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© Terri Weifenbach
© Terri Weifenbach

This week in photo-eye Magazine:

"Trinity consists largely of musings and historical snippets about the shifting social-political climate of the Arizona and New Mexico deserts over the last four hundred years. The text by Charles Bowden explores a diverse range of subjects including the treatment of native peoples, mining booms and wars to its use as a nuclear testing site."—from John Mathews' review of Charles Bowden and Michael P. Berman's Trinity

"Terri Weifenbach's Another Summer is a delicate and unassuming book, even before one opens it. Her ninth volume of photographs and her first with The Thunderstorm Press, the 5"x7.25" hardbound volume appears to contain a small collection of poems or slim novella. Such an outward guise is highly appropriate, reflecting the loosely narrative, lyrical series of images contained within."—from Nicholas Chiarella's review of Terri Weifenbach Another Summer

"Whether Barnes's work is about logic, instinct, nature, or artifice is a question that should be arbitrated in higher courts than this. Zoologists, museum professionals, biologists, semioticians, linguists, and philosophers should address the implications of these images."—from George Slade's review of Richard Barnes Animal Logic

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 Limited Editions
Raymond Meeks: Carousel Raymond Meeks: Carousel
"Raymond Meeks has just completed the artist book/broadside titled 'carousel' (think slide projector, less amusement park ride) as an attempt to explore the 'architecture of memory' and reconcile loss from the documents and pictures of his recent past. The project was born out of a series of trips back to his former home in western Montana to document his voided house while hoping, somehow, to recover a store of joy that seemed inexhaustible for most of our lives. Nazraeli Press will publish a broader collection of this work as a monograph titled 'amwell' in 2010. For Meeks, this is a personal subject with discernable gravity and the weight to pull one into a narcissistic well, an impulse that he hopes to have tempered with genuine gratitude and reincarnation of generosity and beauty." — the publisher

The broadside measures 16x35 inches as the three panels are laid open. A 12x16 inch cover houses the broadside. Each are unique and handmade in collaboration with renowned bookmaker Rory Sparks. A simple stitching technique is used to allow the broadside to be removed as an option for display. 'Carousel' is an edition of fifty with ten 'artist proof editions.'

About the Limited Edition

An A/P edition of ten broadsides includes 2 color prints, 6x9 inches signed and numbered.

Preorder - Arriving Soon!

View print one and print two. Both prints accompany the A/P deluxe limited edition. READ MORE

Cat# ZD923S Softbound List Price $225.00
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Cat# ZD923L Limited Edition $425.00
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Seiichi Motohashi: Time of Circus (Sahkasu no Jikan) Seiichi Motohashi: Time of Circus (Sahkasu no Jikan)
Seiichi Motohashi is best known as a documentary filmmaker as well as for the important 1968 book Mountain Coalmine (Yama Tanko), one of the signal works of more or less straight social documentary of the period. This book—decidedly more Fellini-esque in tone—looks at a Japanese traveling circus. It combines a humanist realism with a subtly surreal edge. Peer behind the make-up and the pathos is there to see: the trope has been used before, but it is done incredibly well here. Rarely seen in U.S.
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Andre De Dienes: The Nude (1st edition!): Andre De Dienes: The Nude (1st edition!) $110 1
2d 0h 8m
Chargesheimer: Unter Krahnenbäumen: Chargesheimer: Unter Krahnenbäumen - 0
2d 1h 8m
  Bruce Weber: The Andy Book: Bruce Weber: The Andy Book $250 1
3d 0h 8m
Lewis Baltz: 3 Volume Set (Limted Edition with Print): Lewis Baltz: 3 Volume Set (Limted Edition with Print) - 0
3d 1h 8m
Seiichi Motohashi: Time of Circus (Sahkasu no Jikan): Seiichi Motohashi: Time of Circus (Sahkasu no Jikan) - 0
3d 23h 8m
William Klein: New York. Life Is Good For You and Good In New York Trance Witness Reveals: William Klein: New York. Life Is Good For You and Good In New York Trance Witness Reveals $1,200 1
4d 2h 8m
Wolfgang Tillmans: Conocorde (Rare 1st printing): Wolfgang Tillmans: Conocorde (Rare 1st printing) - 0
4d 23h 8m
Cuny Janssen: Macedonia: Portraits and Landscapes. : Cuny Janssen: Macedonia: Portraits and Landscapes. $180 1
5d 0h 8m
 Ruiko Yoshida: Harlem Black Angels (Rare Complete Copy!): Ruiko Yoshida: Harlem Black Angels (Rare Complete Copy!) $475 1
6d 2h 8m

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 Signed Books
Martin Parr: Playas Martin Parr: Playas—Signed
"Between 2006 and 2008 Martin Parr documented the beach culture in Latin American countries whilst travelling with his wife Susie (whose text accompanies the photos in the book). The book is a celebration of life and behaviour on the beaches of Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina and Chile." — the publisher

The book is printed to look purposely cheap, with noticeable imperfections, somewhat like a book you'd find in 99-cent store, complete with offset colours and gaudy clip-art style graphics.

Read Charles Dee Mitchell's review of Playas on photo-eye's Magazine. READ MORE

Cat# ZD784H Hardbound List Price: $31.95
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 photo-eye Staff Book Pick
© Viviane Sassen
© Viviane Sassen
This week's Staff Book Pick selection is by Online Gallery Coordinator, Sarah Bradley. Sarah selected Flamboya with photographs by Viviane Sassen.

"Flamboya includes photographs taken across Africa-from Cape Town to Kenya to Zambia-that disregard traditional boundaries of genres and tackle the problematic bond between photography, imperialism, and the colonial imagination." — the publisher

 photo-eye Gallery Staff Pick
© James Pitts
© James Pitts
This week's photo-eye Staff Pick was selected by Associate Gallery Director Anne Kelly. Anne has selected James Pitts' Ranunculus (clear vase, backlit on kitchen table), 1997 .

James Pitts
Ranunculus (clear vase, backlit on kitchen table), 1997
Platinum/Palladium Print
10x8" Image
20x16" Mat
Edition of 25

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on James Pitts' work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.
 photo-eye Weekly Bestsellers
© Nick Brandt
© Nick Brandt
Bestselling Books at photo-eye for the week ending 2009.12.12

1. Nick Brandt: A Shadow Falls (15 weeks on bestseller list)
2. Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson: Walking Thunder - SIGNED (1)
3. Ryan McGinley: Ryan McGinley (5)
4. Todd Hido: A Road Divided - SIGNED (6)
5. Mark Steinmetz: Greater Atlanta - SIGNED (2)
6. Johnny Miller and Baptiste Lignel: Coney Island (1)
7. Jamey Stillings: Colorado River Bridge Hoover Dam Bypass (4)
8. Joni Sternbach: Surfland - SIGNED (6)
9. Michael Kenna: 2010 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar (8)
10. Hisashi Shimizu: Portraits of Silence (1)

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 365 A Book A Day
Repurpose by Matt Papich and Joe Williams.
"Repurpose is a collection of photographs by the friends and musicians Matt Papich of Ecstatic Sunshine and Joe Williams of White Williams. Their photos would most accurately be described as snapshots. Quiet and attentive, the images often focus on peculiarity."

Spirit by Henry Roy.
"Spirit is as subtle and intangible as a breath of air. It is an energy circulating between beings and things. It travels with light, winds, clouds or waves, it penetrates in stones, plants and animals. It affects humans, seizing control of their bodies, whose sentiments and sensuality he reveals. "

On Beauty and Fall by Erwin Olaf.
"Criticized and celebrated at the same time, the images of Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf have over recent years increasingly gained serious and critical recognition. In this documentary, Michiel van Erp provides a vulnerable portrait of one of the more visible Dutch artists working abroad today and the different challenges he faces."

Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera by Ron Schick.

Take Me to the Water by Luc Sante, Jim Linderman, Steven L. Ledbetter.
"Making the past vividly present once again, Grammy winners Dust-to-Digital unveil Take Me to the Water, a revelatory examination of baptismal rites and music. Comprising a beautiful hardcover book and a CD featuring rare, vintage songs and sermons recorded between 1924-1940, Take Me to the Water draws on the collection of Jim Linderman, a scholar of American 'outsider' art, early American folk art and daguerreotype photography."

Violet Isle by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb.
"This multi-layered portrait of "the violet isle"-a little-known name for Cuba inspired by the rich color of the soil there-presents an engaging, at times unsettling document of a vibrant and vulnerable land."

Protest Photographs by Chauncey Hare.
"Chauncey Hare does not define himself as a photographer, but rather as an engineer, a family therapist and, above all, a protester. In his fast-paced introduction to this volume, Hare recounts a life devoted to protest. He describes his keen identification with the people whose homes he photographed throughout the late 60s and early 70s, and his refusal to betray them by selling his photography."

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