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Chromosphere by Mitch Dobrowner
Chromosphere by Mitch Dobrowner
New storm images from Mitch Dobrowner

"After being on the road for close to a week, driving close to 5000 miles, we started this day near Bismark, North Dakota. After driving 3 hours (approx 200 miles) we first caught sight of this storm in the early afternoon. Standing in a farm field in Timber Lake, South Dakota we watched as the storm began to take shape, watching as its structure became more evident. To me these storms act like living, breathing beings; they are born when the conditions are right, they gain strength as they grow (ie: a baby), they turn violent and unpredictable as they start to mature - just as a young adult would (or at least like I did). They mature and stabilize and eventually age out and die." —Mitch Dobrowner, on the storm pictured in Chromosphere

"We are pleased to announce that Mitch Dobrowner's 2012 Storm photographs are now available. It has been quite a year for Dobrowner, he won 2012 Sony World Photographer of the Year, National Geographic Magazine ran a ten-page spread devoted his storm work and his urban series was featured in Intelligent Life Magazine by The Economist, and Aperture will be releasing a book of his images next fall." —from Anne Kelly's post on the photo-eye Blog.

View the complete selection of new storm images here.

Previous posts and interviews with Mitch Dobrowner can be seen here.

For additional information about Mitch Dobrowner's work or to acquire a photograph, please contact the gallery at (505) 988-5152 x202 or by email.
Linda Connor's prints from the Lick Observatory

"Linda Connor is one of the seven photographers included in our current exhibit, Solar. The exhibition includes a very unique selection of visions of the sun, conceptually, visually and technically. Linda Connor's contribution are a magical selection of beautifully printed gold-toned solar eclipse images printed from glass plate negatives from the archive of the Lick Observatory in California, most of which were recorded by the observatory between 1890-1920. Connor's prints are exposed by the sun on printing-out paper from the original glass plate negatives, which were made by a variety of important photographers including E.E. Barnard. In her own images, Connor is known for her imagery of the ancient and sacred. She has traveled extensively in India, the American Southwest, Nepal, Thailand and beyond, recording images with her 8x10 view camera. The other day I asked Connor to share a little more of the story behind her images printed from the archives of the Lick Observatory. Though I already know a great deal about Connor and her work, I really enjoyed hearing the full story, and by the time our conversation was over I had scribbled several pages of notes." —from Anne Kelly's post on the photo-eye Blog

Read the entire post on the photo-eye Blog.

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
Chris McCaw: Sunburn

"I was both excited and apprehensive to learn that Chris McCaw's photography was being published in his first monograph, Sunburn. I've been a fan of his one-of-a-kind photographic objects for a while now, and was nervous about how the images would translate to the printed page. The physicality of the sun-scorched burn across (and often through) his photographs is integral to the experience and because I've seen the real thing, I was uncertain that someone who hasn't could appreciate what they are looking at. Would the book pull it off?" — from David Ondrik's review of Sunburn by Chris McCaw

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
Mikhael Subotzky: Retinal Shift

"The first thing one notices about Mikhael Subotzky's Retinal Shift is its size. At 490 pages, two inches thick, and weighing just over 5 pounds, Retinal Shift is among more mammoth photobooks I've encountered. To get a sense of the dimensions think of Magnum Degrees or Magnum Landscapes. Or just think of the word Magnum, which identifies Subotzky as well as his tome. Publisher Steidl has not held much back here." — from Blake Andrews' review of Retinal Shift by Mikhael Subotzky

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
Rob Hornstra: Kiev

"Kiev, the latest in the sketchbook series from the on-going Sochi Project by Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen, features images taken by Hornstra with a 1970s Kiev camera. A gift from a friend in Sochi, the Ukrainian built medium-format SLRs were known for being almost exact clones of pricier models, but also for Soviet-era manufacturing defects. My dad actually had one of these cameras. As a child, I was intrigued by its size and Soviet-sounding name. For Hornstra, the appeal lay in photographing Sochi with a camera that had seen it in the 1970s and how such a camera can change the act of seeing." — from Sarah Bradley's review of Kiev by Rob Hornstra

Read more on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.

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 In-Print Photobook Video Series
Melanie McWhorter shares with us Jonathan Hollingsworth's Left Behind: Life and Death on the US Border, published by Dewi Lewis, in the fifth installment of the In-Print Photobook Video Series.

Watch the video on the photo-eye Blog.

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 photo-eye Auctions
We are always on a quest to touch the aesthetic nerve centers of our audience here at photo-eye Auctions. Judging from recent response (HERE & HERE & HERE), the books of Antoine D'Agata seem to have done just that. So, this week, he's back with Insomnia from 2003.

Salvador Costa created one of the 'primary documents' of the UK Punk explosion circa '76-'77 with the (Spanish) publication of Punk. An essential of rock photography!! Also, the incredibly rare title, Berlin Notat (Berlin Note; shown at left) by the incomparable Danish photographer Krass Clement; signed books by O. Winston Link; Eggleston & MUCH MORE!! Check out Eric's Weekly below!! Thanks as always for looking!!

What's on your shelves? For inquiries regarding the sale of a single book or print, or an entire library or collection, contact Eric Miles, Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions

Bids shown below are current as of 3:49 pm MT, 11.14.2012
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
Antoine D'Agata: Insomnia: Antoine D'Agata: Insomnia $595
22h 10m
Salvador Costa: Punk (1977!): Salvador Costa: Punk (1977!) $595
22h 15m
Paul Kooiker: Room Service + Showground (2 Books): Paul Kooiker: Room Service + Showground (2 Books) $225
22h 20m
Roe Ethridge: Le Luxe (First Printing, SIGNED!): Roe Ethridge: Le Luxe (First Printing, SIGNED!) $165
22h 25m
Herb Ritts: Notorious (INSCRIBED): Herb Ritts: Notorious (INSCRIBED) $225
22h 30m
John Baldessari: A Different Kind of Order + Life's Balance (Rare 2 Vol. Set)    : John Baldessari: A Different Kind of Order + Life's Balance (Rare 2 Vol. Set) $720
22h 35m
Krass Clement: Berlin Notat (Berlin Note): Krass Clement: Berlin Notat (Berlin Note) $995
22h 40m
Hellen van Meene: Untitled (1st Monograph!)     : Hellen van Meene: Untitled (1st Monograph!) $395
22h 45m
O. Winston Link: Night Trick + Ghost Train + Steam, Steal, Stars (ALL SIGNED!!): O. Winston Link: Night Trick + Ghost Train + Steam, Steal, Stars (ALL SIGNED!!) $395
22h 55m
Edward Weston & Charis Wilson: The Cats of Wildcat Hill (In Rare Dust Jacket!): Edward Weston & Charis Wilson: The Cats of Wildcat Hill (In Rare Dust Jacket!) $325
23h 0m
William Eggleston: Ancient and Modern (SIGNED): William Eggleston: Ancient and Modern (SIGNED) $395
23h 5m
Kara Walker: Freedom: A Fable (Pop-Up Book): Kara Walker: Freedom: A Fable (Pop-Up Book) $1,295
23h 10m
 	Carl De Keyzer: Homo Sovieticus (Limited Edition With Print!): Carl De Keyzer: Homo Sovieticus (Limited Edition With Print!) $365
23h 20m

View More Auctions

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 Focus on Out-of-Print Books
Laura Gilpin: <i>An Enduring Grace</i> Laura Gilpin: An Enduring Grace

Going for as much as $200 online, we have shrinkwrapped, first edition copies for $65. This book comes in the publisher's original cardboard box.

Now out-of-print, this is a stunning tribute to the life of Laura Gilpin (1891-1979), one of the preeminent chroniclers of life in the American Southwest. Designed by Eleanor Caponigro with tri-tone reproductions, this retrospective monograph is the first major study of Gilpin's life and work. READ MORE

Cat# TX009H Hardbound List Price: $65.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

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 Book of the Week
Ari Marcopoulos: <i>Out to Lunch</i> Ari Marcopoulos: Out to Lunch—Signed

"PPP Editions is pleased to announce the forthcoming book Out To Lunch, a signed and numbered, limited edition by Ari Marcopoulos. An index of sorts, Out To Lunch presents Marcopoulos' earliest and most recent black and white photographs (we nixed the middle years) in various formats: matt-black & white images; high-gloss contact sheets; vinyl stickers; over-sized, glossy pull-out posters, and a screenplay written together with his son Cairo, all bound together with black binder's gauze and housed in an illustrated plastic bag.

Limited edition of 350 copies, signed and numbered." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZF202H Hardbound List Price: $400.00
Purchase Signed Book / Check Online Price

<i>Out to Lunch</i>

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 CENTER: Southwest Photo Summit
Dear Photographer:

The next CENTER event dedicated to photographers is the Southwest Photo Summit, December 8, 2012.

You are invited to SHARE YOUR WORK at the Portfolio Walk - an exposition style exhibit at the IHM Retreat Center. Then, join local gallerists, curators, publishers and photographers for the Summit Reception and An Elevated Evening dinner and presentation. The Summit has many offerings throughout the weekend and has a Mix-n-Match registration system to customize your experience.

// PORTFOLIO REVIEWS * ($165 or $365) - choose between 30+ gallerists, curators, publishers and others who can make an impact on your career
// PORTFOLIO WALK ($45) - an exposition-style exhibit for one night
// WORKSHOP ($475) - Refining Your Portfolio with Aline Smithson
// RECEPTION ($30) - Networking reception and Print Raffle
// DINNER ($60) - A celebratory dinner with reviewers, photographers and the Santa Fe community
* Portfolio Reviews are scheduled based on a first-registered, first-served basis. Register early for preferred review slots.

Event details are here and a list of confirmed reviewers can be found here.

Not the right time to show your work? Come out for the lively reception, eat savory hors d' oeuvres, and stay for a chance to win a beautiful photographic print.

Portfolio Walk registration deadline is November 15, as well as early registration deadline for the portfolio reviews. Scholarships and payment plans are available. Questions? Call us at 505-984-8353

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 Santa Fe Events
BLURB - Self Publishing Gallery Talk with Dan Milnor

What: Gallery talk by Dan Milnor on self-publishing your work
When: Monday, November 19th, 7:00pm
Where: Tipton Hall at SFUAD
Cost: Free. Students and the public are encouraged to attend.

Milnor is a "Photographer at Large" for Blurb, a print-on-demand book publishing company comprised of some of the most creative and talented folks he has ever encountered. As of today he has created over 120 unique titles using the Blurb publishing system.

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