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Retracing Audubon Slide Talk at photo-eye Wednesday, November 20th at 6pm

Where: photo-eye, 376 Garcia Street, Suite A Santa Fe, NM
When: Wednesday, November 20th 6-8pm
Contact: Melanie McWhorter or Krista Elrick
Phone: 505.988.5152 x 112, 505.438.4441
Email: melanie@photoeye.com, photographs@KristaElrick.com

SANTA FE, NM — photo-eye is pleased to announce that tonight photographer Krista Elrick will give a slide talk about her series Retracing Audubon, a project that reexamines John James Audubon's epic journey. Inspired by his pre-Civil War writings, Elrick's landscapes document the ecosystems described in The Birds of America.

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 Book of the Week: A Pick by Elisabeth Tonnard

Book of the Week: A Pick by Elisabeth Tonnard
X Marks the Spot by Joachim Schmid

Our pick of the week is a timely publication that focuses on the culture of picture making around JFK's assassination location.

"Another book by Joachim Schmid about how, where and why people use photography. For years and years Schmid has been going online to look at other people's pictures and to read what people are writing about their photography. From his observations came a heap of artist's books, most notably the ninety-six books in the Other People's Pictures project, but also the popular and very funny Black Books series. X Marks the Spot is not part of these series but feels closely connected to them. The book shows tourists who visit the site where John F. Kennedy was shot, and who have their pictures taken while they stand on one of the white X's that mark where the shooting took place. This is apparently a popular pastime, and one that requires frantic hurrying to the middle of a road during lulls in traffic.

There are two types of images in the book: the portraits that the tourists themselves posted on sites such as Flickr, and the footage Schmid obtained by watching a webcam that is placed looking down on the scene from the exact same perspective as the assassin — shooting the tourists shooting themselves. It is a strange thing all in all. The place has become like a theatre where people want to position themselves as the star; as if what happened there was never anything else than an occurrence on TV...."
—Elisabeth Tonnard

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Elisabeth Tonnard is a Dutch artist and poet working in artists? books, photography and literature. Since 2003 she has published thirty books in which texts and images extracted from the cultural archive are processed and laid out to exhibit their latent messages. The works range in scale and method from a book that is completely invisible, to a book containing a short story that swallowed a novel, to a book that is a swimming pool. The books are included in numerous public collections and are exhibited widely. In October 2013 her previously self-published title In this Dark Wood was released in a new edition by J&L Books. www.elisabethtonnard.com
 Interview with the Artist
Interview with Nick Brandt on Across the Ravaged Land

"Nick Brandt has long been dedicated to photographing the vanishing wildlife of East Africa — creating a final testament to the land and animals and the crises they face at the hands of man. Brandt set out over ten years ago to produce a trilogy of books on the subject, photographing the exquisite animals in painterly light while illuminating the dark reality of these wild animals as the demand for ivory, rhino horns, bush-meat and animal pelts climb to an alarming rate. In 2010, Brandt started Big Life Foundation, a cross-border anti-poaching operation that now patrols two million acres of the Amboseli-Tsavo wildlife in Tanzania and Kenya. Now that the final installment of the trilogy has been released, I asked Nick Brandt to speak with me about the work, the foundation, and what's next for him." — Erin Azouz

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 photo-eye Book Reviews

Janelle Lynch: Barcelona

"How do landscape and memory intersect? How does a visual artist describe the unique spirit of a place in photographs, this medium of ours that is so fond of surfaces and so ill-equipped to render the invisible except by metaphoric extension? Photographer and writer Janelle Lynch has one answer, which she has articulated over two published volumes. Her approach involves a kind of emotive, psychological triangulation, a quest for meaning that ultimately leapfrogs over the more mundane goal of describing place and evolves into a very personal engagement with signs and symbols perceived in the material world." — from George Slade's review of Barcelona by Janelle Lynch

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Daniel Gordon: Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts

"How does one deal with the cacophonous overflow of images we are faced with everyday? The anxiety induced by photography's profligate nature have been present since its invention and only grown with its mechanical reproducibility and the concurrent growth of the mass media. In some ways true, it's also a recurrent anxious tic, a lazy refrain. Daniel Gordon's work does not explicitly deal with the problem. Instead, like many artists, he deals with the aftermath. His work mines the scraps and detritus of our obsessive image culture — the forgotten images on Flickr, the lost or barely glanced at images on personal sites, the uploaded selfie or the images tucked away in the back corners of the web. Culled from photographs online, the printed, torn and distressed fragments that form Gordon's cubistic sculptures and images come together to form volatile images of beguiling beauty." — from Adam Bell's review of Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts by Daniel Gordon

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 Sale Books
This week's selection of sale books includes four great titles. Each selected title is discounted up to 30% off the original price. A limited number of each book is still available, and once we sell out of them we will not be getting any more in stock. The discounted books this week include:

Surrogates by Luciano Rigolini
Hardbound Original Price: $32.00 photo-eye Price: $21.95 (Save 31%)
Only 2 copies in stock

Matador by Nicolas Hosteing
Hardbound Original Price: $62.00 photo-eye Price: $42.95 (Save 31%)
Only 3 copies in stock

Darkened Days by Simone Kappeler
Hardbound Original Price: $33.00 photo-eye Price: $22.95 (Save 30%)
Only 4 copies in stock

Lange Liste 79 - 97 by Christian Lange
Softbound-Signed Original Price: $85.00 photo-eye Price: $59.95 (Save 29%)
Only 4 copies in stock

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 photo-eye Auctions
This week's bounty of photography between covers ranges far and wide historically, geographically and stylistically. From pre-war Europe, the New Objectivism of Albert Renger-Patzsch and the Surrealist nudes of André Kertész in his Distortions (an INSCRIBED copy of the classic 1976 volume); from Nigeria, South African photographer Pieter Hugo's riveting images of Nollywood film sets; from 1960s New York suburbia, Daniel Seymour's influential autobiographical artist book, A Loud Song; Let's Get Lost by Bruce Weber & so much more!

  • Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print)
  • Elliot Erwitt: Four Books (ALL SIGNED)
  • Hans Aarsman Hollandse Taferelen [Dutch Tableaux]
  • Josef Koudelka: Reconnaissance Wales

  • Bids shown below are current as of 2:28 pm MT, 11.20.2013
    If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
    Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
    Miguel Rio Branco: The Silent Book (SIGNED): Miguel Rio Branco: The Silent Book (SIGNED) $695
    23h 36m
    Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print) : Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print) $395
    23h 41m
     	Albert Renger-Patzsch: Kupferhammer Grünthal (The Grünthal Cooperworks): Albert Renger-Patzsch: Kupferhammer Grünthal (The Grünthal Cooperworks) $295
    23h 46m
    Joan Fontcuberta: Sputnik : Joan Fontcuberta: Sputnik $195
    23h 51m
    George St. Martin & Ronald Nelson (eds.): The Boy: A Photographic Essay: George St. Martin & Ronald Nelson (eds.): The Boy: A Photographic Essay $465
    23h 56m
    Bruce Weber: Let's Get Lost (A Film Journal): Bruce Weber: Let's Get Lost (A Film Journal) $425
    1d 0h 1m
     	Daniel Seymour: A Loud Song: Daniel Seymour: A Loud Song $195
    1d 0h 6m
    Werner Bischof: 24 Photos: Werner Bischof: 24 Photos $300
    1d 0h 11m
    André Kertész: Distortions (INSCRIBED!): André Kertész: Distortions (INSCRIBED!) $995
    1d 0h 16m
    Masafumi Sanai: Wakaranai (I Don't Know): Masafumi Sanai: Wakaranai (I Don't Know) $195
    1d 0h 21m
    Max Pam: Going East : Max Pam: Going East $125
    1d 0h 41m
    Elliot Erwitt: Four Books (ALL SIGNED): Elliot Erwitt: Four Books (ALL SIGNED) $595
    1d 0h 56m

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