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© Kelli Connell
© Kelli Connell
 photo-eye Gallery - Events
© Kelli Connell
© Kelli Connell

Exhibition Opening This Weekend: Kelli Connell's Double Life

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce an artist reception for Kelli Connell, this Friday, June 1st from 4:30-6:30pm at photo-eye Gallery, 376A Garcia Street, Santa Fe. Her exhibition Double Life runs through June 30th. This will be Connell's first exhibition at photo-eye Gallery.

Kelli Connell's series, Double Life, appears to document the evolving relationship between two women. By combining multiple negatives of the same model, Connell uses digital imaging techniques to create constructed realities. The model acts out various fictional scenarios, with the characters' body language and clothing changing in each image. The work represents Connell's investigation of identity, sexuality, and gender roles, as they shape and are expressed within intimate relationships. Through her photographs she addresses complex issues about visual rhetoric and the self.

Purchase a signed copy of Double Life.

Read Kelli's comments on two of her iconic images Head to Head and Carnival on photo-eye Blog.

Murmur 21, Nov. 26, 2006 from Richard Barnes Murmur series,
currently showing with Connell's work in photo-eye Gallery.

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on Kelli Connell's work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.

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 Book of the Week
Kelli Connell: Double Life Kelli Connell: Double Life—Signed

"In fact, Connell has photographed the same model portraying both of the women and then digitally combined the two images so seamlessly that not a trace remains of their construction. Connell has been at the forefront of artists using digital technologies for the past decade, but her art is not about Photoshop, and the photographs in Double Life extend far beyond their duplicity into larger and more complex issues of identity and visual rhetoric." — the publisher

About the Limited Edition
Limited edition archival inkjet collage, signed and numbered, with copy of Double Life. There is a choice of one of two prints with the limited edition.
View print choice 1 (Carnival)
View print choice 2 (Con Kiss)
Matte size: 11 x 14 in.
Image size: 5 x 7 in.
Edition of 15, signed and numbered.

Read David Ondrik's review of Double Life on photo-eye Blog.

View Kelli Connell's work in photo-eye Gallery. READ MORE

Cat# DQ795H Hardbound List Price: $60.00
Purchase Signed Book / Check Online Price

Double Life

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 photo-eye Gallery Santa Fe - New Work
©2012 Mitch Dobrowner
©2012 Mitch Dobrowner

New Work by Mitch Dobrowner

photo-eye Gallery is very excited to announce new images by represented photographer Mitch Dobrowner. After a number of years focusing on chasing storms and all kinds of nasty weather, Dobrowner has managed to find some calmer weather and has re-entered the landscape.

Click Here
to view all four of Dobrowner's new images.

For additional information about Dobrowner's photographs please visit his photo-eye portfolios or contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director or by calling the gallery at 505-988-5152 x202

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 photo-eye Auctions

At first blush the work of photographer Sanne Sannes looks a good deal like that of his contemporaries, Sam Haskins and Wingate Paine. But Sannes, a mythical figure who died in a car wreck in 1967 at age 30, has much more in common with the psychological explorations of filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Equal parts Brian Jones and Antonioni's lens man Thomas — the character at the center Blow-Up, Sannes was called the Marquis de Sade of Holland by some. We've got two of his books up this week: The Face of Love (1972) and Oog om Oog (1964).

Also on the block: Koen Wessing's Chili, September 1973; Eggleston's Graceland; Ishimoto's Chicago, Chicago —& Much More! Be sure to watch Eric's weekly presentation below and check out all ten of this week's stellar listings!

For consignment inquiries, contact Eric Miles, Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions

Bids shown below are current as of 4:38 pm MT, 05.30.2012
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
Sanne Sannes: The Face of Love: Sanne Sannes: The Face of Love $495
21h 21m
Rinko Kawauchi: Utatane (Nap)--First Edition: Rinko Kawauchi: Utatane (Nap)--First Edition $395
21h 26m
Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Chicago, Chicago: Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Chicago, Chicago $1,150
21h 31m
Christien Meindertsma: PIG 05049 (1st printing!): Christien Meindertsma: PIG 05049 (1st printing!) $225
21h 36m
William Eggleston: Elvis at Graceland: William Eggleston: Elvis at Graceland $310
21h 41m
Chargesheimer:  Im Rhur Gebiet: Chargesheimer: Im Rhur Gebiet $195
21h 46m
Koen Wessing: Chili, September 1973: Koen Wessing: Chili, September 1973 $1,500
21h 51m
Sanne Sannes: Oog Om Oog [An Eye for an Eye]: Sanne Sannes: Oog Om Oog [An Eye for an Eye] $795
21h 56m
Peter Beard: The End of the Game, 1st edition: Peter Beard: The End of the Game, 1st edition $295
22h 1m
Eugene Richards: Dorchester Days (SIGNED): Eugene Richards: Dorchester Days (SIGNED) $295
22h 11m

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 photo-eye Blog
© Mike McLeod
© Mike McLeod

Photo Zines: Casual Encounters

"Book 001 is titled Cameron, and opens with an image of the photographers shadow stretching across the front door of his subject's house. Inside, we get a few shots of the house's cinder block interior, and a few portraits of Cameron himself, nude, but looking more thoughtful than seductive. Josh, volume 002, is an older man, and his poses are both more sexual and aggressive, though his face is never visible — he stands naked facing the camera, hands covering his face. Volume 003, SPNDXBOI, is the strangest of the group, comprised of a series of nearly identical photographs of a man in variously colored zentia suits — spandex garments designed to conceal the entire body. He sits on the same colorless carpet, in the same pose, the same electrical cord strewn on the carpet behind him. Volume 004, Tom, stands out as somehow feeling more tender. It opens with a grid of images of cell phone base station antenna, and Tom sits for his portrait with a slight smile on his face. The latest book, Ron, is perhaps the most lonely feeling, opening with the exterior of a cheap motel and moving to photographs of a bed, one of which has a man laying on it." — Sarah Bradley from photo-eye Blog

Read Sarah Bradley's entire post on Casual Encounters.

Purchase a copy of one or all issues of Casual Encounters here.
© Andrei Liankevich
© Andrei Liankevich
A Closer Look: Pagan photographs by Andrei Liankevich

"Two of the features of design that make this book striking are the dark, often black, pages surrounding the images and the complimentary cinematic sequencing — it often feels like watching an old film. Each image, or sequence of images, is rife with symbolism which Liankenvich is so gracious to explain. In addition to the ritual descriptions in the back of the book, he presents the Glossary which defines how items thought to be associated with western iconography — images of saints, crosses, water — mix with the symbols of paganism: both proceeding in tandem to form the contemporary culture. This agrarian society has blended their daily belief systems and much of their life into symbolism and fairy tales." — Melanie McWhorter from the photo-eye Blog

Read Melanie McWhorter's entire post on Pagan.

Buy the book here.

View photo-eye Blog

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
Mary Ellen Mark: Prom

"I came to Prom through the back door, first watching the accompanying documentary directed by Martin Bell. This 35-minute series of interviews with some of the photo subjects was heartbreaking and funny and a reminder of how scary and heady it was to be that age. They're kids still, but not for much longer, and they're all keenly aware of that fact; you get the sense that they're trying to suck every last drop of youth from the bottom of the glass, making noises with their straws. The video quality of the DVD felt a little like a poorly streaming Netflix movie, but the substance of the interviews made up for what the DVD lacked in sharpness." — Liz Kuball from the review of Prom by Mary Ellen Mark

Read the entire review of Prom on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.


Cat# GM082S Softbound List Price $49.95
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

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 Santa Fe Events

Review Santa Events This Weekend

CENTER's annual portfolio review event Review Santa Fe will be taking place this coming weekend. Some of the events are open to the public including the evening of open portfolio viewing, docent led tours and Sunday's panel discussion.

CENTER is located at 50 Mt. Carmel Rd, Santa Fe and many of the events will be held around the beautiful campus. For more info on CENTER and Review Santa Fe events, visit the CENTER website.

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