Masao Yamamoto: Omizuao (Pillow Book) + Nakazora (BOTH SIGNED) + Fujisan (One Picture Book)--3 Items
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Omizuao (Pillow Book). Photographs by Masao Yamamoto. Designed by Reiko Nakajima and Masao Yamamoto. Nazraeli Press, Tucson, AZ, 2003. 96 pp. (48 pp. on each side of the accordion-fold). Leporello (accordion-fold) (11 3/8 x 142 inches when fully unfolded). SIGNED in interior page. Hand bound between two clear-lacquered hardwood covers. Housed in a custom-made matching wooden box with title stamped on wooden front cover and lid of box.

"Masao Yamamoto's, Omizuao is an accordion-bound "pillow book"--a collection of landscapes, flowers and female nudes. The artist has used the accordion format to create an installation which measures some 14 feet when fully opened, but which can also be viewed as 45 individual spreads. Beautifully printed in process color on uncoated art paper, Omizuao is hand bound in two clear -lacquered hardwood covers, and presented in a matching wooden box. Many of the images it includes were made specifically for this book, and are presented here for the first time."--the publisher "[Yamamoto's images] show how wondrous black-and-white photography can be and are a refreshing throwback to a time when photographs were not treated as precious commodities."--The New York Times.

Nakazora. Photographs by Masao Yamamoto. Nazraeli Press, Portland, OR, 2001. Wood and paper scroll (with small loose title sheet) measuring 12 x 228 in. with 46 four-color plates. Scroll contained in wood box with plexiglass top. Edition of 1000 copies. SIGNED, near start of scroll.

From the publisher:
"The dictionary definition of Nakazora is 'the space between sky and earth, the place where birds, etc. fly. Empty air. An internal hollow. Vague. Hollow. Around the center of the sky. Or, emptiness. A state when the feet do not touch the ground. Inattentiveness. The inability to decide between two things. Midway. The center of the sky (the zenith)'. A Buddhist term.'Nakazora' is our second publication on the work of Japanese artist Masao Yamamoto. But this is no book: the artist has designed a scroll measuring over eighteen feet long, beautifully printed in process color on uncoated Japanese stock. The timelessness of Yamamoto's imagery is beautifully echoed in scroll presentation. The scroll was one of the earliest vehicles used for storing and presenting visual information. 'Nakazora' combines the aesthetic and tactile attributes of this traditionally one-off format with the advantages of modern printing technology. A striking marriage of traditional and hi-tech materials and production techniques, 'Nakazora' redefines the term 'artists' book.' 'Nakazora' is a Buddhist term that has multiple meanings, including "the space between sky and earth; a state when the feet do not touch the ground; the center of the sky; the zenith."

Masao Yamamoto: Fujisan. One Picture Book #48. Nazraeli Press, Portland, OR 2008. 16 pp. Octavo (small size). Limited edition of 500 signed and numbered copies. Hardbound. No jacket as issued. 16 four-color plates,one original print (signed on verso).

"Masao Yamamoto’s second entry to our One Picture Book series pays homage to Mount Fuji, and to some of the comparisons its instantly-recognizeable silhouette has inspired over the centuries. Yamamoto’s jewel-like photographs capture perfectly the essense of Japan’s most famous mountain; Fujisan is truly a perfect pairing of artist and subject."--the publisher

Masao Yamamoto: Omizuao (Pillow Book) + Nakazora (BOTH SIGNED) + Fujisan (One Picture Book)--3 Items
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