Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Print from Portfolio Three: The Work of Ralph Eugene Meatyard
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Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Untitled (Figure and Wall Detail), 1964, from "Portfolio Three: The Work of Ralph Eugene Meatyard"
Silver Gelatin print.
Print size: 6 5/8 x 6 7/8 in.
Mat Size. 13 x 12 in.
Dry mounted.
With Stamp handwritten notations on verso, "This print was made at the Center for Photographic Studies from the original negative by Ralph Eugene Meatyard. Center for Photographic Studies, Louisville, Kentucky, 1974/75./NOTE: Stamp cut off to better frame photo"
No. 75 an edition of 100 plus 30 proofs.

"In his 1911 collection, The Devil's Dictionary, American writer Ambrose Bierce defined 'romance' as "Fiction that owes no allegiance to the God of things as They Are." Ralph Eugene Meatyard, a great reader who was known to find inspiration in literature and philosophy more often than in visual media, makes reference to the passage in his 1964 photograph "Romance (N.) From Ambrose Bierce #3." While Meatyard worked on a variety of projects, from the No Focus pictures to the Zen Twig series, several features of "Romance (N.) From Ambrose Bierce #3" are characteristic of his work. Meatyard often used friends and family, particularly his children, as models in his carefully directed photographs. Likewise, the use of props was not uncommon (doll parts, dead birds, and dime-store masks were particular favorites); it is worth noting that the mask worn by the child at the bottom of the bleacher steps would later be the face of the central figure in 1969-1972's Lucybelle Crater series. As with all of Meatyard's pictures, this one was surely photographed in or around northern Kentucky. More importantly, though, it plays with deliberate ambiguity and paradox, much the way a Zen riddle is constructed to promote contemplation."-- Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, Chicago READ MORE

 Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Print from Portfolio Three: The Work of Ralph Eugene Meatyard
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