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from left to right: Francesca Yorke & Chris Nail
from left to right: Francesca Yorke & Chris Nail
 photo-eye Photographer's Showcase
© Gabriela Herman
© Gabriela Herman

Gabriela Herman's portfolio Bloggers

"It is through our screens, these beacons of light, that the world opens up and we become literally linked to one another. I began photographing bloggers with this idea in mind, giving the viewer a peek into their intimate worlds by using their screens as the sole light source. My idea was to start with one blogger and ask them to recommend the next subject from someone on their blogroll. The same way their blogs are linked to each other's online, the photos would be linked to each other in the series.

By looking at connectivity in this digital age and the ways in which we live and spend our time, this series shows how from these dark corners, bloggers are adding value to and changing the way people interact in the world. " — Gabriela Herman

Gabriela Herman
Candy Stand

Archival Inkjet Print
20x30" Image
26x36" Mat

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on Gabriela Herman's work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.

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 photo-eye First Wednesday Salon
from left to right: Francesca Yorke & Chris Nail
from left to right: Francesca Yorke & Chris Nail

First Wednesday Photography Salon
Artists presenting: Chris Nail and Francesca Yorke

May 4th, 2011, 6:30-8pm
photo-eye Gallery, 376-A Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Contact: Antone Dolezal
505.988.5152 x 114

First Wednesday's May Salon will be held on May 4th, 2011, with the salon running from 6:30pm to 8pm. Photographers Chris Nail and Francesca Yorke will be presenting work. Nail will show his photographic series Flat Land examining the prairie landscape of rural Kansas and Yorke will feature her series Fight which explores the multi-faceted world of extreme fighting.

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 photo-eye Blog
Interview: Jamey Stillings

"Currently on display at photo-eye Gallery is Jamey Stillings' The Bridge At Hoover Dam. Some of you may recall that we had a smaller exhibition of Jamey Stillings' work in October of 2009, when Stillings had just embarked on his project. Considering that this work has the power of arousing curiosity in most of the people who have come to photo-eye to see it, I have been asked dozens of questions about the bridge. And assuming that many of us have the same questions, I have asked Stillings to share his experience with us." — Anne Kelly

Read the full interview on photo-eye Blog with Jamey Stillings here.

View Jamey Stillings' portfolio at photo-eye Gallery here.
from the books Idea of North and Suburbia Mexicana
from the books Idea of North and Suburbia Mexicana
Photolucida's Critical Mass Books

photo-eye just received our first review copies of Photolucida's recently published books from the 2009 Critical Mass book awards and as always we are very impressed. I assume it is no surprise that we enjoy what Photolucida is all about, supplying a vast amount of opportunities for emerging or mid-career artists. This year's publications offer two thoughtful and strong bodies of work, Birthe Piontek's The Idea of North and Alejandro Cartagena's Suburbia Mexicana.

Read the full post on the new Photolucida Critical Mass books here.

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Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens (2008 Reprint) Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens (2008 Reprint)
"Fukase's cry of despair is perhaps one of the most romantic photobooks...The imagery is beautiful, surprising, haunting, but ultimately it is Fukase's masterly handling of the narrative and rhythm that makes it so memorable."—Parr & Badger
Bids shown below are current as of 5:06 pm MT, 05.03.2011
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Chan Chao: Echo (SIGNED) : Chan Chao: Echo (SIGNED) $180 1
0h 53m
György Lörinczy: New York, New York      : György Lörinczy: New York, New York - 0
1d 22h 53m
Trent Parke: Bedknobs & Broomsticks (SIGNED): Trent Parke: Bedknobs & Broomsticks (SIGNED) $200 1
2d 1h 53m
Jackie Nickerson: Farm     : Jackie Nickerson: Farm - 0
2d 23h 53m
Edouard Boubat: Anges (Angels)--SIGNED    : Edouard Boubat: Anges (Angels)--SIGNED - 0
3d 0h 53m
Adam Fuss: Ark: Adam Fuss: Ark - 0
3d 22h 53m
Josef Koudelka: Invasion. Prague '68 (SIGNED): Josef Koudelka: Invasion. Prague '68 (SIGNED) $230 1
3d 23h 53m
Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens (2008 Reprint): Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens (2008 Reprint) - 0
8d 22h 53m

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
from the book Recollection
from the book Recollection

Recollection by Walter Niedermayr

"An expansive highway interchange dominates the foreground while in the distance giant cranes erect buildings that look like modern casinos. One might assume that this photograph depicts a new development on the fringe of the Las Vegas strip, but this would be a false presumption. Walter Niedermayr's photographs describe the social and political landscape of Iran by examining the architecture of its towns and urban centers." — from the review by Daniel W. Coburn of Walter Niedermayr's Recollection

Purchase a copy of the book here

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 Book of the Week
Takashi Homma: New Documentary Takashi Homma: New Documentary
"Photographs by Takashi Homma are known for reflecting dry sentiment of the times and giving us a feeling of distance toward the subject. Dealing with a variety of themes, such as architecture, ocean waves, children seen in Tokyo and suburban scenery, he has serialized many of them over the years. Keeping away from describing narrative or emotion, his neutral viewpoint captures the subject unemotionally, which is suitably called 'new documentary,' that leans towards neither expression nor record, advancing from the age when the two were specifically questioned." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZE516S Softbound List Price $95.00
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New Documentary

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