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 photo-eye Gallery - New Work to be Released by Mitch Dobrowner
Jupiter © Mitch Dobrowner 2011
Jupiter © Mitch Dobrowner 2011
New Work to be Released by Mitch Dobrowner

photo-eye is excited to announce that Mitch Dobrowner will be releasing new work October 11th.

Continuing his storm series, these new photographs criss-cross Tornado Alley and the Great Plains, continuing to push the bounds of his photography, seeking out the "nastiest, most unstable" weather possible.

Dobrowner's storm series work was recently featured in Time Magazine's Lightbox:

"Words are inadequate to describe the experience of photographing this immense power and beauty, and the most exciting part is with each trip I really don't know what to expect. But today I see these storms as living, breathing things. They are born when the conditions are right, they gain strength as they grow, they fight against their environment to stay alive, they change form as they age, and eventually they die. They take on so many different aspects, personalities and faces. My only hope is that my images can do justice to these amazing phenomena of nature."

The new works, one of which is shown above, will be released by Dobrowner on October 11th. No other new works are viewable until then. Please contact photo-eye Associate Director Anne Kelly to receive additional information about this exciting release. photo-eye gallery may also be reached by phone at 505-988-5152 x202.

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Brassaï: Elohivas (Letters to My Parents' ) in Scarce Dust Jacket! Brassaï: Elohivas (Letters to My Parents' ) in Scarce Dust Jacket!
A stunning dust jacket design! Contains 90 letters which recount the daily life of Brassaï as a young Hungarian immigrant discovering Parisian artistic society between 1920 and 1940. Rare in original dust jacket. Reprinted by University of Chicago Press in 1997.
Bids shown below are current as of 4:49 pm MT, 09.21.2011
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
   Bruce Weber: Shufly (for Fisherman, Hunter, Canoeist, Camper, Prospector, Yachtsman--Inscribed : Bruce Weber: Shufly (for Fisherman, Hunter, Canoeist, Camper, Prospector, Yachtsman--Inscribed - 0
22h 10m
Brassaï: Elohivas (Letters to My Parents' ) in Scarce Dust Jacket!: Brassaï: Elohivas (Letters to My Parents' ) in Scarce Dust Jacket! $400 1
2d 22h 10m
Daido Moriyama: Hysteric (no. 4, 1993)    : Daido Moriyama: Hysteric (no. 4, 1993) - 0
Auction Ended
William Klein: 'Eenstemmig' (Rare Late 60s Citroën DS Catalogue!)   : William Klein: 'Eenstemmig' (Rare Late 60s Citroën DS Catalogue!) - 0
Auction Ended

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
from the book Chinese Sentiment
from the book Chinese Sentiment

Chinese Sentiment by Shen Wei

"Judging solely by the numerous photobooks and news reports that have inundated the West in the past ten years, modern China appears alternatively as a skyscraper laden wonderland or a threatening economic and political juggernaut. Rarely do more nuanced reports or reflections on these radical changes appear in the West. Avoiding the jingoistic and sensationalist tenor of recent books, Shen Wei's first book, Chinese Sentiment, offers an antidote to the neon tigers and faceless masses of recent photographic work on China." — from the review of Chinese Sentiment by Adam Bell

Purchase a copy of Chinese Sentiment.
from the book Mexico Roma
from the book Mexico Roma

Mexico Roma by Graciela Iturbide

"Graciela Iturbide's newest book Mexico Roma feels and looks like one (beautifully designed) volume from a traveler's archive of scrapbooks. However, this is the only volume published. If its companions exist, they are yet to be made. At 6.5 by 8 inches and just 96 pages, it's the size and shape of a journal that would fit easily into a purse or camera case." — from the review of Mexico Roma by Alexandra Huddleston

Purchase a copy of Mexico Roma.
from the book The Heath
from the book The Heath

The Heath by Andy Sewell

"It is on rare occasion that one opens a book of photographs reflective of a specific place that speak softly to a personal journey of subtle meditation, while at the same time contains imagery so moving as to leave the viewer contemplating their own experience. This is where I found myself after quietly absorbing the images in Andy Sewell's self-published book The Heath, pondering a personal sense of place and considering my own ideal of solitary reflection. " — from the review of The Heath by Antone Dolezal

Purchase a copy of The Heath.

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 photo-eye Blog
from the book Dondoro
from the book Dondoro
A Closer Look — Dondoro

"Dondoro, a slim and elegant volume from Estelle Hanania, is a collaboration with the late master puppeteer and puppet maker Hoichi Okamoto. Named after the theater Okamoto founded and published after his death in 2010, the book is a meditation Okamoto's on art — strange and somber images of puppets that seem eerily alive while they simultaneously show the magnificently skilled hand of the crafter." — Sarah Bradley

Read Sarah Bradley's full post on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy of Dondoro

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 Book of the Week
Joel Sternfeld: First Pictures Joel Sternfeld: First Pictures
"This is the first book of Sternfeld's largely unseen early colour photographs. In 1969 Sternfeld began working with a 35 mm camera and Kodachrome film, and First Pictures contains works from this time until 1980. Here Sternfeld develops traits that appear in his mature work: irony, a politicised view of America, concern for the social condition." — the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZE663H Hardbound List Price: $78.00
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First Pictures

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 photo-eye First Wednesday Salon
from left to right: Harvey Stein and Sondra Goodwin
from left to right: Harvey Stein and Sondra Goodwin

First Wednesday Photography Salon Artists presenting: Harvey Stein and Sondra Goodwin
October 5th, 2011, 6:30-9:00 Salon, exhibit preview of Axle Contemporary
photo-eye Gallery, 376-A Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Contact: Melanie McWhorter 505.988.5152 x 112

First Wednesday's October Salon will be held on October 5th, 2011. Harvey Stein will speak about his extensive body of work and new monograph Coney Island and Sondra Goodwin will discuss her new series Vegetus Verietas documenting vegetables grown in her garden. In addition to the Salon, Axle Contemporary (mobile gallery) will be parked outside of photo-eye Gallery for a preview of their new exhibition Harvest.

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 Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
Our Semi-Annual Photography Contest - Closes Tonight!

It's cooling down, but the heat is on ... SUMMER the Photo Contest ends tonight (September 21, 2011) at midnight MST.

Perhaps more than any other season, there's a personality to summer, and it's yours to capture, define, or interpret. Color or black-and-white, an object, a person, a location, a moment, however you see SUMMER just get your images in by midnight tonight!

We are privileged to have an esteemed panel of jurors to view the entries and select the contest winners: Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography, The New York Times Magazine; Scott Thode, Editor-in-Chief, VII magazine; Katherine Ware, Curator of Photography, New Mexico Museum of Art; Sean Kernan, Photographer; and Reid Callanan, Director, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. Over $13,000 in prizes, including a VisualServer Standard Account for One Year and free workshops. This global competition is open to photographers 18 years of age and over.

For more information click here.

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