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Guido Guidi: Preganziol, 1983. Guido Guidi
Preganziol, 1983
Sale $42.00
"Thirty years ago in 1983, Italian photographer Guido Guidi created a short photographic series, taken inside a room in Preganziol, Italy. The sixteen images which make up Preganziol... More
  Sebastien Girard: Strip-O-Gram. Sebastien Girard
Sale $33.00
"After setting up search notifications for items linked to the keyword of “stripper” on the auction house Ebay... More
Lisa M. Robinson: Snowbound. Lisa M. Robinson
Sale $32.95
"Five winters long, the young American photographer Lisa M. Robinson took pictures in the snow... More
  Takashi Homma: Mountain Photographer Torahiko. Takashi Homma
Mountain Photographer Torahiko
Sale $24.00
"I met him at a mountain hot spring. His back was big like a mountain. He called himself Torahiko. He was shooting mountains. He used to take fashion photographs in Tokyo, but got fed up... More
Gordon Matta-Clark: Entretiens. Gordon Matta-Clark
Sale $12.95
"By un-doing a building there are many aspects of the social condition against which I am gesturing... More
  Nina Strand: So, How Do You Think You’re Doing? Nina Strand
So, How Do You Think You’re Doing?
Sale $14.95
"Strand’s collection of photographic novelettes are driven by the thoughts and desires of the chief figure, the photographer herself... More
Aa.Vv: Question of Time. Aa.Vv
Question of Time
Sale $40.00
"(…So we see photographs of monuments that are works of art, and photographs of people and monuments that are comments on our time. The range is phenomenal... More
  Lauren Greenfield: Thin. Lauren Greenfield
Sale $19.95
"Critically acclaimed for Girl Culture and Fast Forward, Lauren Greenfield continues her exploration of contemporary female culture with Thin... More
Kristof Guez: Antikira. Kristof Guez
Sale $13.95
"Antikyra is a Greek town located on the Gulf of Corinth.
As a child, Kristof Guez used to spend his summer holidays there with his parents, and then he stopped going ; his parents got a divorce...
  Numer Contributing Photographers: European Photography: Number 75. Numer Contributing Photographers
European Photography: Number 75
Sale $9.95
"Photographs by Mark Klett, Susan Derges, David Maisel, Sant Khalsa, David Goldes, Nils-Udo, Steven Benson, Geoffrey Fricker, and Institute of Flow Sciences... More
Rosa Olivares: Exit 45. Rosa Olivares
Exit 45
Sale $21.95
  Patrik Budenz: Post Mortem. Patrik Budenz
Post Mortem
Sale $29.95
"A person's death ends her existence. Still, the body remains.

Until the 19th century, death was so prevalent in everyday life that it couldn't be denied: people nearly always died at home...
Beata Szparagowska: Hide & Seek. Beata Szparagowska
Hide & Seek
Sale $19.95
"Addressing the relationship between the photographic subject and performance, and by extension, the presentation of realities as produced representations... More
  Joan Fontcuberta: Deletrix. Joan Fontcuberta
Sale $39.95
"During the last six years, the photographer Joan Fontcuberta (Barcelona... More
Rosa Olivares: Exit 46. Rosa Olivares
Exit 46
Sale $18.95
"This issue of Exit focuses on portrait photography and the representation of ourselves, or rather, of what we want to be and what we want to show of ourselves to others... More
  Olivares Y Asociados: Exit 41. Olivares Y Asociados
Exit 41
Sale $18.95
Andres MÜller-Pohle: European Photography No. 83. Andres MÜller-Pohle
European Photography No. 83
Sale $9.95
"uropean Photography 83, featuring work by Jonathan Torgovnik (Rwanda Genocide), Ferit Kuyas (Chongqing – City of Ambition), Suzanne Option (Soldier), Brian Finke (Flight Attendants)... More
  Sarajevo: Sarajevo Self-Portrait. Sarajevo
Sarajevo Self-Portrait
Sale $15.95
While most of the world is familiar with the atrocities committed in the former Yugoslavia, nearly all of the images brought to us by the media were made by foreign journalists and photographers... More
Christopher Anderson: Sete #12. Christopher Anderson
Sete #12
Sale $45.00
"In Sete, they’ve heard it all before. To get to the heart of this city, it is worth finding the right tempo, to slide into its rhythm, to find the right pitch. There is plenty of music in Sete... More

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