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Hiroshi Taniguchi: Tada Sorega Aru. Hiroshi Taniguchi
Tada Sorega Aru
"Absent of all text, the 42 colour photographs collected here from this virtually unknown Japanese photographer capture a treasury of little moments... More
  Observatoire Photographique: Séquences / Paysages 2000. Observatoire Photographique
Séquences / Paysages 2000
"Sequences / Paysages 2000 presents and discusses photographic series which allow us to see the changes, and sometimes the upheavals, which have marked French landscape over the last century... More
Gerald FÖrster: Nocturnal. Gerald FÖrster
"Soft bound limited edition book in slipcase. 360 copies signed and numbered by the artist is issued with one of three original 8x10 inch prints... More
  Philip Perkis: The Sadness of Men. Philip Perkis
The Sadness of Men
"“Philip’s pictures are not like anyone else’s. They are like looking at a dream.” —HELEN LEVITT

Philip Perkis is one of the most widely respected American photographers...
Thomas Demand: Camara. Thomas Demand
"Demand has slowly built up a singular oeuvre that forces the viewer to reflect on the status of the image as something that oscillates between truth and fiction... More
  Hedi Slimane: Ppaper Special 03. Hedi Slimane
Ppaper Special 03
"Slimane's creative talent extends far beyond fashion into art, design and photography. A collection of his dark and brooding photographs, which include rock stars, tattoos... More
Zoe Strauss: America. Zoe Strauss
"Brief Description Poised to be the most important photography book of 2008, Zoe Strauss' AMERICA shines a light on the often unseen people and places in the United States today... More
  RÉmi Faucheux: Clinic. RÉmi Faucheux
"CLINIC explores the aesthetic of the medical world through contemporary photography. Going a stage beyond photojournalism, it showcases the work of eleven photographers... More
Hiroshi Watanabe: Ideology in Paradise. Hiroshi Watanabe
Ideology in Paradise
"Renowned historian Orville Schell has likened the experience of visiting Pyongyang, capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)... More
  Ken Schles: A New History of Photography. Ken Schles
A New History of Photography
"T.S. Eliot observed: “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different... More
Ernesto Bazan: BazanCuba. Ernesto Bazan
  Osamu Funao: Kamisama Hotokesama. Osamu Funao
Kamisama Hotokesama
"These photographs were taken when the author moved from Tokyo to the Kunisaki peninsula and photographed the land with the people who live on the peninsula... More
Tsuneo Yamashita: Another Time on the Ryukyu Island. Tsuneo Yamashita
Another Time on the Ryukyu Island
"Photographs taken during the photographer's visits to Ryukyu Islands in 1983 - 2008... More
  Charity Vargas: The Presidio. Charity Vargas
The Presidio
"Ms.Vargas came to live in the Presidio three years ago during this momentary pause in its long life... More
Debbie Fleming Caffery: The Spirit and the Flesh. Debbie Fleming Caffery
The Spirit and the Flesh
  Robert And Shana Parkeharrison: Counterpoint. Robert And Shana Parkeharrison
Nick Neubeck: Palmwine & The Grass Cutter. Nick Neubeck
Palmwine & The Grass Cutter
"This book is a compilation of photos of people, you don't know them, and their not famous and you will probably never meet them. The point of this book isn't even the people in it or the images... More
  Philip Jones Griffiths: Recollections. Philip Jones Griffiths
"Philip Jones Griffiths is renowned as the foremost photographer of the war in Viet Nam. President of Magnum for a record five years... More
Sze Tsung Leong: Horizons. Sze Tsung Leong
"This first monograph to present the acclaimed Horizons series by Sze Tsung Leong is comprised of 36 images taken around the globe-all sharing a consistent horizon line... More
  Elena Foster: C International Photo Magazine #7. Elena Foster
C International Photo Magazine #7
"The issue 7 of C PHOTO, contains works from Middle Eastern photographers. 2008 is the last year of Polaroid film production... More

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