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Photographs by John Delaney & Svjetlana Tepavcevic

Artist Reception Wednesday, June 5, 2013, Reception 5-7 pm, Artist Talk 6 pm
Exhibitions run Friday, May 17th through July 12, 2013.
photo-eye Gallery is located at 376-A Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of photographs by John Delaney and Svjetlana Tepavcevic. John Delaney's silver gelatin photographs depict an ancient Kazakh nomad tradition of hunting with golden eagles. His portraits of the birds of prey with their handlers capture a striking relationship between man and animal. Svjetlana Tepavcevic gathers the seedpods of various trees and plant-life and photographs her finds in her studio. By making the small large, Tepavcevic's images illuminate the strange beauty of the natural world.

View John Delaney's work on the Photographer's Showcase
View Svjetlana Tepavcevic's work on the Photographer's Showcase

For more information or to acquire a print please contact Anne Kelly at 505-988-5158 x 121 or anne@photoeye.com.
 photo-eye Auctions
In this week's listings, a revelatory juxtaposition about which one could easily write a dissertation on religious symbolism in the photography of Latin America—in High Modern and post-modern incarnations: Paul Strand's Mexican Portfolio (the 1967 Da Capo Press re-issue, with 20 hand-pulled gravures!) and Miguel Rio Branco's The Silent Book.

Also open for bidding: Larry Fink's Boxing (Limited Edition with Print!); a mini-library of four choice Bruce Weber volumes (bidding starts at $95); one of our very favorite Japanese books, Keizo Kitajima's Photomail from Tokyo from 1980; Peter Beard's The End of the Game (1st Edition!) & more to come. Check out Eric's weekly presentation below, where he considers Rio Branco and Strand. Thanks as always for looking!

Don't Forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

With more traffic than ever before and new bidders coming on board all the time, it's a fantastic time to consign! For inquiries regarding the sale your fine photobooks and/or prints, contact Eric Miles, Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions.
Bids shown below are current as of 3:44 pm MT, 05.15.2013
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
Miguel Rio Branco: The Silent Book: Miguel Rio Branco: The Silent Book $865
22h 15m
Paul Strand: The Mexican Portfolio: Paul Strand: The Mexican Portfolio $1,995
22h 20m
Peter Beard: The End of the Game, 1st edition: Peter Beard: The End of the Game, 1st edition $295
22h 25m
 Keizo Kitajima: Shashin Tokkyubin Tokyo (Photomail from Tokyo) : Keizo Kitajima: Shashin Tokkyubin Tokyo (Photomail from Tokyo) $465
22h 30m
Ed Templeton: Teenage Smokers (First Edition!)  : Ed Templeton: Teenage Smokers (First Edition!) $365
22h 35m
Roberta Bayley: PUNK: The Book (Ltd. Ed., 1/76, with 25 Photos, SIGNED by 5 Punk Luminaries!) : Roberta Bayley: PUNK: The Book (Ltd. Ed., 1/76, with 25 Photos, SIGNED by 5 Punk Luminaries!) $1,095
22h 40m
Bruce Weber: Bear Pond + Andy Book + 1988 Knopf Monograph + Gentle Giants (4 Books): Bruce Weber: Bear Pond + Andy Book + 1988 Knopf Monograph + Gentle Giants (4 Books) $120
23h 5m
Danny Lyon: Conversations with the Dead (Hardbound 1st Edition!): Danny Lyon: Conversations with the Dead (Hardbound 1st Edition!) $695
23h 5m
Larry Fink: Boxing (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print): Larry Fink: Boxing (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print) $695
23h 10m
Dorthea Lange: American Exodus (1969 Edition): Dorthea Lange: American Exodus (1969 Edition) $95
23h 15m
Shelby Lee Adams: Appalachian Portraits: Shelby Lee Adams: Appalachian Portraits $110
23h 20m
 photo-eye Book Reviews
Andrew Phelps: Haboob

"The emblem, or key image, of Haboob appears in a photograph placed early in the book's sequence. A metal cut-out frieze — the rusty remnant of some signage or decorative architectural element — shows four (presumably wild) horses galloping across an open plain, snow-capped mountains looming in the background. It is evocative of freedom, the romance of the wilderness and, in the context of Phelps' book, the dream of the West. The epic landscape it describes no longer exists here, however, except by an act of imaginative effort." — from Faye Robson's review of Haboob by Andrew Phelps

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
William Klein: ABC

"Glancing through the pages of ABC one can quickly get a sense of Klein's frenetic and inquisitive eye. These qualities are particularly evident within a series of lively New York street portraits from 1956, which depict an assortment of gregarious characters. The sense of dialogue between the Kline and his subjects is palpable. Whether by accident or provocation he seems highly proficient at getting people to perform for him and on rare occasions they also try to hide. In one photo a smiling face is pressed expectantly against the glass of a shop window and in another, a hand blocks a face in a gesture of anonymity. Regardless of the reaction Klein keeps moving on down the street, ready to focus in on his next target." — from John Mathews' review of ABC by William Klein

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
 Great Little Photobooks Under $30
"Over the last several months, I've been writing about great little photobooks $30 and under. For this installment, I'd like to shed light on three new magazines we have in stock: Ain't Bad Magazine #4 (Grand Illusion), Ain't Bad Magazine #5 (Surface), and European Photography No. 92. Each of the magazines contain the works of multiple artists, so if you are looking for new and exciting photographic work, these are some great titles to consider." — Erin Azouz

Read the entire post on the photo-eye Blog.
 photo-eye Lecture & Booksigning
John Cohen on Roscoe Holcomb and The High & Lonesome Sound

We were delighted to have John Cohen visit photo-eye and give a fascinating talk on his new book from Steidl, The High & Lonesome Sound. Cohen recounts the origins of his project and meeting Holcomb, who was to become a prominent figure in Appalachian folk music. Cohen also mentions how his access to The Beats helped fund his initial trip to Kentucky, the process of publishing the book with renowned photobook publisher Gerhard Steidl, and finishes by playing a few songs on a borrowed banjo.

Listen to Cohen's talk on photo-eye Blog

Purchase a signed copy of The High & Lonesome Sound
 Book of the Week
Brigitte Carnochan: <EM>Floating World</EM> Brigitte Carnochan: Floating World—Signed

"The Japanese subject matter of photographer Brigitte Carnochan's new work is the ideal backdrop for the complementary poems, all written by women, that synchronize with her lightly tinted color photographs. While her distinct visions are personal, Carnochan successfully renders the universal in her photographs." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# AT016H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
Purchase Signed Book / Check Online Price

<EM>Floating World</EM>
 Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
A Word from Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

Ah, summer. The longer days give us the fuel we need as photographers and artists, and our energy is at its peak. Santa Fe Workshops embraces this season of enthusiasm with workshops to spark your creativity. Christopher James welcomes creative people from all artistic disciplines in his Alternative Photographic Processes workshop, June 17-22. Perception and creativity are the cornerstones of The Art of Seeing with Elizabeth Opalenik, June 19-22. And Arthur Meyerson inspires you to enhance your aesthetic awareness of light and color in The Color of Light, June 19-22.

Visit www.santafeworkshops.com for all the details and the full schedule of upcoming workshops.

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