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"An exhibition catalogue typically advances either scholarly insight or popularity; a museum's interests are bound up in extending its reputation and/or improving its bottom line. For readers, the end product of all that backstage ado usually pays minimal attention to organizational goals. Pleasures reside in gaining insights, seeing familiar works reproduced in new contexts, and discovering new works and artists in unforeseen alliances."— from George Slade's review of Street Seen with an essay by Lisa Hostetler

© Man Ray
© Man Ray

"La Photographie N'est Pas L'art ("Photography is Not Ar"') is a limited edition facsimile reprint of a book that was originally published by Guy Levis-Mano in France in 1937. The book is composed of twelve loose-leaf photographs within a portfolio style slipcase and includes a short, poetic text by the surrealist artist Andre Breton entitled 'convulsionaires'. The collection is a conceptual work that encapsulates a wide range of subject matter including fashion, nature, architecture and portraiture. Providing a provocative counterpoint to the images are counterintuitive captions that disarm and disorientate the viewer."— from John Mathews's review of La Photographie N'est Pas L'art with photographs by Man Ray

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Bruce Weber: O Rio de Janeiro (SIGNED) Bruce Weber: O Rio de Janeiro (SIGNED)
Scarce signed copy of this essential Weber title.
"Weber's second book, O Rio de Janeiro, brought all the elements of his commercial work together and was the first to incorporate the vivacious pastiche of original and borrowed material that had become the signature of his issue-filling spreads in Per Lui and L'Uomo Vouge...."—-Vince Aletti, in Roth, et. al., The Book of 101 Books
Bids shown below are current as of 5:58 pm MT, 05.25.2010
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
  	 Emmet Gowin: Photographs (1st monograph, 1976--SIGNED): Emmet Gowin: Photographs (1st monograph, 1976--SIGNED) - 0
0h 1m
  	 Emmet Gowin: Petra, In The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan (SIGNED): Emmet Gowin: Petra, In The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan (SIGNED) - 0
21h 1m
Nancy Rexroth: Iowa (SIGNED): Nancy Rexroth: Iowa (SIGNED) - 0
1d 21h 1m
  Moshé Vorobeichic (Moï Ver): Ein Ghetto im Osten (Wilna) [A Ghetto in the East--Vilnius]: Moshé Vorobeichic (Moï Ver): Ein Ghetto im Osten (Wilna) [A Ghetto in the East--Vilnius] - 0
1d 22h 1m
Hiroshi Hamaya: Yukiguni (Snowland)--1st edition!: Hiroshi Hamaya: Yukiguni (Snowland)--1st edition! - 0
2d 22h 1m
 Yoshikazu Suzuki and Shohachi Kimura: Ginza Kaiwai. Ginza Haccho : Yoshikazu Suzuki and Shohachi Kimura: Ginza Kaiwai. Ginza Haccho - 0
4d 0h 1m
 Ed Ruscha: Crackers     : Ed Ruscha: Crackers - 0
4d 21h 1m
  Erwin Olaf: Fall (SIGNED) + Silver (2 Books)   : Erwin Olaf: Fall (SIGNED) + Silver (2 Books) - 0
7d 23h 1m
 Bruce Weber: O Rio de Janeiro (SIGNED): Bruce Weber: O Rio de Janeiro (SIGNED) - 0
9d 0h 1m

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 Limited Editions
Pamela Pecchio: 509 Pamela Pecchio: 509
"509 is a portal into the familiar and familial. Detailed glimpses of a family home that hasn't changed much in several decades. Why should it? Fads pass and new appliances are often poorly made. Wait long enough and that wallpaper will come back into vogue. Leave this book open on your 'modern' home's coffee table and enjoy a window to the timeless. Music industry veteran and publisher Jefferson Holt of Daniel 13 Press invited photographer Pamela Pecchio into the home of his upbringing in Burlington, North Carolina two years after his Father passed away."— the publisher

All 100 copies come in a slipcase and are signed by Pamela Pecchio, Dave Wofford and Jefferson Holt and numbered by Pamela Pecchio in pencil.

Copies arriving in 2 to 4 weeks.


Cat# ZE091H Hardbound List Price: $200.00
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 Signed Books
Andrea Modica: Treadwell Andrea Modica: Treadwell—Signed
Andrea Modica is a young photographer whose work has emerged in the last five years. Critically acclaimed, her photographs are collected here for the first time—a rich, empathetic, and often wrenching study of small-town family life in upstate New York. The book focuses on the life of one young girl and her extended family and friends, revealing pathos and humanity without using the varnish of sentimentality and spectacle."—Sally Mann.

Treadwell is technically out-of-print and we have only a limited number of copies in stock. This item is selling for up to $245 elsewhere.


Cat# CI087H Hardbound List Price: $105.00
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 Deep Discounts
Hiroshi Taniguchi: Tada Sorega Aru Hiroshi Taniguchi: Tada Sorega Aru
"Absent of all text, the 42 colour photographs collected here from this virtually unknown Japanese photographer capture a treasury of little moments, that are both subtle and at times almost transcendent. A charming debut that, to a certain degree, shares similar interests as Rinko Kawauchi."—the publisher

We are selling this item for a special price of $25.95 — it normal retails for $37.00. We have a limited number of copies in stock and do not plan to get any more once these sell out.


Cat# ID979S Softbound List Price $25.95
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Tada Sorega Aru
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 photo-eye First Wednesday Salon
© from left to right Wendy Young, Eric Cousineau, and Jack Combs
© from left to right Wendy Young, Eric Cousineau, and Jack Combs

First Wednesday Photography Salon, June 2nd, 2010.

First Wednesday's June Salon will be held on June 2nd, 2010, with the opening reception starting at 6:30pm and the salon running from 6:45pm to 9pm. Photographers Wendy Young, Eric Cousineau, Brenda Kelley and Jack Combs will be presenting work. Young will show her work documenting the South and Cousineau will feature work from his series American Motel. Presenting together, Jack Combs and Brenda Kelley will discuss the work that culminated in the book The Cubans and DVD They Are Cuban.

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 photo-eye Bookstore Exhibitions
© Murray Brott
© Murray Brott
Last week to view Antarctic Dreams: Photographs by Murray Brott at the photo-eye Bookstore

Murray Brott's photographs of Antarctica will be up for viewing until June 2nd, 2010 in the photo-eye Bookstore. Be sure to stop by and view these beautiful photographs before it is too late.

View Murray Brott's exhibition catalogue here.

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