographers Jesse Chehak, Megan Jacobs and Josef Tornick on September 2nd

Be sure to catch the next photo-eye First Wednesday Salon on September 2, 2009 with the opening reception starting at 6:30pm and the salon running from 7pm to 9pm. In September, we are pleased to welcome photographers Jesse Chehak, Josef Tornick, and Megan Jacobs. For more information contact Melanie McWhorter at 505.988.5152 x 112 or melanie@photoeye.com or we'll see you in the photo-eye Gallery on First Wednesday!
Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Instante y Revelacion (SIGNED) Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Instante y Revelacion (SIGNED)
A scarce signed copy of one of the definitive Bravo collections!

Manuel Alvarez Bravo [d. 2002] was generally recognized to be one of the masters of modern photography and the most significant artist in Mexico [during his lifetime].

Born in Mexico City in 1902, Alvarez Bravo spent his youth in the city where visible markers of Mexico's pre-Columbian past, its colonial vestiges, and its modernity all coexist.

His life and work coincided with radical changes in the twentieth century, and he [was] the last of a generation of artists with direct ties to the avant-garde movements in Mexico during the 1920s and 1930s.—Getty Museum

Bids shown below are current as of 1:27 pm MT, 08.19.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Eugene Atget: The Work of Atget (4 vols.): Eugene Atget: The Work of Atget (4 vols.) $400 1
7h 32m
J.H. Lartigue: Les Femmes (Inscribed Assoiation Copy): J.H. Lartigue: Les Femmes (Inscribed Assoiation Copy) $360 1
1d 3h 32m
André Kertész: Hungarian Memories (SIGNED): André Kertész: Hungarian Memories (SIGNED) $600 1
2d 3h 32m
Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Instante y Revelacion (SIGNED) + 2 others: Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Instante y Revelacion (SIGNED) + 2 others $750 1
3d 4h 32m
Henri Cartier-Bresson: Photographer (1979 I.C.P/Delpire monograph)--INSCRIBED! (+ 1 other): Henri Cartier-Bresson: Photographer (1979 I.C.P/Delpire monograph)--INSCRIBED! (+ 1 other) $300 1
3d 5h 32m
Emmet Gowin: Mariposas Nocturnas. Edith in Panama (SIGNED): Emmet Gowin: Mariposas Nocturnas. Edith in Panama (SIGNED) - 0
4d 3h 32m
André Kertész: Scarce 1966 Monograph (INSCRIBED)   	  : André Kertész: Scarce 1966 Monograph (INSCRIBED) - 0
4d 4h 32m
Irving Penn: Inventive Paris Clothes (INSCRIBED!): Irving Penn: Inventive Paris Clothes (INSCRIBED!) - 0
5d 4h 32m

View more Auctions
 Limited Editions
Bernd & Hilla Becher: Wasserturme Bernd & Hilla Becher: Wasserturme
Schirmer/Mosel has just announced new offerings in their limited edition series. This deluxe limited edition is presented in a case with the silver-gelatin print Trier-Ehrang D, 1982 (printed in 2009). It is in a limited edition of 100 plus 15 a.p. copies which are all signed and numbered by Hilla Becher.

Preorder other Schirmer Mosel limited editions:
Candida Hofer: In Portugal
Thomas Struth: Making Time
Robert Longo: Men in Cities
Wim Wenders: Journey to Onomichi
Thomas Demand: Catalogue Serpentine Gallery
Cy Twombly: Photographs 1951-2007 READ MORE

Cat# PX126H Hardbound List Price: $1,425.00
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 photo-eye Weekly Bestsellers
Bestselling Books at photo-eye for the week ending August 15, 2009

1. Peter Van Agtmael: 2nd Tour Hope I Don't Die - SIGNED (3)
2. Klara Källström: Gingerbread Monument (1)
3. William Eggleston: Paris (2)
4. Martin Parr: Playas (3)
5. Adam Bartos: Yard Sale Photographs (1)
6. Bill Jacobson: A Series of Human Decisions (1)
7. Eduardo Del Valle & Mirta Gomez: One Picture Book # 57 (3) Please note: This title is now out-of-print.
8. Alec Soth: The Last Days of W (12)
9. Shannon Ebner: The Sun As Error - SIGNED (1)
10. Ariana Page Russell: Dressing (1)

View previous week's bestsellers.
 365 A Book A Day
Happy Birthday 365 Book A Day!

Last week, we celebrated our one-year anniversary of the 365 Book A Day. The first week included some great books including Emmet and Elijah Gowin's Maggie, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland illustrated with Maggie Taylor's images, Decotora: 1998-2007 Japanese Art Truck Scene by Tatsuki Masaru, Joan Fontcuberta's Deconstructing Osama and Wake by Adam Jeppesen, many of which are still in print.

One year later, we are still continuing this feature with this week's 365 Book A Day books:

Hard Knocks with photographs by Shelley Calton.
"Shelley Calton has been making portraits of the Derby Girls ever since the sport's revival. The Houston-based photographer vividly depicts the tempo and emotions of the game, exploring how the players' self-image demands both a typically masculine attitude and the female erotic showcasing of their own bodies."

At Your House with photographs by Andrej Krementschouk.
"Andrej Krementschouk portrays his Russian homeland, where he is not at home anymore. In haunting images, he asks the ever-pertinent question of what is remembered and what is lost, seeking evidence of emotional rootedness and cultural identity."

Daylight Noir with photographs by Catherine Corman.
"Daylight Noir: Raymond Chandler's Imagined City comprises photographs of all those ominous, forbidding Los Angeles locations so hauntingly described by Chandler in his novels. From Malibu Pier to the Hollywood Sign, from Union Station to the Beverly Hills Hotel, from MGM Studios to Musso and Frank's Grill, these locales form the geography of Chandler's imagination, and conjure a world not yet entirely vanished."

Native with photographs by Mona Kuhn.
"The images here are a creation of my abstracted wishes and dreams. As I was searching, instead of home, I found an empty past, just traces of it. Yet, my journey was filled with new friendships and discoveries made along the way," writes Los Angeles-based photographer Mona Kuhn about her journey back to her native Brazil after 20 years."

Portraits with photographs by Fazal Sheikh.
"For New York-born photographer-activist Fazal Sheikh, the portrait is an important tool. For more than two decades, as he has worked in different communities around the world, the invitation to sit for a portrait has been one of the principle means by which he has established a link with his subjects and been allowed to enter and document their lives."

We English with photographs by Simon Roberts.
"We English is the highly anticipated result of London-born photographer Simon Roberts' year-long journey around England. With his wife and daughter, Roberts caravanned around his country, documenting its landscapes, both natural and social, with a large format 4 x 5 camera."

Legacy with photographs by Joel Meyerowitz.
"Hidden pockets of wilderness still exist within the urban environs of New York City, and in Legacy Joel Meyerowitz invites us to discover them. This beautiful body of work is the result of a unique commission Meyerowitz received from the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation to document the city's parks."

Check the 365 calendar everyday for the new featured books or simply sign up for the RSS feed!

All quotes from the publisher unless otherwise noted.
 photo-eye Staff Book Pick
Fan Ho: The Living Theatre Fan Ho: The Living Theatre—Signed
"Reminiscent of early documentary street photography, Fan Ho's The Living Theatre is a complex glance into the Chinese social landscape. The warm prints and attire give the perception one is viewing vintage photographs from a much earlier time than when they were taken in the 1940-60's; however, this perception quickly changes when examining Ho's dynamic compositional and aesthetic qualities, which rival his contemporaries at the time such as Harry Callahan and Art Sinsabaugh. I could only assume at the time Ho was making these photographs, he was blatantly aware of the modern aesthetic that was dominating photography elsewhere in the world.

The Living Theatre provides a glimpse into Chinese culture that could only be so beautifully executed by someone so deeply enveloped in the landscape surrounding this social phenomenon occurring in the country at this time.

I recommend this book for anyone who passionately indulges in the story of human experience and finds beauty and meaning in modern aesthetic. It is one of the most poignant books of the last year." — Tony Dolezal, photo-eye Book Division Associate READ MORE

Cat# ZD280H Hardbound List Price: $65.00
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Cat# ZD280L Limited Edition $500.00
Purchase Limited Edition

The Living Theatre
 In the News
© Mitch Dobrowner
© Mitch Dobrowner
Photographer's Showcase artist Mitch Dobrowner is featured in Newsweek Japan. View the entire article.

Mitch's work is on display at photo-eye Gallery until September 12. Please visit if you are in Santa Fe, NM.

Gallery photographer Jo Whaley and Photographer's Showcase artist Krista Elrick will be featured in the group exhibit Grasslands/Separate Species curated by Mary Anne Redding in conjunction with LAND/ART (Radius Books will be publishing LAND/ART NEW MEXICO, an exhibition catalogue for the statewide installations, in the fall).

Opening Reception will be held on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 at 516 ARTS, 516 Central Ave. SW, Downtown Albuquerque. For more info, view the press release.

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