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 photo-eye First Wednesday Salon
© Stacia Spragg-Braude, Jamey Stillings, & Jake Mendel, respectively
© Stacia Spragg-Braude, Jamey Stillings, & Jake Mendel, respectively

First Wednesday's October Salon will be held October 7th, with the reception starting at 6:30pm and the Salon running from 6:45pm to 9pm. For this month's Salon, Jake Mendel will be presenting work from his Powerhouse book Short Track, due in November, Stacia Spragg-Braude will be showing work from her book To Walk in Beauty, published by Museum of New Mexico Press earlier this year and Jamey Stillings will be showing his Hoover Dam Bypass project which will be hanging in photo-eye Gallery starting September 25, 2009.

For more info, call 505.988.5152 or email Melanie McWhorter.

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 In the Magazine - Reviews

photo-eye Magazine Reviews Are Back!

Your Assignment: Photography reviewed by Alex Sweetman.

Bureaucratics reviewed by Charles Dee Mitchel.

2nd Tour Hope I Don't Die reviewed by Richard Gordon.

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Just in case you missed it, check out part one and part two of the interview with Darius Himes about the Photography Book Now competition.
 photo-eye Weekly Bestsellers
Bestselling Books at photo-eye for the week ending October 03, 2009

1. Nick Brandt: A Shadow Falls (10)
2. Hiroshi Sugimoto: Hiroshi Sugimoto (1)
3. Eugene Atget and Lee Friedlander: Parks and Trees (1)
4. Hiroshi Sugimoto: Hiroshi Sugimoto (1)
5. Nick Brandt: On This Earth (19)
6. Josef Hoflehner: Jet Airliner - SIGNED (3)
7. Jamey Stillings: Colorado River Bridge Hoover Dam Bypass (1)
8. Deanna Templeton: 17 Days - SIGNED (1)
9. Guy Tillim: Roma, Citta Di Mezzo - SIGNED (5)
10. Mona Kuhn: Native - SIGNED (1)

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Complete Collection of Contemporary Japanese Photography (9 Vols--Kimura, Domon, Hamaya & Others) Complete Collection of Contemporary Japanese Photography (9 Vols--Kimura, Domon, Hamaya & Others)
An extraordinary find!! Tsutomo Watanabe and Koen Shigemori were important writers and critics of photography in Japan during the 1950's. In this series they present the three leading photographers of the period plus six volumes organized around a single theme and featuring work by numerous other photographers.
Printed in inky, rich gravure that is to die for!!!
Bids shown below are current as of 4:05 pm MT, 10.07.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Rob Hornstra: Communism and Cowgirls (SIGNED): Rob Hornstra: Communism and Cowgirls (SIGNED) $550 1
1d 0h 54m
Claudio Edinger: Chelsea Hotel (Inscribed) + Venice Beach (Inscribed Association Copy): Claudio Edinger: Chelsea Hotel (Inscribed) + Venice Beach (Inscribed Association Copy) - 0
2d 0h 54m
Visionaire No. 23: The Emporer's New Clothes (Karl Lagerfeld): Visionaire No. 23: The Emporer's New Clothes (Karl Lagerfeld) - 0
2d 1h 54m
 Ed Ruscha: Nine Swimming Pools (1st Edition, SIGNED!) : Ed Ruscha: Nine Swimming Pools (1st Edition, SIGNED!) - 0
3d 22h 54m
Takuma Nakahira: For a Language to Come  : Takuma Nakahira: For a Language to Come - 0
3d 23h 54m
Alec Soth: Sleeping by the Mississippi (First Printing!)--SIGNED!!: Alec Soth: Sleeping by the Mississippi (First Printing!)--SIGNED!! - 0
4d 1h 54m
Richard Avedon: In the American West (SIGNED!): Richard Avedon: In the American West (SIGNED!) - 0
4d 1h 54m
 Mark Power: Superstructure (SIGNED!) : Mark Power: Superstructure (SIGNED!) - 0
4d 23h 54m
Guy Bourdin: Sighs and Whispers (1976 Bloomingdale's Catalogue) : Guy Bourdin: Sighs and Whispers (1976 Bloomingdale's Catalogue) - 0
6d 0h 54m
Complete Collection of Contemporary Japanese Photography (9 Vols--Kimura, Domon, Hamaya & Others): Complete Collection of Contemporary Japanese Photography (9 Vols--Kimura, Domon, Hamaya & Others) - 0
9d 1h 54m

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 photo-eye Gallery Staff Pick
© Don Hong-Oai
© Don Hong-Oai
This week's photo-eye Staff Pick was selected by Gallery Associate Cliff Shapiro. Cliff has selected Don Hong-Oai's Winter Fog, Vietnam, 1974 from the portfolio Photographic Memories.

"The photographs of Don Hong-Oai are made in a unique style of photography, which can be considered Asian pictorialism. This method of adapting a Western art for Eastern purposes probably originated in the 1940s in Hong Kong. One of its best-known practitioners was the great master Long Chin-San (who died in the 1990s at the age of 104) with whom Don Hong-Oai studied. With the delicate beauty and traditional motifs of Chinese painting (birds, boats, mountains, etc.) in mind, photographers of this school used more than one negative to create a beautiful picture, often using visual allegories. Realism was not a goal." — Cliff Shapiro (photo-eye Gallery Associate)

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on Don Hong-Oai work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.
 In My Library
This week's In My Library selection is by Bookstore Associate, Tony Dolezal. Tony selected Diary No. 0: Things That Do Not Happen with photographs by Fabio Barile.

"Flipping through Diary No. 0 was somewhat of a rejuvenating experience for me. This catalog is modest, the tones are soft and delicate, and the light beautiful, but what has stuck with me is the simplicity of the work. There is the sense of an aimless wanderer in these photographs, a contemporary documentation of life's ordinary experiences. The first time indulging in this book I was captured by the ongoing story of life's banality... as well as the simple beauty of Barile's photographs. Well over an hour had passed before this book made its way back to the shelf." — Tony Dolezal (photo-eye Bookstore Associate)
 New Arrivals

Sitting on the bookshelf are this week's new arrivals:

True North with photographs by Tim White. (SIGNED)
Back Piece Tattoo. edited by Fujimi Mook.
Just Around the Corner with an introduction by Marco Delogu.
In Their Youth with photographs by Greg Gorman.
Anatomia Digitale with photographs by Richard Ehrlich.
Dutchscapes with photographs by Jan Koster.
Studio with photographs by Paolo Roversi.
Also back in stock, SIGNED copies of Cuba: Campo Adentro with photographs by Susan S. Bank. (SIGNED)

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 365 A Book A Day

This week's 365 Book A Day featured items are:

Animal Logic with photographs by Richard Barnes.
"Animal Logic, Barnes's first monograph, collects four related species of his photographic work that touch on themes relevant to science, history, archaeology, and architecture. Through his lens, sights and objects normally hidden from public view-half-installed dioramas, partially wrapped specimens, anatomical models, exploded skulls, and taxidermied animals in shipping crates-take on a strange beauty."

High Glitz with photographs by Susan Anderson.
"High Glitz: The Extravagant World of Beauty Pageants is a close-up and intimate look at America's child beauty pageants, and in turn our society's obsession with youth, beauty, fame, and fortune. Susan Anderson's vibrant portraits of pageant contestants twist notions of sexuality and identity, with a new perspective on this uniquely American subculture."

This Is Not My Son with photographs by Erik van de Weijde.
""Basically it's about my son. My beautiful eight years old boy, of whom I take pictures since he was 5 seconds old. I have all these great pictures of him, but then I started wondering if it was work, or just a father photographing the family." - from an interview with Erik van der Weijde. "

17 Days with photographs by Deanna Templeton.
"In 17-Days, Deanna Templeton presents her photographs from a 17-day excursion to England, Europe, and Russia while accompanying the Toy Machine Skateboard Team on tour. This 102-page, self published book focuses on the people and places that she experienced, showing a close-up view of the youth culture and social scene that surround the skateboard community while giving context through refreshing street photographs and on-the-fly portraits of each cities denizens."

Someone's Life photographs collected by Gerard Malanga.
"Poet, filmmaker, photographer, and former Warhol collaborator, Gerard Malanga contemplates a series of photographs he collected dating from the 1920's to 1940's. "

Jonnie Craig with photographs by Jonnie Craig.
"'When I first became aware of Jonnie Craig's work I was shocked. His photos were blurred, fogged, and from a traditional stance, everything that could be wrong with them was. Then his work was published and I really started looking, and suddenly I thought 'this is brilliant'.' — Gavin Watson, photographer."

My Shit Is Gold with photographs by Paul Herbst.
"In an existential exclamation of withdrawal, Paul Herbst's photographs at once portray a world of subtle intensities with momentous simplicity. His images hosts a constant dialogue between what we perceive and what we understand, leaving us aloof in the gaps of unanswerable questions."

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All quotes from the publisher unless otherwise noted.
 photo-eye Bookstore Opening
© David Bram
© David Bram
Where: photo-eye Bookstore, 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501
When: Opening Reception, Friday, October 23, 2009 from 5-7 pm
Contact: Melanie McWhorter
Phone: 505.988.5152 x 112

Email: melanie@photoeye.com

photo-eye Bookstore is pleased to host an exhibition and artist's reception for A Journey to Iceland: Photographs by David Bram on Friday, October 23rd, 2009 from 5 to 7 pm at photo-eye Bookstore, 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM. The exhibition will be on display from October 23rd through Saturday, November 28th, 2009.

In April of 2007, David Bram traveled to Iceland with a group of seven photographers, all of whom concentrated on and enjoyed the landscape. The result of 55 rolls of medium format film is 20 silver gelatin photographs of the amazing and moody Icelandic earth. photo-eye Bookstore is pleased to present a small number of the fine silver-gelatin prints from this artistic expedition.

David Bram Bio:

Artist David Bram was born and raised in New York. He moved to New Mexico in January of 2000. Following a short stint in software development, he followed his heart and began to study photography again after being away from it for several years. His work has been included in many group shows in New Mexico and is in the collection of the Palace of the Governors, as well as many private collections. He is the editor and founder of Fraction Magazine, an online venture promoting and exploring emerging photographic artists. When not traveling around New Mexico seeking out the new and unexplored, he can be found in a few coffee shops, enjoying a latte and playing with his one-year-old daughter.

The photo-eye Bookstore is located at 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM and is open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm.

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