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 photo-eye Gallery Opening
© Colette Campbell-Jones
© Colette Campbell-Jones
Colette Campbell-Jones — Stories from Underground

Opening Friday, June 3rd, 2011 4-7pm
On Display through July 30th, 2011
photo-eye Gallery is located at
376-A Garcia, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Stories from Underground, by Colette Campbell-Jones are visual reconstructions of oral histories from the coal miners of South Wales. Campbell-Jones was inspired to retell the stories of this vanishing culture after spending time with her husband's family in the small town of Ton Petre.

Using a self described "hybrid process" combining documents with manipulated digital imagery, Campbell-Jones is able to interweave the various stories and histories of the Welsh mining communities into individual narratives. The image in Stories from Underground reference drawing and printmaking process and appear almost as if they could be charcoal drawings.

To view more work by Colette Campbell-Jones visit photo-eye Gallery here.

For more information about this exhibit, please contact Anne Kelly at 505-988-5152 x121 or anne@photoeye.com.

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 photo-eye Blog
from the book The Absolute Truth
from the book The Absolute Truth
A Closer Look — The Absolute Truth

"Every photograph has a distinct unit. To connect photographs as some sort of narrative is simply conceit of both the photographer and the viewer. All I can say about these particular photographs, is that they are certainly previous and elsewhere." — John Gossage

"This quotation (which got me thinking a little too much) starts off John Gossage's new Super Labo book The Absolute Truth. I have dragged my feet in writing about this book because of my own initial thoughts on the opening statement. How do you start off a series of images with such a definite declaration? Yes, Gossage is one of photography's most prolific artists, a leader in defining photographic approach. The attractiveness of his work is in many ways based on his inherent ability to follow his own instincts... and is a trait of unquestionable admiration. While many photographers will find a singular image to develop a body of work around (and sometimes a career) it is refreshing to continually see such a prolific photographer redefine their own boundaries." — Antone Dolezal

Read Antone Dolezal's full post here.

Purchase a copy of this book here.
from left to right: Michael Levin & David H. Gibson
from left to right: Michael Levin & David H. Gibson

Also on Display — Michael Levin & David H. Gibson

Included in the "gallery artist section" during the Jamey Stillings exhibit were photographs by Michael Levin and David H. Gibson. The Stillings exhibit has come down, but the Gibson and Levin images will be up for one more week. If you are in Santa Fe stop by and take a look. As usual we can always pull the work from the flat files after the work comes down — just ask. Both photographers have agreed to tell us a little more about the images that are on display.

Read Anne Kelly's full post here.

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
from the book André Kertész
from the book André Kertész

André Kertész edited by Michel Frizot and Annie-Laure Wanaverbecq

""I am an amateur," photographer André Kertész said in 1930, five years after he had left his native Hungary for Paris. "And I intend to stay that way for the rest of my life." In 1961, a year before Kertész retired from what he described as eleven "lost years" working as a magazine photographer on contract to Condé Nast, Kertész reiterated his declaration. "I still regard myself as an amateur today and I hope that's what I'll stay until the end of my life. Because I'm forever a beginner who discovers the world again and again."" — from the review by Joscelyn Jurich of André Kertész

Purchase a copy of the book here.
from the book Oceanscapes
from the book Oceanscapes

Oceanscapes by Renate Aller

"Years ago, Renate Aller began to photograph and investigate the ocean landscape near her adopted American home, perhaps wistfully looking out towards her native land across the Atlantic Ocean. In the ensuring ten years, her studies developed into this titled work, Oceanscapes. Her spirit is similar to Edward Steichen when he photographed the small section of his Connecticut backyard, intrinsically drawn to the same place, photographing as a cathartic exercise." — from the review by Douglas Stockdale of Renate Aller's Oceanscapes

Purchase a copy of the book here.

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 Almost Out-of-Print
Lee Friedlander: America by Car Lee Friedlander: America by Car
"Driving across most of the country's 50 states in an ordinary rental car, Friedlander applied the brilliantly simple conceit of deploying the sideview mirror, rearview mirror, the windshield and the side windows as a picture frame within which to record the country's eccentricities and obsessions at the turn of the century." — the publisher

We have very limited quantities of the hardbound version. The signed and numbered limited edition is still available and we are taking backorders for the limited at this time.

Read George Slade's review of America by Car in photo-eye Magazine.

Read the post on America by Car on photo-eye Blog. READ MORE

Cat# DQ408H Hardbound List Price: $49.95
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

America by Car

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 Book of the Week
Birthe Piontek: The Idea of North Birthe Piontek: The Idea of North
"Piontek's project has a dark tenor. She readily admits that she is drawn to the uncanny, and is interested in the project having an underlying tension, a feeling of uneasiness and disturbance. However, it is not intended to be a grim essay on the effects of isolation on the human soul. Instead, Piontek believes the darkness is a powerful aspect of the human condition, one that is well-suited to express intimacy, vulnerability, and a depth of feeling." — the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZE525H Hardbound List Price: $40.00
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The Idea of North

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