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 photo-eye Bookstore Exhibitions
©Eric Cousineau and Barbara Diener, respectively
©Eric Cousineau and Barbara Diener, respectively
Empty Spaces:
An Exhibition of Color Photographs by Eric Cousineau and Barbara A. Diener

photo-eye Bookstore is excited to host the opening reception for Empty Spaces: A Exhibition of Color Photographs by Eric Cousineau and Barbara A. Diener this Friday, August 28th, 5-7 pm. The exhibition will continue through October 17th, 2009.

Eric Cousineau and Barbara Diener's portfolios explore the concept of home through the juxtaposition of the familiar and foreign. Cousineau's images capture the details in the home away from home of motel rooms. In these spaces, an anonymous person has imposed their notions of comfort on to the room. This pseudo-environment of the familiar is filled with lamps, beds, lounge chairs and TV, yet these spaces feel strange and vacant. Emptiness is also palpable in Barbara Diener's self-portraits posed in various familial and interrelationship roles, though the void is metaphorical. Diener portrays a character whose posture, gestures and eyes often show a person devoid of emotion, her expression as familiar yet impersonal as the floral curtains of an unoccupied motel bath as shot by Cousineau. Diener's staged "tableaux vivants" and Cousineau's still lifes are facades of home, but each frame reflects the artificial nature of the domestic situation, an uncomfortable truth of our quotidian lives.

The photo-eye Bookstore is located at 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM and is open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm. For more info on the exhibition of Eric Cousineau & Barbara Diener, please email Melanie McWhorter.
 photo-eye Gallery Santa Fe - New Work
Wildebeest Arc, Maasai Mara, 2006 ©  Nick Brandt
Wildebeest Arc, Maasai Mara, 2006 ©  Nick Brandt
New Nick Brandt Images to be announced soon.

On September 1, 2009 Nick Brandt will be releasing 23 new photographs, the last set to complete his project A Shadow Falls.

Please email the gallery if you would like to be informed of his new work as soon as it is released.

photo-eye Gallery will be exhibiting Nick's new work to celebrate the release of his new monograph,
A Shadows Falls published by Abrams. This exhibit will open on Friday, September 25, 2009 with an artist reception for Nick Brandt.
	Lee Friedlander: Flowers and Trees (SIGNED) Lee Friedlander: Flowers and Trees (SIGNED)
This gorgeously reproduced book departed from Friedlander's more well-known subjects to focus on landscape and flora. From the late 1970s and into the 1980s Friedlander took numerous photographs of the landscape in Japan, some of which appeared in Cherry Blossom Time in Japan (1986). A similar spirit pervades these pictures. In contrast to his "social landscapes" these images stress the beauties of nature, although in the context of his other works they acquire a nostalgic, exotic aura.
Bids shown below are current as of 6:26 pm MT, 08.27.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
 Nobuyoshi Araki: Ikonta Story   : Nobuyoshi Araki: Ikonta Story - 0
2d 23h 33m
Kiyoshi Suzuki: Ship of Fools : Kiyoshi Suzuki: Ship of Fools $350 1
3d 1h 33m
Osamu Nagahama: Atsuku Nagai Yoru no Shima (The Island of Long Hot Nights)    : Osamu Nagahama: Atsuku Nagai Yoru no Shima (The Island of Long Hot Nights) $700 1
4d 0h 33m

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 photo-eye First Wednesday Salon
© Megan Jacobs, Josef Tornick, Jesse Chehak, respectively.
© Megan Jacobs, Josef Tornick, Jesse Chehak, respectively.
photo-eye's September First Wednesday Salon
featuring photographers Jesse Chehak, Megan Jacobs and Josef Tornick on September 2nd

Be sure to catch the next photo-eye First Wednesday Salon on September 2, 2009 with the opening reception starting at 6:30pm and the salon running from 7pm to 9pm. In September, we are pleased to welcome photographers Jesse Chehak, Josef Tornick, and Megan Jacobs. For more information contact Melanie McWhorter at 505.988.5152 x 112 or melanie@photoeye.com or we'll see you in the photo-eye Gallery on First Wednesday!

Lynn Davis: Monument Lynn Davis: Monument
This limited edition is 4/50 and only one copy available for $800. It sells for more than $900 elsewhere.

About the Limited Edition:
The signed, numbered, and boxed limited edition (of 50) comes with an unpublished, signed photograph, that is unavailable through the artist's regular print editions.

Limited copies of the trade edition, now out-of-print, are also in stock, shrinkwrapped, at a special sale price. READ MORE

Cat# AE017H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

Cat# AE017L Limited Edition $800.00
Purchase Limited Edition

Stephen Gill: Hackney Flowers Stephen Gill: Hackney Flowers

Limited copies in stock of this out-of-print collectible title offered at a special discounted price.

"A parallel series also runs within this finely produced volume, showing members of the public in Hackney with floral details on their person. This is a warm, poetic and visually exciting book containing images that leave an overwhelming sense of colour, emotion and rhythm extracted from a single borough of London."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD156H Hardbound List Price: $62.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

Hackney Flowers
 photo-eye Weekly Bestsellers
Bestselling Books at photo-eye for the week ending August 22, 2009

1. Peter Van Agtmael: 2nd Tour Hope I Don't Die - SIGNED (4)
2. Walter Chapell: Human Form (1)
3. Fan Ho: The Living Theatre - SIGNED (3)
4. William Eggleston: Paris (3)
5. Anders Petersen & JH Engstrom: From Back Home (3)
6. Alec Soth: The Last Days of W (14)
7. Duane Michals: 50 (1)
8. Maggie Taylor: Album (1)
9. Anders Petersen: Dear Diary (1)
10. Andrej Kramarz: Rzeczy (1)

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 365 A Book A Day

This week's 365 Book A Day featured items are

Rome with photographs by William Klein.
"To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Rome's publication, Aperture (in close collaboration with Contrasto) has produced a revised edition, which includes previously unseen fashion pictures made in Rome and an updated text by the photographer. Redesigned to encompass two volumes in a special PVC slipcase, this new edition offers audiences another chance to celebrate one of the great photobooks."

Luxury with photographs by Martin Parr.
"With photography, I like to create fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society's natural prejudice and giving it a twist," says British photographer Martin Parr, who is most known for his satirical images of the ostentatiously wealthy."

Dorthea Lange: The Crucial Years with photographs by Dorthea Lange.
"Gathering powerful images of displaced farmers, sharecroppers and migrant workers (such as the classic "Migrant Mother") with her Graflex camera, Lange put a human face to this difficult era, and revolutionized documentary photography. She obtained results without forcing them, instead just "sitting down on the ground with people, letting children look at your camera with their dirty, grimy little hands, and putting their fingers on the lens, and you just let them, because you know that if you will behave in a generous manner, you are apt to receive it."

Chiara: Journey into Light with photographs by Elisabeth Legnazzi Zahnd.
"Created out of deep personal affection and great emotional pain, Chiara-A Journey into Light is a powerful and moving photographic essay on illness and death. Its intense but sensitive images touch on the questions of how we deal with suffering, dying, and grief, while also evoking images of life, warmth, and love."

True North with photographs by Tim White.
"Over four years New Zealand photographer traveled to the Far North of New Zealand documenting the lives of several families and community members in the area and their surrounding landscape. White says he was originally attracted to this project because of the area's past reputation as the most 'Maori' place in New Zealand - a mysteriously spiritual place with a reputation of "hopelessness". "

Seven Sounds, Seven Circles with photographs by Lothar Baumgarten.
"This monograph is a compendium of Lothar Baumgarten's work and artistic thinking. The various essential aspects of his work, such as language, architecture, photography and history are highlighted in four essays. A current interview with the artist, conducted by Christian Rattemeyer, a biography of his work and a well-informed introduction by co-editor Kaira Cabañas make this publication the first seminal book on Lothar Baumgarten."

Playas with photographs by Martin Parr.
"Between 2006 and 2008 Martin Parr documented the beach culture in Latin American countries whilst travelling with his wife Susie (whose text accompanies the photos in the book). The book is a celebration of life and behaviour on the beaches of Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina and Chile."

Check the 365 calendar everyday for the new featured books or simply sign up for the RSS feed!

All quotes from the publisher unless otherwise noted.
 In the News
© Dan Nelkin
© Dan Nelkin
Photographer's Showcase artist Dan Nelken is featured in the Smithsonian Magazine online. Click here to read the article:

Photographer's Showcase artist Trevor Traynor is having an exhibition opening at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn, New York, Friday, Sept 18, 2009. Click here for more info.

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