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from the book For Now
from the book For Now

For Now by William Eggleston

"Who amongst photography enthusiasts wouldn't relish the chance to rummage in the William Eggleston archive? Biased as I am - William Eggleston was the first photographer whose work I ever studied in any depth, and he remains one of my personal favourites - I can't help but think that this library in particular, created by one of the medium's most prolific and original practitioners, would be a treat to browse. " — from the review by Faye Robson of William Eggleston's For Now
from the book Made in Belarus
from the book Made in Belarus

Made in Belarus by Philippe Herbet

"When trying to get my bearings on a book, I just stick with the printed book that is in front of me. Doing that with Made in Belarus by Philippe Herbet was an exercise in frustration. This was the first time I had seen the photographer's work, I went to his website to try to understand how this series fits in his larger photographic output." — from the review by Tom Leininger of Philippe Herbet's Made in Belarus

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Robert Frank: New York City (Outtake from The Americans, Early 70s Print)--NEW LOW RESERVE! Robert Frank: New York City (Outtake from The Americans, Early 70s Print)--NEW LOW RESERVE!
A iconic Frank image of New York street life, printed in the early 70s. It appears in both the Japanese and American editions of the seminal 1972 book Lines of My Hand as well as in the 2001 survey Hold Still-Keep Going.
Bids shown below are current as of 2:48 pm MT, 02.09.2011
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
  Tadanori Yokoo: The Complete Tadanori Yokoo   (SIGNED): Tadanori Yokoo: The Complete Tadanori Yokoo (SIGNED) $530 1
4h 11m
Daido Moriyama: Color (SIGNED!) : Daido Moriyama: Color (SIGNED!) - 0
9d 0h 11m
Robert Frank: New York City (Outtake from The Americans, Early 70s Print)--NEW LOW RESERVE!: Robert Frank: New York City (Outtake from The Americans, Early 70s Print)--NEW LOW RESERVE! - 0
10d 3h 11m
Richard Prince: Spiritual America: Richard Prince: Spiritual America - 0
12d 1h 11m

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 photo-eye Blog
from the book Nerves
from the book Nerves
A Closer Look - Nerves

"The last few years of contributing and working on photo-eye Magazine's Best Book feature has been both fun and the process exciting. Usually we work so furiously to get the information out to the public that by the time we actually get to look at the books our contributor's select... we are doing so alongside our readers. I just got the chance to pick up Laetitia Donval's recent publication Nerves and I agree with Morten Andersen... it was one of the best books published in 2010." — Antone Dolezal

Read the full blog post here.

Purchase a copy of this book here.

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 Limited Editions
Raymond Meeks: who will stay Raymond Meeks: who will stay

There are now only two copies of the Deluxe Edition left of this book which includes 2 carbon pigment , 1:06 and 1:16 , prints and 1 silver gelatin edition in an edition of 60 (50 and 10 APs). All other editions are sold out!

"who will stay" is the third book and final chapter in a series of narratives
which attempt to reconcile loss while tracing back to celebrate a family life
graced by unmistakable beauty.

Read writings by photo-eye staff for who will stay:
Melanie's Picks on photo-eye Blog
Daniel Espeset's blurb for photo-eye's weekly newsletter."

To see what else Raymond Meeks is up to, check out his new publication with Silas Finch Crime Victims Chronicle. READ MORE

Cat# ZE266L Limited Edition $275.00
Purchase Limited Edition

who will stay

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 Lecture & Booksigning
from the book Descendants
from the book Descendants
Lecture and Booksigning with Norman Mauskopf

When: Saturday, February 26, 2011, 2-4pm
Where: New Mexico History Museum Auditorium, 113 Lincoln Avenue, Santa Fe
Co-sponsors: VERVE Gallery of Photography, Photo Archives/Palace of the Governors and photo-eye Books

Northern New Mexico is a complex weave of pride and history. In this region of ancient traditions and striking environmental and ethnic diversity, Norman Mauskopf has spent the last decade photographing the Hispanic people and their culture. The photographs that emerged depict the intersection of religion, injustice, community, and transcendence.

To preorder a signed copy of Descendants click here.
 Book of the Week
Sebastien Girard: Desperate Cars Sebastien Girard: Desperate Cars—Signed
"Exhausted, abandoned, wounded, the collection of cars captured by S├ębastien Girard are in fact desperate. We find them in the middle of the night, broken wrecks bearing the scars of their mad days wheeled by man. An analytical flash captures them in their everlasting solitude. Desperate cars is the second book of the series inaugurated by Nothing but Home."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZE337H Hardbound List Price: $65.00
Purchase Signed Book / Check Online Price

Cat# ZE337L Limited Edition $225.00
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Desperate Cars
 Call for Entries

This March Associate Gallery Director Anne Kelly will be traveling to San Francisco to be a reviewer at the Photo Alliance Our World portfolio review. The One World portfolio review is a great opportunity for photographers to connect with photography editors, publishers, curators, gallerists, and educators representing small, mid-sized, and major venues from around the U.S..

To see a list of the reviewers click here.

Applications are due February 11th. Click here to view the application.

A Word from Santa Fe Photographic Workshops:

Our Second Ever Photography Contest!

This time, it's all about the light. As photographers, capturing it is what we do. Natural, studio, low key, high key, long exposures or explorations in light graffiti-how you see the light is up to you.

Join our international community of photographers and share your photographs with our distinguished panel of judges. The experience will be rewarding and the prizes are great, including free workshops!

Save $10 when you enter by February 19, 2011. The "light" turns off March 31, 2011.

For more details click here.

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