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Julien Coulommier
Sale $20.00
  Neeta Madahar: Flora. Neeta Madahar
Sale $48.00
"According to the Oxford English Dictionary, personification is the representation ‘of a thing or abstraction as a person.’ In Neeta Madahar's new series of allegorical portraits ‘Flora... More
Per Englund: Life Geos On. Per Englund
Life Geos On
Sale $11.23
"Life On Geos is a photo diary and a personal journey through Cape Town. The black and white photographs paint a portrait of the city from an outsider's point of view... More
  Matthew Weinstein: Ikebana Matthew Weinstein
Sale $21.00
"Matthew Weinstein... explores contemporary concepts of reality and simulacra through visual narratives that combine imaginative botanical elements, doll figures, and eccentric interior spaces... More
Marco Breuer: Early Recordings. Marco Breuer
Early Recordings
Sale $33.80
Early Recordings presents the first comprehensive look at the work of the respected, conceptually driven artist, Marc Breuer. Boldly experimental... More
  Javier Ayarza: Terra. Javier Ayarza
Sale $4.50
"Over a period of fifteen years... More
Martin Fengel: Journal of Science. Martin Fengel
Journal of Science
Sale $28.00
"Martin Fengel is fascinated by the wealth of the world. In that respect he comes close to science.

There¹s that one maxim by Ludwig Wittgenstein...
  Francesc Torres: Dark Is the Room Where We Sleep. Francesc Torres
Dark Is the Room Where We Sleep
Sale $36.40
"About seven years ago I started working with the idea of the recovery of the memory of Spain's recent history... More
Andreas Zuest: Himmel. Andreas Zuest
Sale $76.00
"By the late 1970s, Andreas Züst had already begun photographing the atmosphere’s visual and meteorological phenomena: lightning, twilight, halos, fog bows, weather fronts and zodiacal lights... More
  William Wegman
William Wegman
Sale $34.40
This retrospective contains a complete selection of Wegman's works, from the earliest self portraits to the well known images of his weimaraners... More
Wijnanda Deroo: Wijnanda Deroo: Photographs. Wijnanda Deroo
Wijnanda Deroo: Photographs
Sale $53.95
"Emerging Dutch photographer, Deroo is known for the unique light she captures in her interior and exterior scenes. This book presents 56 photographs by Deroo made in the Netherlands, China... More
  Mathew Brady: Mathew Brady. Mathew Brady
Mathew Brady
Sale $3.95
" [In the late nineteenth century] Mathew Brady was making a fortune in the US taking portrait photographs of the nation's rich and famous... More
Ed Van Der Elsken: 55: Ed Van Der Elsken. Ed Van Der Elsken
55: Ed Van Der Elsken
Sale $3.95
  Jules Spinatsch: Jules Spinatsch. Jules Spinatsch
Jules Spinatsch
Sale $27.95
"Published on the occasion of the 2009 exhibition Jules Spinatsch - Am Ende der Sehnscht at Kunsthaus Zug in Switzerland, this artist's book provides an in... More
Batia Suter: Surface Series. Batia Suter
Surface Series
Sale $37.20
"‘Surface Series’ – created by Batia Suter between 2008 and 2011 – contains images and fragments from other books... More
  Alternative Techniques: Creative Photo Printmaking. Alternative Techniques
Creative Photo Printmaking
Sale $17.95
This comprehensive guide to alternative processes is a great starting point for such techniques as infrared film, selective bleaching and toning, printing from slides, liquid emulsions... More
Leonard D. And Christy Duboff
The Law (in Plain English) for Photographers
Sale $14.95
"The revisions for this third edition of the comprehensive legal and business guide for photographers include information about new copyright registration methods... More
  Digital Photography: Welcome to Digital Photography. Digital Photography
Welcome to Digital Photography
Sale $5.00
"Welcome to Digital Photography is the easy, fun way to learn how to use a digital camera for novices. The book is designed especially for adult learners, seniors, and non-native speakers... More
Photoworks In Progress: Photoworks 14. Photoworks In Progress
Photoworks 14
Sale $10.00
"Featuring folios by Flash Lab, Gabriel Orozco, Andy O’Connell and Viviane Sassen, this issue opens a dialogue between different photographic genres and the sculptural potential of the everyday... More
  Steve Mulligan: Black & White Photography. Steve Mulligan
Black & White Photography
Sale $17.95
"The appeal of traditional black & white photography is still strong, even in the digital age... More

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