Janet Ingram Statement
Close Window

Artist Statement
Four years ago, I began to explore the concept of imagination. Initially, I was most intrigued with small children and their make-believe. I photographed them in their play environments. I gave minimal direction, wanting their narratives to unfold without interference. They had complete say over toys, dress-up clothes, settings and hairdos. As I gained their trust, I began asking them to show me their most prized possessions. These were talismans, held dear since their early years. As I ventured deeper into this idea, I began wondering if older children and teens still attached special meaning to objects from their early days. I found it to be true. It has been intriguing to create portraits of these treasures and learn their history. The closed-eyes portraits evolved, in a way, to “show” what imagining looks like. The faces of these children with their eyes shuttered evoke for me a sense of the private, hidden self where imagination dwells.

Process Statement
Images were made with a medium format camera. All prints are made on gelatin-silver fiber paper and selenium-toned.