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Annaleen Louwes: Minor Details. Annaleen Louwes
Minor Details
Sale $31.36
"A half-naked man, sitting on a chair, looking sideways; a young man awkwardly fumbling with his shirt button; a woman leaning against a wall, her hair hanging in front of her face... More
  Batia Suter: Surface Series. Batia Suter
Surface Series
Sale $46.50
"‘Surface Series’ – created by Batia Suter between 2008 and 2011 – contains images and fragments from other books... More
Dutch Photography
Another Look
Sale $33.60
This book offers a brief look at the lives and work of 31 contemporary Dutch artists. Many have been photographed in their studios or with some of their artpieces... More
  Joan Fontcuberta: Securitas. Joan Fontcuberta
Sale $40.80
"Both mountains and keys invoke symbolic values of protection and safety. The mountain is a natural defence. At the same time, to lock something up with a key is to safeguard what is valuable to us.... More
Enghofflich: Dogwalk/Out of Sight. Enghofflich
Dogwalk/Out of Sight
Sale $73.00
"Two photographic books are presented together here that were produced as part of the ‘Get Lost’ project – which aimed to connect social and spatial themes relevant to the city with each other... More
  Aude Lehmann & Tan WÄlchi: The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2010. Aude Lehmann & Tan WÄlchi
The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2010
Sale $32.00
"At the competition 'The Most Beautiful Swiss Books' of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, the independent jury chose a total of 19 books as the most beautiful Swiss books of 2010... More
George Krause
Houstonian '78 Supplement
Sale $2.56
  Robert Gardner: Human Documents. Robert Gardner
Human Documents
Sale $50.00
"In Human Documents, Robert Gardner introduces the work of photographers with whom he has worked over a period of nearly fifty years under the auspices of the Film Study Center at Harvard... More
British Photography
Modern British Photography
Sale $4.80
An overview of English photography between the first and second World Wars... More
  Larry Yust: Metro. Larry Yust
Sale $120.00
George Krause
Krause Roman
Sale $4.48
  George Krause
Qui Riposa
Sale $3.20
Pierre Crocquet De Rosemond
Pinky Promise
Sale $75.00
"In his last photo project, Pierre Crocquet (*1971 in Cape Town) produced sensitive psychological studies of a small multicultural community in South Africa. Now... More
  Stefan Heyn: Speak to Me. Stefan Heyn
Speak to Me
Sale $48.00
"Countering the Becher School’s emphasis on crisp execution, German photographer Stefan Heyne (born 1965) embraces more fugitive effects of shadow play and hazy light... More
Stefan Ruiz: San Francisco Berlin. Stefan Ruiz
San Francisco Berlin
Sale $48.00
"In photographer Stefan Ruiz's San Francisco Berlin series, large-format portraits depict gay men dressed up for fetish... More
  Carlo Valsecchi: Lumen. Carlo Valsecchi
Sale $56.00
"From monumental industrial architecture to the interiors of strange machines, from night views of cities flickering like active volcanoes to gleaming high-tech laboratories... More
Ellen Wallenstein
A Game of Chess
Sale $9.60
Ellen Wallenstein in this unusual accordion fold-out book of photographs provides us with her metaphor for "chess" playing. We see a castle where presumably the game will be played... More
  Photojournalism: Things As They Are. Photojournalism
Things As They Are
Sale $48.00
News pictures may be worth a thousand words, but what are those words, and how do we know without a caption? The practice of photojournalism is as old as the invention of the wet-plate process... More
Andre Kertesz: Andre Kertesz et la Savoie. Andre Kertesz
Andre Kertesz et la Savoie
Sale $42.95
"Album of photographs of Savoie and mountain peasants in the Twenties by the photographer Andre Kertész (1894-1985)... More
  Identity: Different. Identity
Sale $45.00
" 'Different' is about identity. It is a story, told in pictures and words, of contemporary Black and Asian artists exploring questions of their own identities in photography... More
Digital Photography: Welcome to Digital Photography. Digital Photography
Welcome to Digital Photography
Sale $5.00
"Welcome to Digital Photography is the easy, fun way to learn how to use a digital camera for novices. The book is designed especially for adult learners, seniors, and non-native speakers... More
  Mountains: Montagnes Magiques. Mountains
Montagnes Magiques
Sale $55.00
"A collection of photographs of mountains assembeled by Gilles Mora, this title includes the work of Brigitte Bauer, Leo Fabrizio, Axel Hutte, Walter Niedermayr, Hanns Otte, Bernard Plossu... More
Eikoh Hosoe: Eikoh Hosoe. Eikoh Hosoe
Eikoh Hosoe
Sale $8.95
This catalogue produced for a 1990 exhibition at Santa Fe's Andrew Smith Gallery presents selections of Hosoe's work from the last three decades. Peter C. Bunnell writes... More
  Mj Kjeldgaard: Marinus & Marianne. Mj Kjeldgaard
Marinus & Marianne
Sale $30.95
"Between 1932 and 1940, MJ Kjeldgaard, Danish journalist photographer, is a voice in anti-fascist and anti - the weekly Marianne, created by G. Gallimard... More
Paul Albert Leitner: Cities, Episodes, Photographs. Paul Albert Leitner
Cities, Episodes, Photographs
Sale $38.40

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