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"Alexey Brodovitch is virtually the model for the modern magazine art director," writes Andy Grundberg in his profile for the American Institute of Graphic Arts. This week, we feature his two finest achievements: Ballet (the 1945 1st Edition, in the incredibly rare slipcase!) and all three issues of the pioneering magazine of graphic design and photography Portfolio. Also on the block, an inscribed copy of Hiroshi Sugimoto's 1st monograph (Dioramas, Theaters, Seascapes).

  • Esaias Baitel: Zonen
  • Tom Wood: Looking For Love, Chelsea Reach (Inscribed)
  • Sol LeWitt: Autobiography
  • Eikoh Hosoe: Vintage Print from Kamaitachi plus deluxe limited edition re-issues of Kamaitachi and Barakei.

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