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© images Carla Van De Puttelaar
© images Carla Van De Puttelaar
Announcing the newest portfolio from photo-eye Editions:
Carla Van De Puttelaar's Cranach Series

"While Carla van de Puttelaar's full-length nudes do indeed evoke Cranach's Venus - with their pale bodies posed graciously against an all-consuming black background - they are quite different women and so is their variety of beauty. Five hundred year old Venus is an actress, a captivating temptress commanding the stage, despite her fragile figure. She firmly holds ground. By contrast, van de Puttelaar's young women do not stand, but rather they float. They seem weightless, floating gently upwards, perhaps, or descending slowly, or hovering motionless in mid-air, before a pitch black sky, a few feet above ground, where the slightest breeze could sigh them away. They are wingless angels, caught in a merciless searchlight, but are oblivious to it. Or, alternately perhaps they are just floating by, unexpectedly, carried by the steady current of a deep, dark, ice-cold mountain stream. Who can tell?" — From the introduction by Fred G. Meijer

This exquisite portfolio of full-body nude photographs contains a title page, essay, fifteen 11x17 inch archival pigment ink prints, a list of plates and a signature page. Published in an edition of fifty, each portfolio is contained in an elegant anodized aluminum box. The pigment ink prints are made on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper.

van der Puttelaar introduction

View more information about photo-eye Editions' Cranach Series portfolio.

View information about all three photo-eye Editions publications.

Call Anne Kelly, Associate Gallery Director 505.988.5152 x121 or email for more information.

Please note that we only have a few portfolios left at the opening price of $1250.

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 photo-eye Gallery - Santa Fe
© Carla van de Puttelaar
© Carla van de Puttelaar
Carla van de Puttelaar's Cranach Series Opens this Friday at photo-eye Gallery

This exhibition celebrates the launch of the Cranach Series portfolio published by photo-eye Editions. It opens this Friday, October 22, 2010 and continues through December 11, 2010. All 15 images from the portfolio will be on display.

View more information about our new photo-eye Editions' Cranach Series portfolio.

View the online portfolio of Carla van de Puttelaar's work.

For print information, contact Anne Kelly, Associate Director.

The gallery is open 10am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday or by appointment.
Shoji Ueda: Photo Album-Brilliant Scenes (INSCRIBED!!) Shoji Ueda: Photo Album-Brilliant Scenes (INSCRIBED!!)
A crucial figure in Pre- and Post-war Japanese photography, Ueda's copious archives are housed in his very own museum. A major Ueda retrospective recently completed a three-year tour of Europe. Comprehensive slide shows of all phases of his career plus everything you ever wanted to know about Ueda, here. While still early in his career, in the 1930s, Shoji Ueda (1913-2000) had already absorbed many of the modernist tendencies then prevalent in photography in the West. The images in this collection were taken using a Vest Pocket-Kodak that Ueda adapted with a modern Pentax AE lens. Sensitizing agents were used on the color negative film. Ueda brilliantly manipulates the soft focus effects afforded by this set-up. A scarce book!
Bids shown below are current as of 4:24 pm MT, 10.20.2010
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
 Jacqueline Hassink: Queen Bees: Female Power Stations   : Jacqueline Hassink: Queen Bees: Female Power Stations - 0
3d 20h 34m
Roni Horn: Pooling Waters (Ísland: To Place 4)--2 Volume Set    : Roni Horn: Pooling Waters (Ísland: To Place 4)--2 Volume Set - 0
4d 23h 34m
     Kishin Shinoyama: Waterfruit . Accidents 1 (SIGNED)  : Kishin Shinoyama: Waterfruit . Accidents 1 (SIGNED) - 0
5d 0h 34m
Shoji Ueda: Photo Album-Brilliant Scenes (INSCRIBED!!)    : Shoji Ueda: Photo Album-Brilliant Scenes (INSCRIBED!!) - 0
5d 22h 34m
 photo-eye Blog
An Interview with Yoshihiko Ueda on Quinault, Part 1

"Earlier this summer a few of us at photo-eye had the privilege of interviewing internationally renowned photographer Yoshihiko Ueda during the opening weekend of his exhibition at the TAI Gallery. Ueda was exhibiting work from his Quinault series, the first exhibition of this work in the United States. The book of this work, published by Seigensha, is collectively one of our favorite books here at photo-eye. We want to thank TAI Gallery for inviting us into their space for this two-hour conversation between Yoshihiko Ueda, Koichiro Okada (translator), Rixon Reed, Melanie McWhorter and Antone Dolezal."

Read the rest of Part 1. Part 2 will be published on our blog on Thursday, October 21, 2010. To view more info on Quinault or to backorder Ueda's book, click here.

Other posts on the Blog this week include Photographer's Showcase Artist Update, Aperture selects Chris Boot as new Executive Director, and Melanie's Pick of the Week, who will stay.
 Limited Editions
Raymond Meeks: who will stay Raymond Meeks: who will stay
who will stay
{ for robert gates }
dumbsaint editions
august twenty-ten

This is the third book in the trilogy by Meeks following amwell, continuum and carousel (now out-of-print). This book is available in three versions from photo-eye: softcover edition, softcover with one carbon print (1:06) and a deluxe edition book with two carbon pigment prints (1:06 and 1:16) and one silver gelatin edition an edition of 60 (50 and 10 APs) READ MORE

Cat# ZE266S Softbound List Price $40.00
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Cat# ZE266L Limited Edition $275.00
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Rick Nahmias: Golden States of Grace Rick Nahmias: Golden States of Grace
"Golden States of Grace brings together such depth and diversity of faith and humanity, that it is seems three-dimensional. It is hard to think of another body of work which looks so compassionately at the faces and voices of disinherited peoples while asking us to think deeply about how we own or disown those on the margins. This is a book for anyone who has ever felt left out, pushed out, or just wondered what it feels like to be on the outside-that is, a book for all of us." — Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking

About the Limited Edition:
The limited edition is hardbound and presented in a slipcase with a placeholder ribbon and a signed and numbered print." READ MORE

Cat# NM197S Softbound List Price $45.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

Cat# NM197L Limited Edition $185.00
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 photo-eye Book Reviews
© From the book <em>Above Zero</em> by Otto Becker
© From the book Above Zero by Otto Becker
Olaf Otto Becker: Above Zero

Becker is a modern day explorer, no less a pioneer than his famous "pole fever" predecessors, from Carsten Borchgrevink, the first Norwegian explorer to set foot in Antarctica, to Ernest Shackleton's well-known Endurance expedition. Between 2003 and 2006, Becker traveled a total of 2,500 miles up and down the coast of Greenland in a rigid inflatable boat. At one point, he failed to notice an approaching ice floe and the collision catapulted him out of the boat onto the floe, leaving him with broken ribs, miles from any settlement. Instead of waiting for a possible Inuit hunter or ship to pass by, he leapt into the water, heaving himself into his retreating boat, taking photographs again the next day. — From Elizabeth Avedon's review of Above Zero with photographs by Otto Becker

For purchasing information, click here.
©From the book Underdog Suite by Cat Tuong Nguyen
©From the book Underdog Suite by Cat Tuong Nguyen

Cat Tuong Nguyen: Underdog Suite

"The book is playful in its seriousness, straying from brief interludes of definitive statement to wander a fugue of travel and politics. In "Terror Market," a tiny installation of a toy bus marked "international airport" is rocked by the firecracker-fueled matchbox truck detonating beside it, all before a backdrop of American dollar bills." — From Nicholas Chiarella's review of Underdog Suite with photographs by Cat Tuong Nguyen

For purchasing information, click here.
© From the book Working the Line by David Taylor
© From the book Working the Line by David Taylor

David Taylor: Working the Line

"he accordion fold is a wonderful way to present these images as it allows you to consider them in a circular fashion; you end up where you started. Most of the images here are typologies: the monument is in the middle of the frame with enough of the surrounds to see whether it is located in an urban center or the proverbial middle of nowhere. The photographs that break this convention are some of the most compelling; in "Border Monument 222" the obelisk is secondary to the family sitting under the shade of a ramshackle porch. In the background, the open vistas of the desert are annihilated by the recently constructed border fence. It is an apt visualization of the border as barrier. " — From David Ondrik's review of Working the Line with photographs by David Taylor

For purchasing information, click here.

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 Book Publishing Workshops in New Orleans
December Publishing Workshops in New Orleans

Sequencing a Photo Essay, with Sylvia Plachy
This is an intensive editing class for those who want to use photographs to tell a story, be it a personal journey or professional assignment leading to a photo essay for a book, magazine, or publication.

Drawing on over thirty years experience, Sylvia will guide you to examine your personal voice, clarify what type of project you want to pursue, and learn how to best create and sequence your own photo essay. A photograph can stand alone and be rich in meaning, but when you string a number of images together, like lines in a poem or phrases in music — in an essay, show, and especially a book — the pictures become much more than the sum of their parts. Read more

Melanie McWhorter: A Beginner's Workshop on Photobook Publishing
This two-day workshop covers the evolution of a photography book from its inception as an idea to a finished product.

Intended for photographers with little or no experience in publishing, A Beginner's Workshop on Photobook Publishing is an interactive, dynamic workshop that enables participants to fine tune their ideas and become familiar with design, layout and essential publishing processes. When completed, participants will be able to make decisions about publishing their work and envision all of the steps involved in producing their project from start to finish. Read more

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