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Alexey Brodovitch's legendary 1945 book Ballet, of which it is thought only a few hundred were printed, is among the most radical, futuristic and 'disruptive' photobooks of the twentieth century. Brodovitch "spat in the face of technique and pointed out a new way in which photographers could work," wrote Kerry William Purcell in a 2002 monograph. Also on the block this week, a gorgeous copy of Ken Domon's seminal 1958 account of the aftermath of the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast (with a stellar example of the Joan Miro designed jacket).

Also on the block:
Pekka Turunen: Against the Wall: Lypö, Tilkkanen, Mörsky and I
Post-Provoke style meets youthful rebellion in Mikio Tobara's Document Miseinen [Document Teenagers]
Chris Killip: Here Comes Everybody (limited edition with print, inscribed)
Peter Hujar: Portaits in Life and Death (hardbound)

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