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Robert Adams' Prayers in an American Church
Robert Adams' Prayers in an American Church
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Featured Artist on API this week: Tom Chambers

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 photo-eye Auctions
Our Auctions' Director Eric Miles is a bit under the weather this week, so in lieu of his incisive commentary, he's packed his presentation with an abundance of images from most of this week's offerings. And what a week it is! Among the outstanding offerings: The hardbound issue of Walker Evan's masterpiece of compositional quietude, Message from the Interior; Yasuhiro Ishimoto's Someday, Somewhere inscribed to Evans' associate Lincoln Kirstein (who wrote the essay for American Photographs); the stunning post-industrial romanticism of Bill Henson's Lux et Nox (1st printing, of course); a signed copy of Robert Mapplethorpe's paean to Classical beauty, Lady Lisa Lyon; signed books by William Eggleston and Elliot Erwitt and MUCH MORE! As always, thanks for looking!!

Don't Forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

What's on your shelves? For inquiries regarding the sale of a single book or print, or an entire library or collection, contact Eric Miles, Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions

Bids shown below are current as of 2:29 pm MT, 02.20.2013
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
Bill Henson: Lux Et Nox (First Printing): Bill Henson: Lux Et Nox (First Printing) $495
23h 35m
Walker Evans: Message From the Interior (Hardbound Edition in Scarce Glassine Jacket): Walker Evans: Message From the Interior (Hardbound Edition in Scarce Glassine Jacket) $95
23h 40m
Robert Mapplethorpe: Lady Lisa Lyon (Hardbound, 1st edition!, SIGNED!) : Robert Mapplethorpe: Lady Lisa Lyon (Hardbound, 1st edition!, SIGNED!) $865
23h 45m
Gordon Matta-Clark: Splitting. 322 Humphrey Street as it was left abandoned : Gordon Matta-Clark: Splitting. 322 Humphrey Street as it was left abandoned $795
23h 50m
David LaChapelle: Nos Otros (INSCRIBED): David LaChapelle: Nos Otros (INSCRIBED) $145
23h 55m
Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED)  : Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED) $295
1d 0h 0m
Ryan McGinley: Moonmilk (Self-Published, Limited Edition 'Zine, 1/100): Ryan McGinley: Moonmilk (Self-Published, Limited Edition 'Zine, 1/100) $595
1d 0h 5m
Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Someday, Somewhere (Association Copy): Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Someday, Somewhere (Association Copy) $1,995
1d 0h 10m
Jeff Lovelace: California Landscape (1st Printing): Jeff Lovelace: California Landscape (1st Printing) $295
1d 0h 15m
Bruce Weber: Rookie (Dreams of Greatness)--SIGNED: Bruce Weber: Rookie (Dreams of Greatness)--SIGNED $365
1d 0h 20m
Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters (SIGNED): Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters (SIGNED) $565
1d 0h 25m
Elliott Erwitt?s Rome (SIGNED): Elliott Erwitt?s Rome (SIGNED) $145
1d 0h 30m
 	William Eggleston's Guide (1st Edition--SIGNED!): William Eggleston's Guide (1st Edition--SIGNED!) $925
1d 0h 35m

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
Brian Finke: Construction

"Brian Finke's trademark bright colors and dramatic light are at play in his new book Construction. Finke is interested in the daily drama of the work site. He finds workers up in the sky traversing narrow beams and barren soon to be office floors. When the workers are on the ground structures and equipment tower over them. Finke's sophisticated framing and use of light is heightened in this book; he is clearly a photographer working at the top of his game. Getting closer to the workers brings the viewer into a claustrophobic closeness. Finke takes the viewer onto the work site, next to the action." — from Tom Leininger's review of Construction by Brian Finke

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
Jan Dirk van der Burg: Censorship Daily

"Censorship Daily is a bit of a collaborative project between photographer and publisher Jan Dirk van der Burg, his journalist friend Thomas Erdbrink who is a longtime resident of Tehran and subscribes to the 'Islamic' edition of the NRC Handelsblad newspaper, and a number of anonymous Iranian civil servants tasked with censoring unacceptable images. The large format paperback that nearly approximates the size of the actual newspaper is full of a curated selection of van der Burg's favorites from Erdbrink's collection." — from Sarah Bradley's review of Censorship Daily by Jan Dirk van der Burg

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
Daniel Naude: Animal Farm

"Although seemingly self-evident, the domestication of wild animals was central to our survival as a species and development of modern civilization. Despite its long history and importance, this axiom is often forgotten as all but a few animals have disappeared from most of our daily lives. Each species varies, but dogs were gradually domesticated roughly 15,000 years ago. Biologist Raymond Coppinger argues that it is likely dogs were domesticated through a variety of factors — namely their attraction to the refuse discarded from early agricultural settlements, their subsequent close proximity to humans, the slow persistent push of evolution, and human's desire for animal companionship." — from Adam Bell's review of Animal Farm by Daniel Naude

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.

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 In-Print Photobook Video Series
In-Print Photobook Video Series

In video #13 of our In-Print Photobook series, Melanie McWhorter shares with us Hattfabriken/Luckenwalde by Gerry Johansson published by Johansson & Jansson.

More videos from this series can be found on the photo-eye Blog.

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 Book of the Week
Robert Adams: Prayers in an American Church Robert Adams: Prayers in an American Church

"Each of us welcomes quiet. As a private person, a citizen, and a photographer, these are some of the words I find myself remembering and repeating." —Robert Adams

"This small volume, with just 12 quoted prayers and 17 photographs by the artist, is among the most personal of Robert Adams's books. 'It is an old man's book,' he says, 'and reflects my conviction that art and religion come from the same sense of dependence.' Printed in a limited edition of just 1,000 hand-numbered copies, this gentle, wise and unassuming book is our eighth publication of Adams's work. It is printed on our special uncoated art paper and bound in a subdued green cloth. A wonderful companion book to the artist's earlier title Bodhisattva, Prayers in an American Church is a welcome addition to the literature available on this important American artist." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR396H Hardbound List Price: $30.00
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Prayers in an American Church

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 photo-eye Gallery
Opening for The Nude — Classical, Cultural, Contemporary

Thanks to all who attended the opening of our new exhibition, The Nude — Classical, Cultural, Contemporary — this past Friday at photo-eye Gallery. Six of the fifteen artists included in the exhibition were in attendance as well as Laurie Tümer who was Skyped in to talk to guests in the gallery. We were happy to see friends both old and new.

In addition to a widely successful opening to kick off the exhibition, we have also received some great press coverage. Michael Abatemarco is writing a story in the local newspaper, the Pasatiempo, about the exhibition, which is scheduled for publication on Friday, February 22nd. THE magazine also published one of Neil Craver's photographs to announce the opening.

If you are in the Santa Fe area, please come take a look at this exhibition celebrating the nude form and its unique and varied depictions. The exhibition runs through April 20, 2013.

For more information, please contact Anne Kelly at 505-988-5159 ext. 121 or anne@photoeye.com.

View the online portfolios of the work included in the show

View more on photo-eye Blog

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 Santa Fe Events
VERVE Gallery of Photography, photo-eye Bookstore & Photolucida Present

Friday, March 1, 2013, 5-7pm, at photo-eye Bookstore

VERVE Gallery of Photography, in collaboration with photo-eye Bookstore and Photolucida presents a book signing for Gallery Artist Jennifer B Hudson's new publication, Medic. This event will take place at photo-eye Bookstore on Friday, March 1, 5-7pm and the artist will be present.

As part of Photolucida's Critical Mass 2011, Jennifer B Hudson was awarded the prestigious monograph award and Photolucida published Jennifer's book Medic. Over 200 jurors participate in Critical Mass, the juror pool comprised of 200 international photography curators, gallery owners, museum directors, publishers, and editors.

Medic is a snapshot of physically or spiritually ill humans and their relationships with themselves and others in times of need — the images are metaphors exploring introspection, empathy and compassion. Jennifer Hudson explains:

"The work began wholly on one sentence whispered by my husband while we endured a deeply unsettling time together. He held my hand, lay close to me and said softly, "I just wish I could take the pain from your body, and put it into mine." I have been fortunate to know incredible love all my life, but at that moment I became suddenly and intensely aware of the magnificent power that exists between people who care for one another. When I was anxious and fighting to fall asleep each night, I began to invent miracle machines; contraptions that heal, deliver hope, legacy, remedy, and redemption. Each image from Medic is a thoughtful invention, strange and tender, revealing facets of the delicate human heart... In the making of this work, I sought to begin to understand some of the most rare and beautiful relationships in the world, to expose their most frail, vulnerable moments, times of great intensity, and most cherished inner workings."

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