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Chip Simone: Chroma. Chip Simone
Sale $35.00
"We are pleased to announce this long-awaited monograph on the work of Atlanta-based photographer Chip Simone... More
  Dennis McGrath: Theatrical Properties. Dennis McGrath
Theatrical Properties
Sale $35.00
"A theatrical property, commonly referred to as a prop, is any object held or used on stage by an actor for use in furthering the plot or story line of a theatrical production... More
Amin El Dib: Autonome Bilder. Amin El Dib
Autonome Bilder
Sale $49.00
"Amin El Dib makes art with photography and you have to take this literally: For him, the medium is nothing more and nothing less than the material, whose exploration defines his oeuvre... More
  GrÉgory Valton: Dans La Neige. GrÉgory Valton
Dans La Neige
Sale $15.20
""Ten years have passed since my mother died. I came back home that Saturday at noon and the only thing I found was a note saying she was going… My father was working... More
Orna Wertman: Broken Landscapes 2003 - 2008. Orna Wertman
Broken Landscapes 2003 - 2008
Sale $34.30
"Only at second glance does one notice that there is something wrong with Wertman’s landscapes where a disturbance or an illogical natural relation raises more questions than it answers... More
  Richard Quinney: Things Once Seen. Richard Quinney
Things Once Seen
Sale $42.00
"This retrospective of photographs spans a period of forty years. Each photograph, each act of photographing, has been an attempt to stop time, to capture what is happening in the moment... More
Tom Simberoff: Art of the Chopper. Tom Simberoff
Art of the Chopper
Sale $28.00
"A great chopper is not built. It is created. It begins as the seed of an idea germinating in the mind of it creator. Bit by bit, the builder brings the machine to life... More
  Jin Jiangbo: WATW - We Are the World. Jin Jiangbo
WATW - We Are the World
Sale $35.00
"This far-ranging exhibition catalog combines the works of Chinese and Dutch artists looking at our consumption-driven world. The traveling exhibition (which includes a website) appeared in Beijing... More
21st: Just Around the Corner. 21st
Just Around the Corner
Sale $17.50
  Marian Kusik: Leftovers. Marian Kusik
Sale $22.95
"'In her latest book Lucia Nimcova (with guest writer Michal Moravcik) reinvents archival images of Marian Kusik focusing on 'baby boom' generation of 80ties in eastern Slovakia... More
Pierluigi MacOr: Future. Pierluigi MacOr
Sale $75.00
"The photographs of PierLuigi Macor ooze with a fluidity that animates them while also reflecting an acute ability to capture delicate visual moments, whether they are an explosion of colour... More
  William Christenberry: Works on Paper. William Christenberry
Works on Paper
Sale $48.00
"Widely known for his work in photography and sculpture, William Christenberry’s early career was marked by large abstract expressionist paintings (1954–64)... More
Andres Serrano: America and Other Work. Andres Serrano
America and Other Work
Sale $38.39
"To many, Andres Serrano is the man responsible for "Piss Christ" and a national debate over government funding of controversial art. For those who look deeper, he's a highly-accomplished, ever... More
  Scottish Photography
Sale $23.96
A collection of works by contemporary Scottish photographers. Artists featured are Calum Colvin, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Gavin Evans, Owen Logan, Calum Angus Mackay, Wendy McMurdo, Ron O'Donnell... More
Andreas Muller-Pohle: The Danube River Project. Andreas Muller-Pohle
The Danube River Project
Sale $41.60
"The Danube is the European river per se flowing through ten countries—Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria... More
  Ultima Thule: Ultima Thule. Ultima Thule
Ultima Thule
Sale $48.00
Karl Blossfeldt: The Berlin Collection. Karl Blossfeldt
The Berlin Collection
Sale $60.00
Selected from 600 vintage prints recently discovered at the Berlin Hochschule der Kunste--the school where Blossfeldt taught--this book presents over 100 of those unpublished images... More
  Andrea Modica: Minor League Andrea Modica
Minor League
Sale $20.00
"Among the most compelling and accomplished young photographers to emerge in the last five years, Andrea Modica had her first solo exhibition in 1991... More
Rick Nahmias: The Migrant Project. Rick Nahmias
The Migrant Project
Sale $17.92
"The images in this book highlight the lives of the men and women who struggle to exist while literally feeding this country... More

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