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© Linda Connor
© Linda Connor
Linda Connor's new portfolio Himalayas

Linda Connor's imagery of ancient and sacred places explores the relationship between nature, civilization and spirituality. Appropriately, her subject matter is often in spiritual centers throughout the world such as Tibet, Jerusalem, India and Turkey. She has also photographed extensively in the American Southwest.

Linda Connor
Zanskar River, Ladakh, India, 2007
Archival Pigment Ink
40x50" Image
48x58" Mat
Edition of 5

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Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on Linda Connor's work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.
 New Arrivals

Sitting on the bookshelf are this week's new arrivals:

Father Photographer with photographs by Henry Frank.
Georgian Spring with photographs by numerous contributors.
Small Trades with photographs by Irving Penn.
Native with photographs by Mona Kuhn.
Winter Stories with photographs by Paolo Ventura.
American Power with photographs by Mitch Epstein.
Fireflies with photographs by Keith Carter.
This Is Not a Photo Opportunity with photographs by Mark Whiteley.
New Photographs with photographs by Hellen van Meene.
Oil with photographs by Edward Burtynsky.

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Yurie Nagashima (1995, Nude Self-Portraits) Yurie Nagashima (1995, Nude Self-Portraits)
Yurie Nagashima has won great acclaim for her startlingly intimate self-portraits and portrayals of family life, in which she has photographed herself and her family in the nude. Sure, such subject matter and approach are common enough these days....READ MORE
Bids shown below are current as of 4:28 pm MT, 11.11.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
André Kertész: Scarce 1966 Monograph (INSCRIBED)   : André Kertész: Scarce 1966 Monograph (INSCRIBED) - 0
1d 0h 32m
Miroslav Peterka/Bohumil Hrabal: This Town is Under the Control of its Citizens : Miroslav Peterka/Bohumil Hrabal: This Town is Under the Control of its Citizens - 0
3d 1h 32m
 Takuma Nakahira: Aratanaru Gyoushi (A New Gaze) --with scarce obi!  : Takuma Nakahira: Aratanaru Gyoushi (A New Gaze) --with scarce obi! - 0
4d 0h 32m
Stephen Shore: Merced River (One Picture Book No. 43): Stephen Shore: Merced River (One Picture Book No. 43) - 0
4d 1h 32m
Lee Friedlander (Rare Japanese Exhibition Catalogue)--SIGNED! : Lee Friedlander (Rare Japanese Exhibition Catalogue)--SIGNED! - 0
5d 19h 32m
 Jacqueline Hassink: Queen Bees: Female Power Stations   : Jacqueline Hassink: Queen Bees: Female Power Stations - 0
6d 1h 32m
Daniel Seymour: A Loud Song: Daniel Seymour: A Loud Song - 0
8d 0h 32m
Yurie Nagashima (1995, Nude Self-Portraits): Yurie Nagashima (1995, Nude Self-Portraits) - 0
8d 1h 32m

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 photo-eye Magazine Reviews
© Gloria Baker Feinstein
© Gloria Baker Feinstein

This week in photo-eye's Magazine:

"I recently sat in a darkened screening room, tears streaming down my face, as I watched the documentary, Changing the Truth, about photographer Gloria Baker Feinstein and how, inspired by a photo workshop in Africa, she returned to adopt an entire Ugandan orphanage." — from Aline Smithson's review of Gloria Baker Feinstein's Kutuuka

"Published on the occasion of her Spring 2008 exhibition at Hauser & Wirth Colnaghi, Roni Horn's catalog Bird highlights a selection of close-up studio portraits of taxidermied Icelandic birds, a typology that Horn worked on for more than ten years."— from Shane Lavalette's review of Roni Horn's Bird

"A young man with straight posture and a broad smile stands wearing a sheath with several knives and holding an animal corpse in his arms. He is a slaughterhouse worker, and judging from his body language, he takes immense pride in his work."— from Antone Dolezal's review of Small Trades with photographs by Irving Penn.

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 photo-eye Weekly Bestsellers
© Todd Hido
© Todd Hido
Bestselling Books at photo-eye for the week ending
November 7, 2009

1. Todd Hido: A Road Divided - (SIGNED) (1)
2. Ryan McGinley: Moonmilk - (Second Printing) (6)
3. Todd Hido: Witness No. 7 (4)
4. Robert Frank: Seven Stories (3)
5. Hiroshi Sugimoto: Hiroshi Sugimoto (5)
6. Keith Carter: Fireflies - (SIGNED) (4)
7. Eugene Atget and Lee Friedlander: Parks and Trees (4)
8. Peter van Agtmael: 2nd Tour Hope I Don't Die - (SIGNED) (7)
9. Michael Kenna: Venezia (1)
10. August Sander: Seeing, Observing, Thinking (1)

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 Limited Editions
Larry Fink: Night at the Met Larry Fink: Night at the Met
"In this beautifully produced special edition book with signed black and white chromogenic print, photographer Larry Fink presents an interesting look at the ritual of a donor party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. It was the Apollo Circle Benefit in 2007. The subjects of the book are the guests who attended the party and by so doing became the focus of an interactive exhibition; images of the revelers were captured by Larry Fink and projected onto the walls of the museum throughout the night." — the publisher

The limited edition is comprised of 100 signed and numbered books with a signed black and white chromogenic print are available. A choice between one of two prints are available with this little gem of a book.

print choice A

print choice B

Cat# ZD884L Limited Edition $325.00
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 photo-eye Bookstore Events
© from left to right David Bram, Michael Clinton
© from left to right David Bram, Michael Clinton
Booksigning for Michael Clinton's American Portraits & Closing Reception for David Bram

photo-eye Bookstore is pleased to host a closing artist reception for David Bram's exhibition A Journey to Iceland, and a book signing of Michael Clinton's American Portraits, published by Glitterati Incorporated on Friday, November 27th, 2009 from 4 to 6 pm at photo-eye Bookstore, 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM.

For more information, contact Melanie McWhorter at 505-988-5152 x 112 or melanie@photoeye.com or we'll see you in the photo-eye Gallery on First Wednesday!

 photo-eye Gallery Staff Pick
© Ernie Button
© Ernie Button
This week's photo-eye Staff Pick was selected by Shipping Manager Daniel Fuller. Daniel has selected Ernie Button's Cheeramids #3, 2005.

Ernie Button
Cheeramids #3, 2005

9x11" Image
16x20" Mat
Edition of 20

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on Ernie Button's work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.
 365 A Book A Day

This week's 365 Book A Day featured items are:

Grasslands/Separating Species with photographs by Michael P. Berman, Krista Elrick, Dana Fritz, David Taylor and Jo Whaley.
"This catalogue documents a two-part exhibition that has sprung from the work of Michael Berman, a current Guggenheim Fellow, who is both esteemed in the contemporary art world and a longtime activist with several environmental organizations."

East edited by Regina-Maria Anzenberger.
"The agency remains - is perhaps now more than ever - a place for photojournalists with the ambition to witness the world and produce exciting photo-essays that are visually interesting and journalistically relevant. A meeting place for photographers from both East and West. A family, not a factory, dedicated to photography and quality. A place for people with passion. A virtual home for photography in the midst of Europe, the beautiful city of Vienna" - Regina-Maria Anzenberger

Fake Holidays with photographs by Reiner Riedler.
"Fake Holidays reveals the absurdities of the world's artificial paradises: indoor skiing in Dubai, Tropical Islands in Berlin-Brandenburg, Niagara Falls in China."

Blackout New York with photographs by Rene Burri.
"Blackout in New York. For one night, Burri follows the events, with eight rolls of 35mm film. Without a flash. Using only the scarcely available light. Burri's photo series is not a report in the traditional sense. More a meditation on light, or rather the lack of it."

Birne Helene with photographs by Holger Niehaus.
"The book Birne Helene (French Desert) by German photographer Holger Niehaus gives you the same feeling as walking through a high standard architectural building in the thirties! The scale, the dimensions of rooms and corridors breath the elegant white of the rooms. The white pages in the book become almost as important as the beautiful still lifes which are reminding us to Morandi, Kandinsky and even Donald Judd."

Asylum with photographs by Christopher Payne.
"For more than half the nation's history, vast mental hospitals were a prominent feature of the American landscape. From the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth, over 250 institutions for the insane were built throughout the United States; by 1948, they housed more than a half million patients."

Hong Kong Inside Outside with photographs by Michael Wolf.
"During his more than 14 years in Hong Kong, German-born photographer Michael Wolf's perspective on his adopted city has boiled down to an essence of density - the hemmed-in, closely built environment which shapes everything from its peoples' lifestyles to their outlooks and even dreams."

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All quotes from the publisher unless otherwise noted.
 In the News
Photographer's Showcase artists Mitch Dobrowner, Lucia Ganieva, Jessica Todd Harper, Rania Matar, Mark Menjivar, Birthe Piontek and David Taylor have all been included in Photolucida's Critical Mass Top 50. Birthe Piontek has also been selected as a Book Award Finalist. Congratulations to all!

To learn more about Photolucida's Critical Mass click here.
© Susan Bank, Rania Matar, Stella Johnson
© Susan Bank, Rania Matar, Stella Johnson
Three Concerned Women
Photographs from Photographer's Showcase artists Susan Bank, Stella Johnson, and Rania Matar
Exhibition opens November 12th and runs through January 10th
Panel Discussion 5-6pm, Opening Reception 7-9pm

Griffin Museum of Photography
Winchester, Massachusetts

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on Susan Bank, Rania Matar, and Stella Johnson's work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.
© Tom Chambers
© Tom Chambers
Photo-eye Gallery Artist Tom Chambers was awarded 1st place in Fotoweek DC's international fine art photography competition for his photograph Saccharine Perch. Last year Chambers won 2nd place with his photograph Night Light.

To learn more about Fotoweek DC click here.

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on Tom Chamber's work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.
I Shoot People
Photographs by Photographer's Showcase artist Trevor Traynor
Opening reception November 14th at 7pm
Exhibition is on display from November 14th- December 5th

Sacramento, California

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on Trevor Traynor's work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.

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