TBW [This Bird Walks] Subscription Series (Mike Brodie, Ari Marcopoulos, Jim Goldberg, Paul Schiek)
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The Kin Subscription Series. Books 1-4. Photographs by Mike Brodie, Paul Schiek, Ari Marcopoulos and Jim Goldberg. TBW [This Bird Walks], 2008. 4 vols. All vols.: Unpaged. Octavo (5 x 7 in./12 x 17 cm.). Stiff printed wrappers. Numerous color & black-and-whjite reproductions.

A stand-out indie publication, this 2008 series highlights the work of four critically acclaimed artists!
From the publisher:
"These Birds Walk is pleased to announce their fourth book release, The Kin Subscription Series. Comprised of four books, each representing an individual artist. The series maps the lineage from proverbial student to teacher, illustrating the tie that binds the shining neophyte to celebrated professional and those in between."--the publisher

Publisher's Descriptions:
BOOK ONE. MIKE BRODIE. tones of dirt and bone
"Mike's early work was created using a Polaroid camera. Through careful editing, Mike's contribution to the Kin series becomes more than a documentation, but a poetic narrative of the travels, trials, and the lives of some of America's overlooked people. The characters and landscapes that he captures summon the spirits of Jim Goldberg's well-known book, 'Raised By Wolves'. These are images captured by a member of the tribe, through a sympathetic lens, a magnifying glass to examine the truth of a dead cat on the side of the road, the littered earth, bound by tones of dirt and bone."

BOOK TWO. PAUL SCHIEK. How Many Humans Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?
"Paul's library of images beg for the answer. The photos act as signpost to evoke emotion, which leads to somewhere, if not the answer. Like his previous book, 'Good By Angels', the new collection is a nihilistic yet hopeful and wistful look at the human experience. Rather than focusing on dark spaces as a place of uncertainty, this collection uses blown-out light to wash the image in obscurity. Paul takes a pseudo-documentary approach and flips it drastically in post photo stages with editing and sequencing."

BOOK THREE. ARI MARCOPOULOS. living in the new rome
"Ari continues the notion of family by turning his attention to his immediate surroundings. This includes the world of his two sons, who using blankets to create three-dimensional landscapes of Lego figures and battle scenes create a microcosm of domestic life, which parallels the world studied in his past work with members of the skateboarding community. This collection of photos reveals layers of resemblance between his immediate family and those of the outside world, both wear their physical scars as things of pride, battle wounds."

BOOK FOUR. JIM GOLDBERG. It ended sad, but I loved where it began
"Jim’s book for the kin series, a brilliant combination of text and image that creates a human sampling dealing with timeless notions of love loss and pain, is a classic example of Goldberg’s art making practice. Influenced by the greats that came before him, most notably Robert frank, Jim is the link to a whole new generation of photography. His influence is clearly seen throughout the preceding three books. When Jim released the seminal book rich and poor in 1985, he solidified his role in the photo and art worlds with his ability to push the viewer to the places where they could easily turn a blind eye; he engulfs and engages the viewer with stunningly beautiful prose and images that make it hard to not want to look. Awareness comes from looking at Jims photographs, and here again he does not fail to keep showing us what we so desperately need to see."

All volumes Fine.
TBW [This Bird Walks] Subscription Series (Mike Brodie, Ari Marcopoulos, Jim Goldberg, Paul Schiek)
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